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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weather Control In Current Legislation, ETC

Weather Modification a Long-Established, Though Secretive, Reality.
this stuff is all over the underground news.
cloudbusting (weather control with chi/orgone/life energy)--here's one you can buy
here's the do-it-yourself instructions.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Weather Engineering and War

Here's an interview with a weatherman who believes that hurricane Katrina was man-made. Attacks on America's economy is what this is. If there are people blowing up levees, perhaps they're enemy agents?

I don't know how debilitating a ruined economy would be to our war-making abilities. It seems that the Middle-East wars are largely about oil, and the hurricanes are crippling domestic oil production.

Btw, the players are Russia and the Yakuza.
This is Tom Bearden's website, index page 2, in which he talks about weather engineering. Tom Bearden is part of a team that has developed a viable free-energy device (it is claimed). He also puts out a text on the new EM-theories that are used to engineer such devices. They are given free to students!

It is Bearden's opinion, that we are in some deep shit. He expects the electrical grid to be taken down with a couple years.

And here is the counter-argument: Bearden is a disinformation specialist. What a great agent he would make, holding a very esteemed position in the free-energy circles. He is, after all, a former military man. However, his MEG (free-energy device) has been replicated by others, including J L Naudin, demonstrating it's validity (unless those guys are agents too, or you totally
I watched this BBC special, "The Power of Nightmares". It shows how Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz all were saying that Russia really WAS a threat in the 70s onward, when all evidence was to the contrary. Now, I've picked up bits of info here and there that purport that Russia WAS a threat due to its advanced weapons research. It was researching two things (that I have heard of) that America didn't get into until 20 years later or so: ESP and scalar weapons. That's remote-viewing and weather/natural disaster modification and creation.

This wouldn't exonerrate the neocons, as they demonstrably lie all the time, but it would indicate that, as leaders of a war-making country, they are cognizant of the current state of their enemies' weapons.

What if the inside job terrorist attacks were really done by enemy agents? Well, it's noble, but there's too much shifty information about such people as the owner of the WTC towers, etc.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita (wiki)so far it's the 3rd most powerful hurricane recorded in the Atlantic Basin, and expected to increase in strength. I know I have a conspiracy mind, but this seems odd. More martial law activities on the way? The usual possibilities: staged event, enemy attack, global warming, consequence of other weather control and cloudbusters, completely normal nature phenomena (big hurricanes do happen)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Witch Trials

I spent the morning on a quest to learn about demons at the library. Pretty quickly I was reading all about the witch trials of that late middle-ages period. My friend said 9 million died.

People were routinely accused. To ascertain their innocence, they would be tortured in the most horrific ways. Thumbscrews, racks, feet in iron boots filled with molten metal or boiling water. Eyeball plucking. Body piercing. Burning alcohol thrown on their bodies. Hanging by chained hands in impossible positions. Forced walking for days at a time. Water poured down the throat along with a loose cotten rag which was quickly pulled back out to tear the bowels.

Evidence was accepted from pretty much anyone. After days of torture, when asked about anyone or anything, the victims would answer affirmatively, fingering dozens more for torture. When they would recant their confession, they would be tortured again. Many in the Salem trials confessed to falsely accusing others because they were promised relief from torture.

Basically, once you were accused, you were going to be tortured. No fair trials (evidence was fabricated). Hell, birthmarks were considered the sign of the devil. The accused were stripped naked, shaved all over, and examined IN PUBLIC for marks of the devil. shortly thereafter, the torture would stop. Eventually, they would burn at the stake, some in a slow-burning green bush fire for 30 minutes.

The judges and the accusers and many of the laypeople were fanatic. The world was divided into God's and Satan's. Death was common, superstition even more so. This was a time when Protestants killed Catholics and vice versa. A time of the Inquisition. Of book-burning.

Here's a point: People haven't changed. People still have right and wrong firmly entrenched in their heads. They demonize the wrong, be it left, right, arabs, muslims, enemy nations, blacks, jews, etc etc. I feel awfully guilty on that last bit, as there is stuff on this site that would lead people to call me an anti-Semite or a Democrat, or a conspiracy-theory believer, or an anarchist, a reactionary, a hippie, etc. (and let's not forget a demon-worshipper)

I feel awfully guilty on that last bit, as I may be called an anti-Semite or a Democrat. I'm not either. In my own life I do see the discrimination I wield against those I disagree with.

Cultures collide, ways of life, nations are at war. And fake evidence is introduced all of the time. People are wrong, people kill, and people die horrible deaths.

And in my opinion, the Xtian/Jewish/Muslim concept of one-God is one of the ugliest things around. They demonize everything else. Literally.

For instance, it is probable that Lucifer refers to Venus. to Hecate, to Aphrodite. Ie. the planet and the goddess. Lucifer.

Many of the ideas of the fallen angels, of the makeup of hell (or existence thereof) are largely a result of scholars and priests making shit up in the intervening years.

And, of course, the most common thing to do for the monotheists (or at least for their extremists), is to demonize the god of the conflicting monotheists. Instead of worshipping God, they worship Satan.

Jesus Christ can't be all get along? :)

In short, the dualistic methods of dividing the world are extremely crude. This pervades every aspect of our cultures. In my own life and in my own head, on up to the whole world's.

Btw, I find demonology fascination. Largely it is the fears and prejudices of the authors. There are other cultures in times past and now where demons are not evil. Plus, most of the demons in the christian pantheons are relics of Pagan times (Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, Celtics, etc). Gods and Goddesses that were worshipped, nay recognized as FORCES OF NATURE, before the one-godders came along and forcibly converted (read: raped and killed) the pagans.

