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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

War in Georgia

War is breaking out in Georgia. American special ops and Russian troops are involved (on opposite sides). This is next to Chechnya (where mujahideen have been fighting Russians for 5 years), which are both just a little north of Iran. Did I mention that we're going to attack Iran?

Maps: Georgia, Iran, notice how Armenia and Azerbaijan are the only countries in between the two.

Florida Special Ops?

I just had this idea. What if the hurricanes going through florida were engineered to provide cover for special ops? With all of the destruction of property and loss of life, one could get rid of a lot of evidence, both material and human. (Picture commandos kidnapping a bunch of people, moving em into a newly built trailer park, binding them with cord, then coming back and doing a standard disaster clean-up once they're all dead).

I had another idea that maybe it was an attack with scalar weaponry. :) There were two hurricanes, you know. (Actually, scalar weapons would be used in the first idea too.)

Just speculation.