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Friday, April 30, 2004

More about the CIA

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but

The Association for Responsible Dissent estimates that by 1987, 6 million people had died as a result of CIA covert operations. (2) Former State Department official William Blum correctly calls this an "American Holocaust."

"The ironic thing about all this intervention is that it frequently fails to achieve American objectives. Often the newly installed dictator grows comfortable with the security apparatus the CIA has built for him...The only two options for the U.S at this point are impotence or war."

Just speculation: What if the CIA's job is to get rid of socialism and democracy? Then, 30 years of a dictator's abuses give good reason for U.S. invasion.

You can't fail. Arm an insurgency/coup with some outdated weapons. Watch em take over some country. Give them arms so they can fight their neighbors. When the appropriate time comes, roll over em with your much-advanced weaponry. And voila, the liberators arive.

Create your enemies...
I think this is a great plan from the point of view of dominating the world.
For example, Panama. Noriega=CIA Asset. Bush the First invades.
Saddam took over Iraq about 79
Bush was director CIA at about 77
I'm not researching this real carefully right now, but the times seem to overlap.

So, here's a conspiracy for you:
Install Saddam as dictator. Put that one on the back burner.
25 years later. Ding! Soups on!

[note: that site im linking to is pretty biased. honestly, i think the power of the cia and the armed forces, the banks, etc, is pretty awesome. it kind of goes against the grain of my morals, as most of that power is based on the suffering of human beings. but, it's like a natural force. like a hurricane. or the comet that supposedly killed off the dinosaurs. or god. a very jealous and malicious god.]

operation Mockingbird.
by which the CIA infiltrated the media.
From the Disinfopedia
Google search="operation mockingbird"
read that.

Supposedly The Washington Post and The New York Times are heavily CIA owned.
But here's a really good quote:
"The CIA also secretly bought or created its own media companies. It owned 40 percent of the Rome Daily American at a time when communists were threatening to win the Italian elections. Worse, the CIA has bought many domestic media companies. A prime example is Capital Cities, created in 1954 by CIA businessman William J. Casey (who would later become Ronald Reagan’s CIA director). Another founder was Lowell Thomas, a close friend and business contact with CIA Director Allen Dulles. Another founder was CIA businessman Thomas Dewey. By 1985, Capital Cities had grown so powerful that it was able to buy an entire TV network: ABC."

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


the NSA's tool, listening to everything digital.
here's the real story about it. (scroll down to part 1 first)
read jihadunspun on the right there, holy shit it's crazy in fallujah

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

More on Jim Trafficant

if you look down at my entry on Wednesday, August 27, 2003, there's this link
The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation owned by foreign interests
i can't figure this out, but for some reason this post isn't in my archives. it happens to be at the bottom of the page, but nowhere in the archives. hmm..

Jim Trafficant was framed and forced out of congress.
he's quoted in that first article, here's the last bit of that quote:
Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the people have exchanged one master for another. ."

Read some other things Jim has said in Congress.

The other link on that page was about the Bankers' Bankers' Bank (The Bank for the Central Bankers).

The Elite

2 things:
one, i could be wrong about this high cabal
or maybe there are a couple of em

two, what if the rulers of the humans aren't the same type of human as the rest of us? or what if they're not strictly homo sapiens? what if it's something like the ant species that can only survive by enslaving other ant species? Polyergus breviceps, pictures. some species that uses humans as slaves (and maybe food, like vampires). there's a fair number of species that humans have enslaved, domesticated, conditioned, etc: horses, dogs, cats, cows, sheep, pigs, mice, monkeys, farmed fish, etc. what if we, in turn, are domesticated?

look at modern media. modern religion. politics. science. culture. it's all very limited, in that the real neat advances are burried in a sludge of bullshit. over and over, there's someone at the top enforcing this return to the mundane. the conditioned. the managed civilization. when i say top, i mean, heads of religion, heads of politics, heads of business.
but what if, there are heads to those heads. things that call the shots. like a farmer herding cattle, selecting which ones to breed, slaughtering the appropriate ones. or a scientist running an experiment with thousands of rats. or vaccine makers using a bunch of monkeys for trials and replication. or the dudes who own viacom, voting machines, automobile industry, oil industry, arms, etc. or the vatican. or the chinese premiere. or george bush #2 (as in "i gotta go #2" :))

why not go up a level or two beyond what most people see, or can even conceive of? vampires. aliens. really smart humanoids. a royal family that's super-secret and super-powerful.

