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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Biggest Bank of All

"We are not a central bank. We are the bank for the central bankers."
The Bank of England and the Federal Reserve (private issuers of our currencies), both central banks, bank here.

I'm not convinced by the following article yet, but it is very intriguing.
The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation owned by foreign interests
"1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871"
Also, Congress changed the title of the constitution from:
'The Constitution for the united states of America.' to
'The Constitution of The United States of America.'

Purportedly, the sum total of this was to create a corporation consisting of the United States of America, owned by... well, not by the people

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Milosevic not a war-criminal?!?! NATO guilty of ethnic-cleansing but claims they're stopping it?!

A quickie article on the bullshit in Yugoslavia.

"Serbia has never had only Serbs living in it. Today, more than in the past, members of other peoples and nationalities also live in it. This is not a disadvantage for Serbia. I am truly convinced that it is its advantage..."

"For as long as multinational communities have existed, their weak point has always been the relations between different nations. The threat is that the question of one nation being endangered by the others can be posed one day -- and this can then start a wave of suspicions, accusations, and intolerance, a wave that invariably grows and is difficult to stop. This threat has been hanging like a sword over our heads all the time. Internal and external enemies of multi-national communities are aware of this and therefore they organize their activity against multinational societies mostly by fomenting national conflicts. At this moment, we in Yugoslavia are behaving as if we have never had such an experience and as if in our recent and distant past we have never experienced the worst tragedy of national conflicts that a society can experience and still survive."
--Milosevic in a 1989 speech

"Since NATO took over Kosovo in June 1999, it has employed an army of forensic experts in Kosovo. These folks have dug up half the province, accompanied by frequent press conferences in which various NATO and War Crimes Tribunal types promised to find mass graves with tens of thousands of victims of Serbian brutality. In fact, they have produced none - no mass graves, no Serbian atrocities. Digging up individual graves all over Kosovo, they found fewer than 3000 bodies. NATO has said 2000 people died before the bombing of Yugoslavia, that is, before the supposed 'ethnocide' took place. That leaves 1000. We know that hundreds of people died in NATO bombing and hundreds more in fighting on the ground between the KLA and Yugoslav troops."

Monday, August 25, 2003

Slobodan Milosevic and the Balkan invasion

Well, this entry isn't too well thought out, just some notes for future review.

The Emperor's New Clothes has a lot to say about Slobodan Milosevic. Was he really a war criminal? I mean really? Why did we bomb the shit out of Serbia?
Taking a look at the globe, imperial America has now occupied the Balkans. The next country over is Belgrade, then Turkey. Then IRAQ. the U.S. is in IRAQ. We've got Israel. (When I say, "we've got", i mean whoever it is that's in charge here which isn't necessarily the U.S. proper)
We've also got Afghanistan. Right inbetween Afghanistan and Iraq is Iran.
Saudi Arabia is on the horizon, as is Iran, and probably every other piddly nation like Syria and Jordan.

It looks to me like a grab for a region encompassing the middle east. The balkans are part of the southeastern part of europe (which is the northwestern border of this region i'm talking about). Now, our army has actually occupied 3 major states in this area, covering the northwestern, the central, and the eastern parts. This is on top of whatever assets we have in the oceans, in Israel, in friendly military bases all over the Arabian peninsula (the southern part).
Take a look at Somalia. Somalia is the Eastern Tip of Africa, just south of the Arabian peninsula.

Interventionism 101 - New US Military Bases: Side Effects or Causes of War?

Friday, August 22, 2003

Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Hummer Dealership Burnt
It's either the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), or the FBI/CIA/ATF/NSA posing as the ELF, or the FBI/CIA/etc infiltrated and controlling the ELF. Hello anti-ecoterrorism laws. Hello heavy activism crackdown?
$50 million apartment complex arson in San Diego

It's Time...

Call me idealistic, but know what? I don't think there's any reason to continue having intelligence departments. All ours ever do is foment coup d'etats, assassinate popular leaders, smuggle heroin, rig the vote (american and foreign), and generally misunderstand foreign cultures so that the leaders make moves that will fuck everyone over 50-100 years later.

