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Friday, May 26, 2006

D.U. effects (massive radiation?)....jesse macbeth

Put in perspective, since first used in 1991, the US military has released the radioactive atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki nuclear bombs into the global atmosphere causing permanent contamination where the fallout has spread with a half-life of 4.5 billion years - that's forever by my reckoning. Furthermore, that amount of radiation is 10 times the amount released by all atmospheric testing which in total equaled 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. (full article) he links to this (check it out!)

i also saw this on the passenger lists of 911 pentagon plane (no arabs on the passenger lists)

all from rense, shamelessly. oh yeah and:
dr. soso on morgellon's disease (part 2) (which he has, apparently)

jesse macbeth... OMG. here's my CONSPIRACY theory on that:
jesse macbeth joined the army and was flagged as being good for FOOLING. somehow he ends up in a "Ranger" course. he's told that he's a ranger, and joins a "ranger" team. the way they dress is different, they're all dumb, but all trained to kill. I don't know how many of them there are. They travel with the army, they are army, only their chain of command is different. it's a "snake" from some hidden part of the military, most likely something like the cia. (when the cia flies, they fly w/ the air force, disguised--Understanding Special Operations (a book) by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty.) (prouty says THERE IS NO PEAK OIL, and so does prison planet, lew rockwell, and joe vialls with the technical detail.)

Hey, you know what would be funny? If oil were actually being manufactured a couple hundred miles down by the Venutians/Luciferians. Filling the gas tank. So that it can be burned on the surface for 2000 years and PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THIS PLANETS ASS. give it some bulk, you know? some protection from cosmic rays, asteroids. a nice thermal generator to boot. (see earlier blog entry)

back to jesse macbeth conspiracy theory (version he's legit):
jesse macbeth is in some unit that is hidden, used to commit atrocities for psyops reasons, and when he wants to go public with the story, he's not documented. information he's been told will have been wrong (like even where he was stationed? is that conceivable?) he'll look like a fake and it will be easy to discredit him. plus, real Rangers will want to kick his ass.

they are perhaps in the process of kicking his ass already.

or conspiracy theory version he's a plant:
he could be a fake, with the aim of discrediting actual confessions to civilian killing.

google this shit yourself, folks.
here's the original movie.
here's real testimony about civilian casualties.
here's state propaganda about jesse. (what if kerry did fake that mai lai shit (as michelle malkin claims), in order that the republicans could later be able to use that planned fake as evidence that kerry was different from them. what if jesse faked this shit just so they could debunk it and look good?) the music is fucking AWFUL and is "making fun of" music.

yeah, i think it was real and the CIA/MILITARY INTELLIGENCE killed it within 2 days. 2 fucking days. and now the spin on it is fucking outrageous. here's wikipedia on it.
but there are some really good points about inconsistencies with times. the uniform and medal issues are coverable by conspiracy, i think.

i dont know. conspiracy either way i say.


Blogger JPLUR said...

Ohhh shit, that guy is DEBUNKED! damn I haven't seen someone get bitch slapped that hard in a long time. US soldiers in Iraq don't even touch their dicks without written permission from higher up. I'm also glad to see that other guy with the "i killed civilians all the time" story was debunked as well.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

what other guy? did you watch the other movie i posted here? with confessions of "i killed civilians all the time"?

the only problem i'm having is some of the stuff in the wikipedia article. most of that debunking was propaganda.

4:18 PM  
Blogger JPLUR said...

You know, the guy with the military haircut sitting in the folding chair talking about soldiers deciding to start shooting unarmed resistors in iraq, and how there were guns sitting against the wall next to the resistors but they just let themselves get shot. He fake too

10:18 PM  

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