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Monday, May 08, 2006

first photos of a (small) giant squid

nationalgeographic.com 2005 pictures of a live giant squid getting hooked on a squid jig. I must of missed this when it was news, It's hard to tell the size of it from the photo set, but probably similar to the dead one in the other photo. They used to estimate the max size of these things from the suction cup marks they would find on whales, and I believe they could get much bigger.

Also see the photo of the school-bus sized mass of invertebrate-jello that washed ashore in Chile.

And a third marine news story from National Geographic. 400 Dead Dolphins Wash up in Africa. Maybe they knew something we don't?


Blogger Mark said...

oh great, look a giant squid! what a marvelous specimen! LET'S FUCKING RIP IT'S ARM OFF. man, put the fucking hippies in charge of scientific research, i say. we CAN find another way of studying things other than killing them first.

4:23 PM  
Blogger JPLUR said...


"Hey these scientist guys on board said something about sushi tonight!"

9:25 PM  

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