one thing i'm pretty sure about this elite, if they exist, is that they are not interested in the easing of humanity's suffering. somewhat akin to how humans treat livestock, or each other in fact.
another thing i'm pretty sure about is that they have the best guns. and probably fly around in ufos. which is not to say that all ufos would be containing the elite.

man, i'd like to hang out in that dulce, NM base for a while, and just get a feel for the neighborhood of alien races and high technology.

and i'd really like to meet with one of them and say, "look, dude. have some compassion. how about just giving us a chance to do our own thing for a while." or, failing that, wouldn't it be supercool to be part of a human revolution against elite masters?
i'd fight reptilian overlords any day. hell, i'll be a human bomb against the greys from zeti reticuli, if it's necessary. i wont be a human bomb against humans. that's just fucking stupid.
(note to nsa: this is not an admission or statement of intent to be a terrorist. your masters' wars are too fucked up for me to want to get involved.)

it's really difficult to revolt against someone you can't see. especially when everyone is busy fighting each other; squaring off into dualistic camps in every aspect of life, particularly global war.

maybe some day, a commando team of ragtag ex-military will go deep into one of those underground bases, and do some real damage.
what a hell of a movie that would make: crack team sneaks into dulce, NM. penetrates layer after layer in disguise. scenes of fantastic inventions, terrible genetic experiments, awesome aliens. and finally, a transmission of video, with some sort of proof on the outside. the head of an alien commander displayed and quickly genetically verified to be authentically biological. a national network taken hostage, to show the world our alien masters. panic by the government, martial law. and a revolt by the citizens. as they cast off heavy burdens on their minds, their shackles to the culture keeping them docile. ...years later, the new generation grows up strong and smart--proud of their heroic mothers and fathers. no longer under the influence of mind-inhibiting chemicals in their food and drink, no longer suffering under massive EM-radiation bombardment, no longer believing in the silly religions and philosophies imposed upon them by the priestly caste, minds open to all possibilities of science and meditation. wonderful lovers all.

You with me kids? ;)

Understanding Special Operations

A bunch of stuff from www.rense.com

At least 900 American soldiers wounded in Iraq in April.
About half of these are major wounds.
About 30 of these are brain-injuries.
And that's from msnbc, an "official" source.
the other side reports much larger american casualties.

Cool! (look at Dulce, New Mexico) Underground Bases
HAHA video of bush on some late show, looking around and cleaning his glasses on some lady's sweater.
RIGGED VOTE Two Voting Companies & Two Brothers Will Count 80% Of The U.S. Election -Using BOTH Scanners & Touchscreens


Here's Joseph:

Geomancers of the Telluric Grids

So theres a huge stone complex in Homestead, Florida. Built of coral blocks from 5 to 30 tons, and organized with all sorts of stellar alliances, alters, and giant chairs. The funny thing is that it was built from 1920 - 1940 by one man, Edward Leedskalnin. This guy emigrated from Latvia, was working in the lumber industry, then all of a sudden moved to florida and began building his complex. He worked in secret at night with his own tools he made from scraps from the junkyard. When he moved his complex he hired a truck-driver, on the condition that the blocks were loaded onto the truck in secret, Apparently high school kids had a story that at night he would float the blocks through the air. He lived the hermits life, in his complex, reading from his own library of magnetic current and cosmic forces when he wasn't working. Read it up.

So heres also a bunch of links about the Telluric Grid, this invisible web of lines that is supposed to run around the earth All of these 'ancient mystery' megalithic complexes are built upon nodes of this web, which the ancients, and Edward Leedskalnin, could find. This fits in with the legends of ancients moving huge blocks of stone with the sounds of flutes, and why people can find all sorts of wierd mathmatical corilations in the positioning of these sites.

The Planetary Grids
Some mathmatical equasions about it
In England they called them 'Ley Lines', in Austrailia the path of the rainbow serpent, in china 'Dragon Paths'.

They found a really wierd antennae under the ocean, 1000 miles south of the Cape Horn, in really 'inhospitable seas,' and internet people claim it is an amplifier for telluric forces. The picture is really rad.
More equasions of its locations/ UFO's travelling in the air along the telluric lines (maby helps them float).


Sunday, April 25, 2004


British Scientists Demand Warnings For Cellular Phones
"The electromagnetic energy that fuels a cellphone is microwave radiation pulsing from its antenna. Human brains may absorb up to 60 percent of that energy, and although some researchers say those levels are far from hazardous, they are near the top end of international safety recommendations."