I am reading a book called, "Peace To End All Peace Creating The Modern Middle East 1914 1922" : DS63.2.G7 F76 1989 (Fromkin, David). It's long, but the basic jist is this: Nobody in Europe understood the MidEast and in fact, make proclamations and promises that were opposite to the intended meaning. It's a depressing book. A few intelligence departments, and a handful of leaders in each empire were making decisions blind. Millions of soldiers died. And afterwards, due to all of the promises and cultural misunderstandings made by the Allies, totally fucked over the Middle East.

Here's an article by an Iranian.

And as soon as the state gets some warped sense of power, the intelligence departments just harrass, imprison, torture, and kill the layman.

Did I mention that they constantly lie?

We are supposed to be a great Christian nation and yet, all of the departments of state are principally engaged in lying.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Walking down the street, met a bum, who tells me of a dream he just woke up from: Nebuchadnezzar is in his harem. He sees silver and gold chalices. Someone is going to kill him.
Well, it turns out this dude was the king of Babylon (currently Baghdad).


Checkout Joe Parker's web shtick (you wipe my butt, i wipe yours, eh?) and MORE Joe Parker web shtick

REady? a quick rundown of some ideas:::::
Think about how much electro-magnetic shit is going on. Radio waves, cell-phones, power lines, TVs. Think about the nukes blown up (maybe once a year?). Then there's all of the internal combustion (read: fire) going on.
So here's this ball of life, orbitting a humongous fusion furnace. This ball of life starts throwing out the same type of shit that the fusion furnace has been throwing out for billions of years (barring the jehovah created us-*poof* theory). Before that, a lot of fire, a lot of heat, a lot of things burning. KInd of similar to the sun in the generating heat and light department. Now, starting a bit before the middle of last century, we start blowing some major shit up, nuclear-style. fission bombs. soon, fusion bombs! in the air, in the islands, underground. HAARP walks onto the scene. Massive satellite communications. etc etc.

The same shit that the sun is MADE OF becomes what human civilization is all about. Yeah, we're on this ball of rock/molten lava with an already existing magnetic field (just a baby next to the sun's). And there's a bunch of critters runnin around. Big trees, millions of birds flying around. Lots and lots of ants. But more and more, it's pavement, burning oil, and exponentially increasing (?) electro-magnetic radiation and nuclear boom (dont forget the nuclear plants).

Who's really pulling the strings? The SUN.
And don't forget about the stars.

Now, think about the earth orbitting the SUN for a few billion years. And also, there's mercury, venus, the asteroid belt (formerly known as planet joe) mars, jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus, pluto, etc etc. All going around at different speeds, different orbits, lots of wobble. Always interacting

Round and round, pulling on each other with gravity. EM fields interacting. every other damn law that hasn't been discovered interacting. Really, really complicated.

Know about Tesla? Basically, put your friend on a swing. Give em a little shove at the right time everytime they swing back, and pretty soon, they're ten feet in the air, with a good portion of the inertia you imparted to them (the rest is friction). Build the right oscillator, and you make earthquakes. [Incidentally, there are reports of secret tesla oscillator earthquake machines in development/use--checkout "TESLA DOOM WEAPONS & AUM SHINRIKYO"]

Guess how tides work? The moon. Guess what the menstrual cycle is related to? The moon. The moon just hurls around the earth. The earth and everything else hurls around the sun. All of this cyclical motion around each other generates oscillations. Now, since it's not straight back and forth, or around (like the moon around the earth), you get weird oscillations. Chaotic oscillations.

Now, a swing's oscillation only goes in one direction and is very dependent on gravity for the timing. You can't make someone swing very quickly. Imagine a setup wherein the moon is farther out, with a slower orbit. Actually, maybe a faster one. Imagine a moon of different mass, with a different orbit, with a different speed. The tides are going to be different. The seasons are different on mars and venus, etc.

Ok, i'm losing track here. What we've got is a whole bunch of interconnected chunks of mass pulling on each other as they hurtle around each other in very very complex relationships. But always cyclical. Every planet's apparent movement across the sky will come back to roughly the same point on a regular basis. A period. Now, roughly speaking, there's about 10 objects doing this, and their configuration is always different.

