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Monday, February 23, 2004

Is Ralph Nader an agent provocateur?

Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 49 Ralph Nader And The Ruling Class
"Naive, poorly-informed persons probably "bought" Ralph Nader's words. Provocateurs, to seem credible, say believeable things."

Is Ralph Nader an agent provocateur? Now that's a good question.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

More about Auschwitz

Major French Magazine Acknowledges Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud
The point is: The gas chamber and oven room have been reconstructed inaccurately, adding doorways and other details. This is just recently being acknowledged.
Now, this article isn't saying the whole thing was a fraud. Other people say that (and I'm not saying they're right or wrong-you decide)... see 2003/7/1 archive

Thursday, February 19, 2004

American Border Agents and Mexican Police flee military-style attack.
"Our source told us that eight (8) helicopters landed just south of the town of Palomas. Each helicopter was carrying approximately ten (10) to twelve (12) armed men. These men were armed with Uzis, AK-47s and M-16s. "

Suitcase nukes?
Media seems to be priming people to expect another terrorist attack.
One nuke takes out Detroit.
Say goodbye civil liberties.

So when this shit all goes down, I have an idea.
Mass emailing all of your buddies, using your cellphone, etc, The whole fucking nation can be reached within a day or two. If they impose martial law and we still have access to email and cellphones, then somebody pick a date real soon for a massive civil disobedience. if not immediately.
Ok, it's not a well-thought out idea.

Good Shit


Here I go, I'm gonna lose all credibility with you, dear reader.
I'll direct your attention to the first entries of this blog (look in the archives).
But first, Mel Gibson's Father Says Holocaust exaggerated.

Everyone that I ever bring this up to has a kneejerk reaction.
"Captain Boog! I can't believe you!" Blah blah blah etc

After all, everything else the media tells us is a lie. Practically every thing I was taught about the Indians, thanksgiving, the civil war, etc etc, was a lie.
In every fucking American's head there is this region in which YOU CANNOT GO. YOU CANNOT QUESTION THE HOLOCAUST! It's like questioning the flag, or not being a patriot, ONLY STRONGER!

AMERICANS ARE MORE UNITED BEHIND THE BELIEF IN THE 6 MILLION JEW HOLOCAUST than in anything else (that i can think of). And there's very little sense of perspective, such as, how many civilians have died in other wars?


Now, if you follow me, here's my next question to you and me: If it is in fact a lie, what is being hidden by the lie? What, if anything, is the lie covering up?

Speculation folks.

Sunday, February 08, 2004


So let me recap.
The CIA did it.


Audio Interview with foreign German Defense Minister who says CIA did 9/11

Alex Jones interviewing...
A good summation of the 9/11 conspiracy. The former German Defense MInister (for like 25 years) says:
The CIA did it.
tick tick tick tick

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Who's Kerry?

The Real Kerry
Skolnick's Take
Are these accurate? I"m not presenting any opposing opinions here.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

How to unite a world through war

Build 2 Super-States that gather most of the other states into their conflict.
Everything becomes black and white and empires are formed.

Within the states, channel all political leadership into a managed network.
The revolutionaries work outside and are easily visible.
Targets for the intelligence apparatus.
Targets for the Media apparatus.
The disinfo and slander function.

Give yourself a couple hundred years to perfect your methods.

Make sure all sides have supplies.
Two systems that are opposite on only one dimension, but otherwise the same.
Ie. Capital: Private or Public. Religion: Allah or God? (Or Allah vs. Yahweh, or God vs. Yahweh a few generations ago.) American Politics: Left or Right?

Maybe it's just a dualistic thing. A natural growth rather than some managed conflict. Either way it's bullshit.

Monday, February 02, 2004

SUVs and the Draft

Here's my thought:
The increase in SUV sales is intended to provide a future industrial base for the production of military vehicles. Specifically, Humvees. I do not think it is too hard to retool an assembly line to produce a different make of car. This is the assumption that Antony Sutton uses (see the Sun Feb 01 entry). I can't back this up right now, but is it too much of a stretch to assume that any of the SUV plants could make a military SUV? Yeah, I'm right on this.
So, here's a little speculation: We have a massive industrial base for equipment used by the army. Everyone knows how to drive at age 18. Half of em know how to handle an SUV. Everyone has good reflexes owing to game playing. (That's just a sideline, not crucial to this argument.) It seems to me that everything needed for a fast mobilization of a drafted ARMY is in place.

Some alternate Iraq news

Gerry Rough debunks Antony Sutton's Banking Conspiracy

Antony Sutton and "Skull and Bones"

(Read Sun Feb 01 Entry)
An interview with Antony Sutton (on Skull and Bones).
Skull and Bones
Bush and Kerry are both members of this secret society.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Antony Sutton.....and how the West has armed the Commies

Find his book, Western Technology And Soviet Economic Development.
Read the Conclusions chapters of the third volume.
The basic point: virtually all of Soviet industrial innovation was the result of Western aid.
Virtually all of Soviet military development was the result of Western aid.
The Soviet ARMY was built by the West.

Repeatedly, the U.S. Defense Department would say "Don't give this technology to the Russians! Don't allow this industrial plant to be built in Russia by an American company! They will build arms using it!". Repeatedly the U.S. State Department would poo-poo this and ok it.
From automobile plants, to ball bearings used only in missiles, to explosives, etc.

The author, Sutton, reaches the conclusion of gross incompetence in the U.S. Leadership.
This author, ME, reaches the conclusion of a manufactured threat, ie. a conspiracy to create the Communist Menace.

Now, I haven't read the rest of his books yet (will update when I do), but I suspect, and I remember reading glimpses of this, that we are doing the same thing with CHINA. Remember this story? Rumsfeld was on board Of Company That Sold North Korea two nuclear power plants.

Well, shit. Looks like it basically is one world government after all. Except for the insurgents, and the little piddly countries in the third world that we're not currently dominating. (Are there any? I'm not sure.)
Jihad Unspun: News from the other side. Propaganda? Maybe. Do I trust this more than CNN? yes.
(AMERICA IS FUCKED IN IRAQ): US Casualty Reports In Iraq Defy Fact On The Ground: A visit to an Iraqi hospital, talking to a sheikh beat by the americans, real death tolls, etc.