"...artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can pose a health risk..scientific research which shows that very low, non-thermal levels of radio frequency and microwave radiation alters the basic biochemistry of cells, which have a potential to cause altered brain function, carcinogenesis and impaired immune system functioning..."

The Adelaide Hospital Research "at least a doubling of the rate of lymphomas in specially sensitive mice when they were exposed to daily 2 hour doses of GSM handset-level mobile phone radiations for only 18 months."

Cell Phones make rat brains hemorrhage after one use or Neuroscience: A Swedish study links mobile phones to brain damage. In rats, anyway. It ain't just about cancer, folks.

So, search on google, you'll find out more.
My personal belief is that, not only are cell-phones bad for you, but they are intended to subdue the general population. This is through whatever EM radiation comes out of your cell phone AND the cell phone towers.

Ladies and gentlemen. Call me a paranoid chicken little, but how much do we really understand about the ubiqutous cell phone towers? You all realize that it is a proven scientific fact that you can drastically alter a human's brain through radiation. Apply some scientific experimentation to this, and you have MIND CONTROL.

Short list of real obvious candidates for mass-population mind control.
Something in the water.
Add to that the mass-media Propaganda

Yeah, it's a crazy thought, right? That Some sinister agency is bent on warping the nation's minds. That the way you are conditioned, that what you were taught in school, that what you read in the papers is bullshit.
But wait, you can conceive of this happening in CHINA, OR THE FORMER USSR, right? Definitely North Korea. Fucking Commies.

Is it that hard to conceive that the most powerful military/intelligence apparatus on the planet, 60 years after creating an atomic bomb, would have figured out the relatively simpler problem of controlling human brains?

want more evidence? google mind control. look for the historical documentation of actual brain implants. filter out what you see as fluff. i guarantee you that if you keep searching, even while you disbelieve the idea, you will find something that is actually a documented experiment in mind control.
here's one. MK-ULTRA
here's a collection Mind Control The Ultimate Terror

Now, the web is full of stuff. All sorts of people posting wacky beliefs. Activists calling out for their cause.
And i do the same.
The web is also full of disinformation, the CIA/NSA/etc providing.
So this is tricky. In a way I believe in mind control. In an abstract way. Just like I believe in the sun being really really far away. Or in the existence of my own death.

Knowing what the CIA and the military do around the world will give you some idea of what they will do to the American population. To war-governments, the people are always a resource. You have to control them. You have to indoctrinate them. And today, you gotta pump em full of chemicals in their food and drink, radiation in their think.

Inside the CIA

Here's a whole book online detailing CIA operations. Holy shit this is good reading. "The Secret Team", within and above the CIA, is getting close to whoever's running the show.
The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
Checkout the previous directories of that site. One level up is assassination info (MLK and JFK etc). Another is a whole bunch of damning articles.
i've added some new links on the sidebar
for HAARP, chemtrails, and scalar engineering, see RADAR MATRIX
for good investigative work on just about everything (esp. the CIA), see COPVCIA (From the Wilderness)

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Fallujah is fucked.

US Officer Threatens To Turn Fallujah Into 'Killing Field'
"Marine sniper teams are spread in and around the city, working night and day, using powerful scopes, thermal imaging equipment and specially modified bolt-action rifles that allow them to identify and target armed militants from 800 yards away... The Marines believe their snipers have killed hundreds of insurgents.
Over the past two weeks, 3,500 marines have massed around Fallujah, backed by logistical support, squadrons of tanks and armoured fighting vehicles, helicopter gunships and ground artillery. The US Air Force is flying at least 50 combat missions each day over the city and western Iraq. "

News from the mujahideen.
News from the Kuffar: (read any mainstream media site).

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

here's a good illustration of the hollow earth theory north/south-pole holes:
scroll down a little more than half way to see it (look for "North Polar Opening"):
Voyage to Our Hollow Earth
the "hole" is said to be about 1100 miles in diameter.
but that's just where it starts curving
the actual passageway into the other side is only about 90 miles wide.
look at this picture and remember this:
1. the poles are usually covered in very dense cloud.
2. there's ice and water all around that opening.

by my rough estimate (holding up a piece of paper to the screen and drawing lines), there's only a window of 30 degrees at which you could actually see through the hole into the interior of the earth. that window is a cone, centered on the axis of the earth's rotation. in order to see that, you'd have to be in an orbit at maximum 15 degrees from the north pole, and be able to see through the cloud cover on this side (plus the purported clouds on the interior).

here's some pictures, but i think they're really poor and don't indicate much. just here for fairness.

now, keep in mind that we've only got a few illustrations of this. the actual measurements of this thing could be totally different, if it exists.

i think that most spaceship activity occurs away from this 30 degree region of the poles. spy satellites, communications, weather, it's all focused around civilized places. the stuff in that 30 degree region would probably be way more classified.
just conjecture..

to sum up, most pictures of this region, if the hollow earth theory is correct, will be an optical illusion of an unbroken spherical earth.

