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Saturday, May 27, 2006

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Friday, May 26, 2006

D.U. effects (massive radiation?)....jesse macbeth

Put in perspective, since first used in 1991, the US military has released the radioactive atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki nuclear bombs into the global atmosphere causing permanent contamination where the fallout has spread with a half-life of 4.5 billion years - that's forever by my reckoning. Furthermore, that amount of radiation is 10 times the amount released by all atmospheric testing which in total equaled 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. (full article) he links to this (check it out!)

i also saw this on the passenger lists of 911 pentagon plane (no arabs on the passenger lists)

all from rense, shamelessly. oh yeah and:
dr. soso on morgellon's disease (part 2) (which he has, apparently)

jesse macbeth... OMG. here's my CONSPIRACY theory on that:
jesse macbeth joined the army and was flagged as being good for FOOLING. somehow he ends up in a "Ranger" course. he's told that he's a ranger, and joins a "ranger" team. the way they dress is different, they're all dumb, but all trained to kill. I don't know how many of them there are. They travel with the army, they are army, only their chain of command is different. it's a "snake" from some hidden part of the military, most likely something like the cia. (when the cia flies, they fly w/ the air force, disguised--Understanding Special Operations (a book) by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty.) (prouty says THERE IS NO PEAK OIL, and so does prison planet, lew rockwell, and joe vialls with the technical detail.)

Hey, you know what would be funny? If oil were actually being manufactured a couple hundred miles down by the Venutians/Luciferians. Filling the gas tank. So that it can be burned on the surface for 2000 years and PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THIS PLANETS ASS. give it some bulk, you know? some protection from cosmic rays, asteroids. a nice thermal generator to boot. (see earlier blog entry)

back to jesse macbeth conspiracy theory (version he's legit):
jesse macbeth is in some unit that is hidden, used to commit atrocities for psyops reasons, and when he wants to go public with the story, he's not documented. information he's been told will have been wrong (like even where he was stationed? is that conceivable?) he'll look like a fake and it will be easy to discredit him. plus, real Rangers will want to kick his ass.

they are perhaps in the process of kicking his ass already.

or conspiracy theory version he's a plant:
he could be a fake, with the aim of discrediting actual confessions to civilian killing.

google this shit yourself, folks.
here's the original movie.
here's real testimony about civilian casualties.
here's state propaganda about jesse. (what if kerry did fake that mai lai shit (as michelle malkin claims), in order that the republicans could later be able to use that planned fake as evidence that kerry was different from them. what if jesse faked this shit just so they could debunk it and look good?) the music is fucking AWFUL and is "making fun of" music.

yeah, i think it was real and the CIA/MILITARY INTELLIGENCE killed it within 2 days. 2 fucking days. and now the spin on it is fucking outrageous. here's wikipedia on it.
but there are some really good points about inconsistencies with times. the uniform and medal issues are coverable by conspiracy, i think.

i dont know. conspiracy either way i say.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the authenticity of that is in BIG question. (iraq veterans against war investigating) (democratic underground discussion)

200 civilians killed by this guy

Monday, May 22, 2006

afghan resistance strengthening

with a new commander and iraqi veterans.
michael yon is inside afghanistan. pro-american war correspondent. incredible stories. (was inside iraq, is famous). he's saying afghanistan is about to boil over.

sherman skolnick is dead

Sunday, May 21, 2006

dont forget this classic:
The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects
due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)
, by
Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov

summary: man makes wooden ufo based off of honeycomb-like structure found in bug armpits.

lighter while sleepwalking, organite, superlight

an experiment in weighing a sleepwalking child. the results are CRAZY. a majority of the readings measure her at, on average, 1/8 of her normal weight. sometimes near normal weight, once heavier, and twice NOTHING.

Wizzer's Workshop, home of an orgonite scientist with some crazy tech and downloadable pdf books. Pretty good at explaining orgonite. (Orgonite is a matrix of "organic" and "inorganic" materials, usually resin and metal, along with quartz crystals. It is a step up from Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulators.)

Dr. John V. Milewski, with a theory on the counterpart of light, "SUPERLIGHT" (which he says is ORGONE/CHI).

BTW, fuck the sceptics. Making fun of things you don't understand. Either disprove it or shut the fuck up. This reminds me of the anti-David Icke people in that movie I linked to earlier. (not that Icke is necessarily right.)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

well, i haven't gotten around to addressing jplur's points, but i've found some weird stuff:

william s burroughs advocated terrorism in 1970.