The same forces that Christianized the New World, commited genocide countless times. Plus Africa, the Middle East, China, and pretty much everywhere that is now of any religion. I said Christians, but every religion did it. Even buddhists (although not so much I think.) Ok, mostly the one-godders. The multi-godders always had places for other gods and (I think) were not so stressed about forcing a particular god on other peoples.

The same Missionary zeal that to this day strives to Xtianize Africa and China, Poland (which is already Christian! Just not Protestant enough), etc etc, killed the healers and the pretty ladies and the hags, and the shoemakers and grandfathers of the middle ages. The same zeal supports wars against foreigners. That same zeal will get me burned at the stake some day for being interested in what's really going on. Perhaps.

That's a ramble and a rant. Now tread on the cross and spit. Or make the sign of the cross and pray for my soul. I do understand the power of belief. And I do understand that the mysteries of life are grand. I dont stress it. I dont worry too much about it. Hell, I dont even worry too much about who's really pulling the strings. I could be gravely wrong and I could be on the path to Hell.
Hell if I know.

Fill in the Blanks

No links here, google it:
First off, weather modification is a reality. Governments have it, citizens have it. Keywords: Tesla Technology, HAARP, Cloudbusters.

Second, remember how 9-11 was the catalyst for a militarization change? A police state change? There is considerable evidence that runs along a continuum from total conspiracy to negligence. Perhaps even the official truth is right, but then you all remember the Warren Commission? JFK was killed by a magically reversing-direction bullet. And of course, the government lies about pretty much everything. Scott McClellan doesn't look like an honest guy.

Katrina is such a catalyst. It is possible that the hurricane was created. By either "terrorists", enemy states, our own state, rogue elements within some state (ours or theirs), global warming, and even New Age well-wishers trying to get rid of chemtrails in Omaha. Regardless, the results are a possible gentrification of New Orleans, a possible outbreak of disease (as hospitals and bio-weapon primate research labs were possibly underwater, plus all of the bodies and sewage), a use of army troops to enforce law, probable Halliburton contracts, distraction from the war.

No comment on the vast amounts of aid from other countries that has been refused. The Cuban doctors, for instance. Or on all of the rescue-workers refused entry into the city. Or the vast amounts of food and water aid that went undistributed until the situation was totally out of hand. Or the reported cutting of communication lines by FEMA, the jamming of telecommunications, etc. I guess that is a comment.

I wonder how many will make the connection between the refugee situation of New Orleans, and the battlefield cities of Iraq and Afghanistan. People are run out of their city, losing track of family, with many who stay behind dying from a massive force (hurricanes/military bombardment). The latest assault on a city called Talafar is displacing a couple hundred thousand, leaving maybe a hundred thousand (?) inside the city for bombardment, house to house blowing up of shit by tanks, reported chemical weapon usage, etc. But since this is done in the name of freedom, Hurricane America isn't on the weather maps stateside.

Like I said in an earlier entry, Throw all of the viewpoints together--conspiracy, act of god, politics--left and right, astrology (planetary alignment). Regardless of the cause of 9-11, the results are apparent and were predictable. So too Hurricane Katrina.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Good Planning

i was talking to a friend about astrology and 911. the astrology of that event is fantastic and very telling. but it also seems that someone planned it. so there is the possibility of some sort of occult secret brotherhood knowing just the right days to do things. that sounds awful conspiratorial, but skip to the last paragraph for an explanation.

check this out
some sort of illegal money borrowing done by senior bush, oly north, etc that would have been due the day after 911. all records go down in the north tower's collapse. plus, the naval int agency investigating it was hit in the pentagon strike

now THAT's some planning.

or maybe these people are like avatars. the tips of the waves caused by the tides. the tip of mars' spear. the lucky few who fall into place and are at the forefront of astrological events of humongous proportions.

Martial Law in New Orleans. Does this mean anything?

Condoleeze Rice is booed and yelled at in New York City for buying expensive shoes and watching a play instead of doing something about the Gulf Coast disaster.

I dont know if this means anything, but effectively there IS martial law in some of the areas that were devastated, especially New Orleans. Is this just the beginning? I REALLY don't know. It just struck me that maybe it'll blossom from there. "While some fight the insurgency in the city, other carry on with rescue and evacuation operations."

I got a horoscope in the mail that seemed to show the roots of New Orleans destruction (if you want to believe in that sort of thing). Ie. wars, disasters, social movements are all spun by the planet's web of movement. Essentially it was a transit of the planets Pluto and Uranus, the planets most responsible for revolution and destruction.

Astrology is essentially like the following statement: The Gods did it. I know it's pretty popular to believe that if something bad happens it's God's will. Well, astrology goes back to the Pagan gods: Mars, Venus, Hermes, Zeus, etc. Actually, it's not just Pagan. It's just not the monotheistic concept of God. Just split up the monotheistic God into his component parts. Astrology never says the planets/gods are independent. They do orbit around at their own rates, so we use their positions in the zodiac and relative to each other to understand things. Our human conception can only grok parts of the whole, eg. a few planets and their positions at a time. For instance, through looking at the positions of the planets when a person is born, one can build up a picture of their disposition and much, much more. But you have to start at "Where is the Sun? Where is the Moon? What angle do they form? Where is Venus, Mercury, etc, etc?"

Over a few thousands years, a pretty good body of knowledge, myth, and error has built up about the positions of the planets and their effects.

And btw, the chart for 911 is pretty telling.

Planet Waves Astrology.