Here comes the draft?

Republican Senator calls for draft.
I've said this before--
Seems pretty convenient that we need more troops than we have.
All it'll take is another big terrorist attack, a worsening situation in iraq. even war with syria or iran.
not enough troops. homeland security is at stake! for the love of the country and your momma's house, let's draft the boys.

Engineers in basement of WTC towers find evidence (big evidence) of explosions

Ok, what if:
the ozone hole theory is total bullshit.
it's just a cover story to explain the large hole-looking thing at the south pole.
this certainly explains the care-free attitude towards "destroying the environment" that our current rulers have. if there's a paradise on the inside, and most planets that have life are actually barren rock on the outside, what's the big deal?

Is the Earth really a big ball with a molten lava core?

The Hollow Earth--How It All Began

Holy shit. This actually makes some sense.

how do these relate:
ozone holes over the poles
secret nazi bases in antarctica
the russian scientists reporting on hearing noises from really deep underground

Sunday, April 11, 2004

My tombstone please:

it's really simple.
the boys at the top
manipulate world opinion
kill the right people
show the right pictures to the world
inflame opinion
direct it
direct people against people
start a war.
they're smart
they play dumb
they know how people tick
they know what to show
they know when to starve
and how to use other humans' greed
to get what they want.
they've been doing it forever
for thousands of years
way back when iron swords were the latest big thing.
i dont know why they do it
but i know they do it
and they dont give a fuck about your life
or mine.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

Dinosaur Breath, by John G. Cramer

"This result has very interesting implications about the era of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs apparently breathed air that was much richer in oxygen than our air and lived in forests and grasslands that were far more combustible than ours. The metabolisms evolved to live is such an atmosphere might be radically different from ours. This new information may be relevant to many puzzles of the cretaceous and jurassic periods."

"One can imagine a scenario in which the Alvarez meteor dust blocks sunlight for several years, causing a large fraction of the surface plant life to wither and die. The brown dead vegetable matter would then provide excellent fuel in the oxygen rich atmosphere. Spontaneous combustion or lightning might trigger a fire that would spread over the brown landscape, producing the worldwide fire storm. A fire of this magnitude might well consume enough oxygen to account for the observed composition drop. In any case, the combination of dust, decimated vegetation, colder climate, a world-wide fire, and a 1/3 drop in atmospheric oxygen could certainly have combined to bring about the extinction of the dinosaurs."

Free Energy

The Tom Bearden (free energy) website.

"Unlimited clean energy from the vacuum" (no more fossil fuels, nuclear waste, batteries, electrical bills, etc.).
Scalar weapons (weather mod, missile defense, earthquake/volcano generation).

For at least 70 years, scientists have been making generators that just apparently give energy freely. Ie. not from burning coal, nuclear reactions, etc. Various government agencies have been suppressing and buying off these inventions, and occasionally, assassinating their inventors.

So in my mind there are these possibilities:
1. The fossil fuel/energy racket wants to keep people paying their bills--it's a crucial part of wage slavery and the capitalism game.
2. The free-energy machines really fuck up the local space-time.
There is the additional possibility that pollution is an intended consequence. That is planetary terraforming.

Note that the same players who have scalar weaponry (Russia, the Yakuza, the U.S. included) suppress "free energy".
XYMPHORA--a blog about iraq, neocons, etc.
This blog says it all. It's got the facts on the Bush Administration's complicity in 9/11. It's talking about the Falluja mess being engineered by Bremer, et al. It's got way more hits than I do.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Iraq's Insurgency Begins

Possibility: the american war planners want an iraqi civil war.
Benefits: justification for continued presence in iraq; justification for a draft, when it becomes obvious we do not have enough troops (the argument will be bolstered by another "terrorist" attack on american soil)

long-run: Muslim peoples will unite in war against the Coalition. This will open the way for the Coalition, with sufficient armies, to take over the Muslim territories.

Basically, "let's get embroiled in a world war. we'll come out on top."