Friday, May 19, 2006

thugs threatening free energy experimenter's family

one of the dangers of developing FREE ENERGY (specifically the JOE CELL) is: armed men threatening your family (more info on the experimenter). now, i have my doubts about which side of the fence the hoster of this info is on. i don't have doubts that this technology can work.
you can order kit parts here (separate company).
here are some detailed plans/notes.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gulf War Syndrome

Gulf War Syndrome.
There are a number of factors, such as a mandatory anthrax vaccination, possible iraqi chemical/biological warfare against the americans (damn, wikipedia is good!), and DU.
Apparently, DU's chemical toxicity is much worse than its radioactivity. I'm feeling a little sheepish about blowing the DU bugle though. Maybe it's not as bad as I thought.

Scientist thinking about how everything is pretty close to each other here on our little planet.

NASA studies african dust

"In July 2000 alone, nearly 8 million tons of dust from Africa's Sahara desert reached as far west as Puerto Rico."

I wonder if the military guys are taking this into account with all their DU dust they are creating. Maybe this is just an added bonus for them.

The IAEA says Depleted Uranium is perfectly safe. --"Based on credible scientific evidence, there is no proven link between DU exposure and increases in human cancers or other significant health or environmental impacts."

I can just hear these guys -"Ok boys, other people are still pretending nothings wrong. Lets go with that. When public opinion turns we can just jump ship and claim 'who knew?'"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nature Videos

I told myself I wasn't going to copy any post from www.kirchersociety.org
but this is just too awesome:

Dissapearing Octopus

And, by the same video provider on google:

Tiger Vrs. Crocodile

So all we need to do now is cross-breed the octopus with a t-shirt.

Korean Android ( and a cool blog )

Is a hit with children. She has a 400 word vocabulary and can hold a simple conversation. I'll be impressed when they can walk. Not necessarily with human legs. I would also like to see these things be male instead of wierd fembots created by mousy Asian men.

I am very happy to have stumbled upon this exellent blog:
The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society
Everything they post is so up my alley.

It took me a little bit to figure out who Kircher was--
Athanasius Kircher, Dude of Wonders

Sunday, May 14, 2006

War with Iran--the Plan.

reptilian sorcerers

reptilian aliens dont shapeshift
they camoflauge
using magic.
the reptilian sorcerers infiltrate human society.
esoteric rituals and human sacrifice (through war, etc) serve the magic
there are other reptilians (warriors, spaceship pilots, etc), but they're not hanging around in human society, cause they don't have the skills to blend in.


I knew eventually i would debunk that Depleted Uranium story on Rense.Com that Mark posted a link to. If that first photo seemed a little familiar, its because it is of a fetus born with Harlequin Ichthyosis, a rare autossomic recessive hereditary trait. I think I even saw a documentary on cable TV about one of the few survivors of this disorder.

A tastefull illustration of the disorder.
Here are some more graphic photos, via Ogrish.com

So maybe the radiation triggered it, huh? I don't care. I'm not saying that DU contamination isn't real and a serious issue. I am saying that we all know the quality of post on Rense.com, and that the whole article was BS propaganda. The 'foundation' it links to is just as bogus. At the best donations supports more propoganda, at the worst they buy RPGs.
why does http://http:// take me to the microsoft web page?? Try it yourself, I almost puked.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Most Amazing Post in the Blogophere

or Decent into Madness

Why don't I post more here? Because once i start writing something I get sucked into the dark vortex of the internet. This rant starts with two news articles about a strange mystery skin disease affecting people in south Texas, Florida, and California.


The disease sounds similar to scabies. It starts with a rash, itchiness, and strange crawling sensations under the skin. Some 1,200 cases have been reported in the US. Patients report seeing strange black pin head spores and black, white, blue, or red fibers. The 'infection' is not curable with fungicides or other topical treatments. It goes on for years and is so unbearable that many afflicted end up committing suicide. Strangely it seems to affect many in the medical profession, as well as teachers. A strange relation to the bacterial Lyme disease has been noted, with many overlapping cases.

The medical establishment does not acknowledge the existence of this disorder, viewing those afflicted as mentally disturbed, afflicted with Delusional Parasitosis.

www.morgellons.org is a group of medical professionals who, while not jumping to any conclusion, recognize this as a real affliction.


Here you can see picture of the Fibers

I remembered reading about this a year ago, via site http://www.greatdreams.com/chems.htm which is a mess of writing about the whole Chemtrails thing. Someone decided that the Morgellons fibers had something to do with mystery fibers found after trail spreading. The site is very interesting, I like the opening satellite photo of all the trails crossing over the south. Though I think everything is blown out of proportion on the internet, I admit I believe there is something going on with these planes.

