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Sunday, May 07, 2006


here's where i started, wartime prosperity in ww2.

U.S. population by year

16 million served in the U.S. armed forces in WW2.
in 1940 there were this many people between the ages of
15-24: about 24 million
25-34: about 21 million
in 1950: 22 and 24 million

half of those were woman.
roughly 22 million men between the ages of 15-34.

16 million armed / 22 million men.
that's about 3/4 of military age men serving in world war 2.

how many men are there today between those ages?
about 40 million.

The armed forces today number:
2.66 million

imagine an army of 30 million (3/4 of the military men age), or even larger if including women.
that's about 11 times as large as the current army.

a United States armed forces
10 times as large as today (or twice as large as WW2's). imagine the wars it could wage.

folks, if we get hit enough times and they spin the propaganda right, a lot of us are going to be volunteering AND supporting a draft for the military.

Like if a nuke went off in a city.
Or 3.
Or a bio attack somewhere, a dirty bomb another, and "suicide bombers" hitting all of NY subways. I mean, this stuff probably would have happened already had it not been for some soldier, cop, or agent stopping them, right? So how long before an attack gets through, or is let through?

if the U.S. had an army 10 times as large, it could better occupy iraq, iran, afghanistan, the whole middle east, and wage war with russia AND china. The U.K's 10*army would sure help out too. (and every other ally "terrorized")

We got the depleted uranium ammo (a good article here), we probably have the manufacturing capacity (if everyone can buy a car here, then every 4 guys could have a hummer), we have the guns (no problem), the oil (or at least we're fighting for it). Our manufacturing capacity and resources were massive in WW2, and there's no reason why they wouldn't be still.

IT WOULD NOT MATTER if the economy failed or if the dollar crashed. We could do it fascist style instead of free market style. (Oh wait, we already are.)

Of course, when that happens, the Chinese, Russian, and Indian armies will all swell by about 10 times too.

Maybe the goal is not so much for the United States to win, as it is for the United States to fight in a world war, along with every other major country.

30 million soldiers in America (300 million population total)
if the population of the world is roughly 6 billion, that means
600 million soldiers in a world war. those of us who are men between the ages of 13-35 or so (young will grown old into the draft) can expect a good chance of seeing combat.
What happens then? Winner takes all, recruits all the smart guys from the other side, and rules the planet. End of modern history. Start of the New Era.

One-world government on a severely polluted planet (with a dying ecosphere). Then who knows what. It certainly won't be for peace and good times.

Interstellar war? Sweet. The First of the Alien Wars.
The Terraforming of Earth (it might already be happening).
Massive mining projects, starship building, starbase building, giant alien insectoid horde fighting (like space-ants with lasers)
nazi ufos (50 years ago) from google video (this one looks like a model T)
crop circle being formed.

IF EVERYONE IN IRAQ DIES OF CANCER (from depleted uranium), the U.S. wins.
OK, if everyone in the whole world is exposed to D.U., then only the mutants who can survive cancer/radiation will be left. That makes good SPACE marines.

depleted uranium worldwide will naturally select a race of space marines (able to withstand cosmic radiation). or just plain kill off everyone who's exposed.

donate to an afghanistan D.U. charity


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