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Monday, May 01, 2006

Brain Washing

Flouride. A short google-video on the toxicity of it.
"The pattern that we saw is typically the pattern that we saw with other neurotoxic agents that are well-known to cause a hyper-activity or a memory problem or an IQ problem"
- Dr. Phyllis Mulnix, who studied the neurotoxicity of flouride.

You know how all sorts of kids are on ritalin now?

Man, what a perfect way to run an empire, dumb down everyone at home so they SWALLOW your propaganda.

there's other conspiracy videos by whomever uploaded the link above
like: The Money Masters (parts 2 & 3): a really good look at the history of the Federal Reserve, and the financial trail to the power elite.

Here's an intriguing video: Who Controls the World? (really good quotes, pictures, good soundtrack, all on the main conspiracy topics. this is compelling, but i am not sure about the veracity of its claims)


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