"Cuban health officials were quoted as saying that the government is quietly working to control the spread of the biological agents from the US aerosol campaign."
They have logged complaints with the UN for the US gov not agreeing to stop biological warfare with them. Have also filed multi-million dollar suit against US for biological genocide.
I believe what they are referring to is our chemtrail planes.

Canadian communities have also been complaining about the US military chemtrail missions over their skies.

This site starts off with a great satellite photo of chem trail cloud patterns over the South. It relates stories of people sending finding strange "web like" material after chemtrailing planes pass overhead. The sample is sent to various PhDs who claim it is silk fibers and refuse further communications. The EPA dis-acknowledges receipt of the samples and claims it knows nothing about aereol dispersion of contaminants.

Getting into chem trail writing on the internet opens up a huge can of worms. Some of the prevalent theories out say these chemtrails include:

A systemic fungal cocktail -- infecting the blood (something that fungus is not supposed to be able to do) also including aluminum particles 1 micron wide, strange new chemicals, gene markers, human blood cells.

'government sources' say this is a anti-global warming procedure that is hush hush to avoid public panic.

Another theory is that the chem trails consolidate moisture and CO2 from the atmosphere and release it into space. This in effect is helping global warming and creating a global dessert (or is it desert?) The cloud cover created by these trails helps disguise this effect, but once trail spreading stops the global temp will skyrocket. Yea, that sounds real scientific, right?

Whats also funny is the references section of this site that includes 4. http://www.rense.com, August 20, 2003 , 6. Radio program, circa 2000, and a colloidal silver video with a phone number to call for more information.

You can kind of tell the validity of a web site based on the quality of its html design
That might be the best incite Iv'e had in months.

Dr. Marijah McCain apparently has found a strange link between cancer and systemic fungi. It maybe that cancer treatments weaken the body and allow this to infect the blood. She also claims finding a virus that is the cause of leukemia.

Dr. Marijah has her own section at www.quackwatch.org!!

That's kind of funny. It reminds me of the colloidal silver people

This is kind of funny. I don't believe that the 4-herb cancer cure works at all, likewise I think most FDA approved medications are basically placebo affects and that all doctors are fat bastards (after all the free dinners the drug reps buy them) who prescribe whatever they are being told to. But heaven forbid the herbal healers get a piece of the action. If they had formed a company, tailered a 'drug' to give the herbs a few more unwanted side effects, and named it feelgreataxin. Then gave millions to the government for approval, then give thousands to the doctors to sell it to the public and make a fat profit, that would be a OK.

He said that he paid over $500 for a plastic box which contained some dials and mostly metal shavings and epoxy resin.

Don't worry, there is something we all can do about these chem trails. It involves our innate psychic abilities, staring at clouds in groups, and maybe even a little hand holding.

also from http://educate-yourself.org/
I have seen Sylphs guiding flocks of Canadian Geese south over Saskatchewan.
Wait, chemtrails are caused by air-spirits? or are being cured by them? Crop Circles are sylvan warnings to mankind? Mythical sylphs are behind those street lights turning off as I drive by?

"They have been drawing designs in grainfields forever. Indians of North America have interacted with Sylphs in many ceremonies including rain-dances. After a rain-dance there is a circle in the prairie grasses where no feet have tread. These holy circles were marked with stones and called medicine wheels. Within hours rain would fall."
Well this certainly explains that video mark linked to.

And apparently the Rods (see previous post) are baby sylphs!!

See this is why I love the internet. This knowledge would be stuck in a library somewhere without it.
I think if I double space this my paper is finally long enough to turn in.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gary McKinnon Fights Extradition

via webpronews.com

The Free-Energy advocate charged with hacking into 90 some Nasa, Pentagon, and Military computer systems has posted bail, but is to face an extradition hearing July 27th. If tried and convicted in the US he could face 1.2 mil and 70 years in jail. The US gov claims he did over 1 million in damages to their systems. (if by damages they mean the salary cost of hiring semi competent IT guys to make sure people don't leave blank passwords on networked systems.. then I guess they are correct.) Well I hope he gets tried in GB, because everyone knows how the Fed attourneys love to corkscrew people up the butts. If I was in charge, I would hire the guy. Maybe brain wash him a little just to help him 'fit in,' but at least give him a salary instead of life in prison.