I'm going to skip some explanation. Here's my point. Cycles with cycles within cycles of gravitational/EM force pulling the earth in a cyclical fashion.
Like the opposite of you running around a big ball, pushing on it the whole time. Now, take this back 4.5 billion years. THAT'S A WHOLE LOT OF OSCILLATION BUILDUP. Very complex. Very very long history of pushing a very big and free-floating swing in about 10 different directions.

Hey, go find a tire swing and grab it, and run around in a circle. You can make it swing in a circle, right? Well, imagine there's 10 of you, and the tire swing has a couple extra degrees of freedom, and you're all running at different speeds. That baby is going to wobble!

So, Now imagine a very complex ball of stuff. NOT A concrete block. Lots of different things clumped together. Lots of nice EM fields coaxing things. Ya spin round and round this thing for 4.5+ billion years, and guess what?

Ok, hold on.
What do you see in nature? In life? Cycles. Seasons. Birth..Procreation..Death Generations. Ever hear of the Cycle of Dependent Origination? It's a Buddhist Concept. BAsically, Everything follows this cycle of phases: Ignorance->Name&Form->Consciousness->Mind&Body->Six Senses->Contact->Feeling->Craving->Clinging->Becoming->Birth->Death->(back to Ignorance). This lines up with the astrological signs, starting with Capricorn. There. I let the secret out. Here is an illustration an explanation. I'll try to find a better one.
Everything in life is a cycle.
Guess what? Everything going on out there in space happens to be cycles too? Coincidence? Nope. Cause? Well, only if you believe in that sort of thing.
What we got: Everything in our neighborhood is spinning around. OUr life happens to be spinning around. spins within spins within spins. that's life.

If i had to say something stupid like, I know the cause of life on this earth, I'd say it like this:
The cause of life on this earth lies in the motion of the heavenly bodies.
Folks, it ain't a magic zap of lightning, or the hand of Mr. Yahweh (whom I think, by the way, is just another planet. A jealous planet. One that's headed back for some good ol retribution. Know the gods? Jupiter, Mars, etc. Meet the planets.).
The whole setup is cyclical. Life being a necessary component of these cycles. It's not even separate from these cycles. It's all totally interrelated, with no cause.

So right now I'd like to just throw in my personal lot with the good ol SUN. Cause it's the biggest thing around.

If life on earth is these cycles of the heavens... It's hard to put this into words. I can't use "because or cause", "started". Maybe concomitant.
Life on earth is concomitant with the heavenly body cycles. So, jump with me here, the same is true of every other planet, including the SUN.
We're talking big planets. We're talking 4.5 billion years plus. We're talking about a limited science of detection of things outside the dimensions of our perception. (Hello! Can you smell what a dog smells? Do you see like a bat? How would we know that nothing is thriving on venus beyond our technologically augmented perception?)

The oldest thing around this solar system is the SUN. And baby is it ever active. Sun spots the size of the earth. Coronoal ejections. [HOW THE SUN WORKS] We've got a very limited knowledge of this thing that's old as shit.

I am really sure that the whole fucker is alive and extremely conscious. IN some form.
And this brings me back to the start of this post.

We're giving daddy a high five.
Earth -> Sun Language Translation
nuclear war -> "hello, i'm conscious now. can i be your friend?"



Sunday, August 17, 2003

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Iraqi Guerilla Commander Interviewed.

Conjecture by Skolnick: Here's why (?) the great NE blackout occured--to stop the Saudis from removing part of the 1 trillion dollars they have in NE banks... Cause the Saudis are being stabbed in the back by U.S...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

From a conversation in the Library:

9-11 a HOAX

Yeah, I knew it since about 9-12.
Here's a pretty good summary of a) alternative scenarios to hijacking and b) the technicalities behind 1) remote-control of the flights 2) why the cell-phone calls couldn't have come from the flights in the air and 3) etc

Ghost Riders in the Sky by A.K. Dewdney.

You know, I haven't used cell-phones all that much, but even on the ground with poor coverage, it can be pretty hard to identify the person you're talking to (this depends on the type of service). Now imagine at a supposed 30,000 feet, someone under duress.

Then there's the matter of why Air Force Jets, already on alert nearby, weren't scrambled to intercept any of the 3 flights that actually hit something, even though they had about an hour.

There's more in this article (and even more detail on other sites).
Professor goes to the West Bank and writes of the conditions: Palestinian's Live In a Giant Prison.

