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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Tucson, AZ

This is what I've learned in Tucson, AZ
Read the Steamshovel Press, from St. Louis

The Navy has ships that teleport. Called Osprey-class.

The 9-11 report is a scheme to implicate Saudi Arabia for probable military takeover. Or at least some sort of gain of controlling interest.

Mars is the closest its been in 60000 years and in pisces, about to stop its motion across the heavens.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Britain starts WWI, U.S. Civil War, Genocide in Balkans, Etc.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Voting Machines are Rigged

No, seriously!
So what do you do, dear citizens of the United States (but i bet no one's reading this ;)), when it doesn't even MATTER if you vote for the other guy!
Here's a quick example. Senator Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, is a former CEO and investor of ES&S, an electronic voting machine company. Well guess what? He won Nebraska in a big upset AFTER ES&S installed their voting machines. Read on:
Electronic Voting Machines Rigged

Now, read for info on Florida's election irregularities.
Oh this pisses me off!
We are NOT in a democracy!
We are NOT in a democracy.

I don't give a damn about Democrats or Republians.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

And again on the other side.
I haven't figured this out yet
Ok, I'm wrong.
Christopher Browning
A lot of Jews were shot.
And a lot were gassed.
I repeat
I tend to believe anything I read on the web. :|
[NOTE: Everytime I tell someone about this, they get pissed off. wELL FUCK YOU. Entertain the possibility of massive historical fraud in your head and ignore the emotional knee-jerk reaction. Please. And then don't judge me as being a complete asshole, an Anti-Semite, a piece of shit, and that everything I have to say is BULLSHIT. AND maybe, just maybe, the truth of how many and where the Jews died lies somewhere between the accepted history and what these sites purport. Thanks :) --captainboog 8/17/03]

Well, this is my first ever blog. And guess what? Sit down, shut off your judging mind and just let this soak in for a bit:

This is what started this quest(?) for me: (NOTE this is really sick but probably true)
Russian soldiers mutilate German women captives (in detail)

And so I decided to check out the site that originated that article:

(The holocaust didn't happen.)

According to the guy who built most of the gas chambers with which the U.S. executes those on death row, Auschwitz and the other death camps couldn't have killed the number of people that have been claimed. not even close. They're not built to contain the deadly gases and they couldn't have cremated so many corpses.

And so, who stood to gain from this bit of propaganda? Israel.
Ever notice how much you pity the Jews cause of the awful shit they went through, getting gassed and all?
I BELIEVED this. The movies are pretty horrible.
But it had started to bug me that, in sheer number of victims, more people died (even more civilians died) during WWII than the Jews. I don't remember exact numbers, but in Russia alone, probably as many civilians died and maybe there were twice as many casualties including the Russian army? This is rough, ok?
To this day, WWII is:
Hitler was committing genocide and we had to stop it.
What about?
The firebombing of Germany (including Munich's half a million+ citizens) by the allied bombers.
The firebombing of Japan.
The nuking of Japan, which didn't kill as many people as all of that firebombing.
The Russians' atrocities against Germans (that first article).
Pearl Harbor was a setup:

Ok, anyway:
I've seen some of this stuff before, so I do a quick google search "mossad 911" and come up with a Pakistani military bigwig's take on 911 and osama and the mossad (israeli intelligence)

Osama didn't do shit.
Israel uses U.S. army to attack its enemies

they did it before:
"Lavon Affair" terrorist acts in Egypt against U.S. interests
aborted b/c they were discovered
and the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israel in which Israeli
planes attacked a ship clearly flying an American flag, with
international identification numbers, for almost 2 hours

So, my quick and dirty new worldview is that maybe, just maybe
there really is a Zionist Conspiracy.
Osama talks about it.
The whole fundamentalist Islam world talks about it.
Maybe it's not some deranged propaganda.

NOW, the web is full of this stuff. I'm not going to try to prove it here.

I wish I could find the page I was looking at a few hours ago (it's not in my history).
On it was a description of Israels terrorist activities against Palestine.
A couple photos of Sharon and past prime ministers, along with the military operations involving brutal torture, rape, multilation, and slaughter of refugees. And I look at their picture and feel revulsion. They are monsters.

Well, we all die.

So, here's some speculative web looking:
Well, I figure, If 6 million Jews DIDN'T die like I was "educated" to believe, then what does this guy have to say?
David Duke (???)
not as bad as i had thought, having heard about him when i was a kid a few presidential elections back


A site that I check regularly is:
Jeff Rense
I only believe half of it. :)

And yes, I am crazy and paranoid.
I am not trying too hard for correct syntax and grammar.