And why is our government soo stupid?? Remember a month ago when someone in the CIA accidentally published lists of their covert agents on the web? When I think of whats going on in these government offices I can no longer imagine a 24-esque super efficient proffesional controll room. Instead I visualize a bunch of overweight guys with mustaches and sweaty armpits reinstalling windows xp for the 14th time and typing with 2 fingers on a sticky keyboard. Perhaps using their level 5 clearance card to pick the tuna salad out of their teeth.

why am i wasting my entire morning on this? :)

the other side of david icke. a critical documentary/interview with him (primarily focusing on whether or not he's an anti-semite)
David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews.
yeah, he is kind of nuts, but so is fucking everybody
some are nuts in a conservative way (unable to see novelty)
some are nuts in a religious way
some are nuts about their ideology (ok, everyone is)
i'm nuts cause i write this blog

so a bunch of really smart guys can do a great job of suppressing anything and convincing themselves that they are right. i mean, how many times has that happened in science? how many revolutionary scientists got suppressed cause of a bunch of intelligent men who disagreed?

shit, i dont believe icke or his detractors.
this is funny. i mean all parties in this video are fucking ridiculous.
the anti-david icke people in this movie are just intellectual masterbaters. fuck these people.

Lizard Men Eat Us

david icke's videos (google video)
"Mysterious Ritual Performed by United States Army in Babylon"
going after really old artifacts?

to sum up david icke, as i see it:
the "people" that run the whole planet are really reptilian humanoids. according to Credo Mutwa (Zulu Shaman), they look like lizard people with horns on their heads, kind of like demons.

An interview with Credo Mutwa by Rick Martin.
Here are some thoughts from reading this interview (as a jumping off point).
one proposition that Credo makes is that the Reptilians feed off of human blood and war (the energy released in death and fear). Cattle mutliation? World WAR being engineered by the illuminati? This makes sense to me.

Divide and conquer. Get different factions to fight each other. Start World Wars.
The aliens gave humans the task of transforming the earth (see the earlier terraforming blog entries)

oh shit, at the end of the interview he talks about Jabulon (Jahbulon). i just watched a video that talks about this (i think it was this video). Jabulon is the god of the masons. He lives in a copper city undergrond Zaire (DR Congo), called Umbaba. God of the Reptilians. King. Alive.

Something higher on the food chain than humans manipulates world affairs, eats humans, and eats the energy released through their suffering. Very similar to the way in which humans eat livestock.

Credo talks about how some of the reptlians look like Darth Maul from Star Wars I.
They have horns on their heads. In different places. Different ranks or breeds have different types of horns.
I find it curious that, as he says, some of the reptilians have a "crown of horns" in their skull (somewhere in Reptilian Agenda, David Icke's interview with Credo Mutwa). King's crowns are like hat-imitations of the real things. Credo states that royalty do not have these horns, it is the warriors. But he also states that some really powerful Kings (maybe Jabulon?) have humongous horns sticking out of their heads, similar to descriptions of the christian devils.

He talks about a ridge going from above the forehead to the back of their head. I met a young woman with this once. A bony crest up her forehead. I was tripping and thought she was beautiful. I have no idea what connection this has. Maybe she was a hybrid. :)

I am pretty wary of the sources of all of this information.
Clinging to Right vs. Wrong, or Light vs. Dark etc, produces really boring and moral stuff. I'm looking for the raw data.

Without moralizing anything, I can see a powerful race of reptilian-looking things running the earth. The reptiles and demons share many characteristics. The christian demons are generally older gods. The older gods are generally "aliens" who ruled humans. To me, it all fits together as one type of entity.

How could I call these things evil when I have eaten many animals? How many thousands of animals have died so that I could eat them? I think these legions of hell, so to speak, led by this great demon-lord, are just EATING us. We're domesticated. We're being farmed for our fear, flesh, and blood. And just like cows, we really don't have the means to resist.

Monday, May 08, 2006

first photos of a (small) giant squid

nationalgeographic.com 2005 pictures of a live giant squid getting hooked on a squid jig. I must of missed this when it was news, It's hard to tell the size of it from the photo set, but probably similar to the dead one in the other photo. They used to estimate the max size of these things from the suction cup marks they would find on whales, and I believe they could get much bigger.

Also see the photo of the school-bus sized mass of invertebrate-jello that washed ashore in Chile.

And a third marine news story from National Geographic. 400 Dead Dolphins Wash up in Africa. Maybe they knew something we don't?
a spoof video of bush's state of the union speech. it looks real. this is funny.
a sample of ww2 propaganda.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


here's where i started, wartime prosperity in ww2.

U.S. population by year

16 million served in the U.S. armed forces in WW2.
in 1940 there were this many people between the ages of
15-24: about 24 million
25-34: about 21 million
in 1950: 22 and 24 million

half of those were woman.
roughly 22 million men between the ages of 15-34.

16 million armed / 22 million men.
that's about 3/4 of military age men serving in world war 2.

how many men are there today between those ages?
about 40 million.

The armed forces today number:
2.66 million

imagine an army of 30 million (3/4 of the military men age), or even larger if including women.
that's about 11 times as large as the current army.

a United States armed forces
10 times as large as today (or twice as large as WW2's). imagine the wars it could wage.

folks, if we get hit enough times and they spin the propaganda right, a lot of us are going to be volunteering AND supporting a draft for the military.

Like if a nuke went off in a city.
Or 3.
Or a bio attack somewhere, a dirty bomb another, and "suicide bombers" hitting all of NY subways. I mean, this stuff probably would have happened already had it not been for some soldier, cop, or agent stopping them, right? So how long before an attack gets through, or is let through?

if the U.S. had an army 10 times as large, it could better occupy iraq, iran, afghanistan, the whole middle east, and wage war with russia AND china. The U.K's 10*army would sure help out too. (and every other ally "terrorized")

We got the depleted uranium ammo (a good article here), we probably have the manufacturing capacity (if everyone can buy a car here, then every 4 guys could have a hummer), we have the guns (no problem), the oil (or at least we're fighting for it). Our manufacturing capacity and resources were massive in WW2, and there's no reason why they wouldn't be still.

IT WOULD NOT MATTER if the economy failed or if the dollar crashed. We could do it fascist style instead of free market style. (Oh wait, we already are.)

Of course, when that happens, the Chinese, Russian, and Indian armies will all swell by about 10 times too.

Maybe the goal is not so much for the United States to win, as it is for the United States to fight in a world war, along with every other major country.

30 million soldiers in America (300 million population total)
if the population of the world is roughly 6 billion, that means
600 million soldiers in a world war. those of us who are men between the ages of 13-35 or so (young will grown old into the draft) can expect a good chance of seeing combat.
What happens then? Winner takes all, recruits all the smart guys from the other side, and rules the planet. End of modern history. Start of the New Era.

One-world government on a severely polluted planet (with a dying ecosphere). Then who knows what. It certainly won't be for peace and good times.

Interstellar war? Sweet. The First of the Alien Wars.
The Terraforming of Earth (it might already be happening).
Massive mining projects, starship building, starbase building, giant alien insectoid horde fighting (like space-ants with lasers)
nazi ufos (50 years ago) from google video (this one looks like a model T)
crop circle being formed.

IF EVERYONE IN IRAQ DIES OF CANCER (from depleted uranium), the U.S. wins.
OK, if everyone in the whole world is exposed to D.U., then only the mutants who can survive cancer/radiation will be left. That makes good SPACE marines.

depleted uranium worldwide will naturally select a race of space marines (able to withstand cosmic radiation). or just plain kill off everyone who's exposed.

donate to an afghanistan D.U. charity

hacker was looking for free energy (and found it)

BBC interview with the British hacker who was looking for evidence of UFOs in American computers (and found it). He was looking for free energy. He seems like a cool guy in the video.

I think that what he's talking about at the end of the interview (NASA pictures before "airbrushing" out the aliens), is what this woman was talking about in a previous blog entry.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bush the elder gave a famous speech citing a new world order at 9:09 pm., September 11, 1990. 11 years later to the day, Bush the younger is in office when the WTC collapses (9/11 timeline). The attacks happen before and after 9 am. Bush the younger gives a speech to the nation at 8:30 pm. That's curious.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Don't Be Evil"

I've been using scroogle lately, but its not quite as powerfull/customizable as the real thing. So www.google-watch.org has this nifty article on how to disable your google cookie and still use their preferences.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Brain Washing

Flouride. A short google-video on the toxicity of it.
"The pattern that we saw is typically the pattern that we saw with other neurotoxic agents that are well-known to cause a hyper-activity or a memory problem or an IQ problem"
- Dr. Phyllis Mulnix, who studied the neurotoxicity of flouride.

You know how all sorts of kids are on ritalin now?

Man, what a perfect way to run an empire, dumb down everyone at home so they SWALLOW your propaganda.

there's other conspiracy videos by whomever uploaded the link above
like: The Money Masters (parts 2 & 3): a really good look at the history of the Federal Reserve, and the financial trail to the power elite.

Here's an intriguing video: Who Controls the World? (really good quotes, pictures, good soundtrack, all on the main conspiracy topics. this is compelling, but i am not sure about the veracity of its claims)

Stephen Colbert sticks it to the man