Baghdad Blogs

Monday, August 11, 2003

Who's Really Pulling the Strings?

Sherman Skolnic has a lot to say about corruption, linking assassinations, every presidential scandal, big business, foreign intelligence services, and especially the courts. ALOT of information.

So I guess it's all about corruption. Manipulation and diplomacy.
Lies and coverups and disinformation are being produced. These are uncovered. It's a waterfall of lies, corruption, murder.
It is a pattern of power. a mainstream movie about JFK, so that 35 years after the fact the conspiracy can be widely known.

Here's a simple explanation. The rate at which the shit is produced is greater or equal to the rate at which it is understood. The volume of influence the shit has is definitely greater than the volume of influence of the truth.
It's a shitstorm and some dudes are passing out umbrellas, but the shitmakers have an unfathomable edge on the production of the shit versus the umbrella-makers production.

It's not a matter of get rid of the right people. Maybe there is a certain type of person that naturally gravitates, through greed, to power. And no one else can hold power when surrounded by the greedy cause they get shot.

Here's an impossibility: Ruling-class genocide. The rich, the powerful.

Stated purpose of this blog is to discover "who's really pulling the strings". Here's the problem: Every greedy motherfucker on the planet pulls some strings and does their best to keep the strings covered up. Red herrings everywhere and who knows where the tree of strings ends? It may not end.

Who's really pulling the Strings? GREED

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Microsoft and NSA--big Brother

Short list of real obvious or documented PR events

Pearl Harbor WW2 U.S. ends up top dog manufacturer in WORLD.
JFK assassination LBJ ends up top dog and military estab. gets some bones
Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam
9-11 WW3(4?) MidEast, Africa, Asia Landgrab, Oilgrab. Empire expands.
Anthrax attacks threatens some dissenters, fodder for legislation, kills enquirer photo editor with a photo of Commander in Chief butt-naked in a coffin at Yale. OR was it doing the nasty with some certain governor? I forget. :)
Possibly Every Suicide bombing targeting American interests overseas.

JFK etc

So, here's a short list of assassinated leaders:
JFK, Bobby KEnnedy, Martin Luther King, Osho (during Reagan's rule)

Biochemical weapons experts doing research on race-specific DNA markers
end up dead shortly after 9-11. It was all over the news as accidents, natural deaths, etc.

Watch JFK the movie, it's good.

Chemtrails. Fungal anti-Marijuana agents? Martian biological terraforming? Poison?

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Doomsday and Noam Chomsky

Doomsday weapons developed by US Russia, and Aum, a Japanese Cult. The Players are unimportant.
SGI (Soka Gekkei International, a "Buddhist" cult) turns out to be sinister and in conflict with Aum.
HAARP a missile shield.
Read here.

New legislation to ban any useful gun.
Activists target of airport security AT THE VERY LEAST.

America sticks its fingers into Africa.

After reading Chomsky:
South America repeatedly put down by U.S.
Repeatedly revolution squashed, military coups, democracies invaded.

Prisons are SLAVE LABOR.
laws get harder to obey, private business owns more prisons
SLAVE LABOR--largest percentage of population in prison in the world.

activists pick one cause, maybe make headway, maybe get some legislation.
result--put on a list by the feds and watched and fingered for security

FRAGMENT the population
make the ECONOMY individualistic
no common humanity
have to get an education in order to survive
a job you hate to buy insurance and keep up the car and mortgage
and the MASTERS keep driving the economy down, throwing us bones and propaganda, making this the largest penal colony in the history of the world.

POSSIBLY: mind control devices in development or already in place
TV--patents exist for using TV as mind-control.
i mean, on top of the constant advertising and propaganda!
cell phones and cars with GPSs
cell phones effects on human brain?
NEXT generation of cell phones effects? (GEt everyone to own a cell phone and THEN push thru the brainwave devices in the newest generation of products.)

Northern Ireland's new Police communications = Mind Control ?!?!

RFID chips have potential for bugging, tracking, control.

THE WHOLE ECONOMY is based around having to struggle for your individual gain. Meanwhile, the prison walls are erected.

This isn't a democracy in trouble. It's not a matter of LEFT/RIGHT. It's not a matter of our foreign policy or even a new constitution. It's a matter of whoever holds the power, is fucking every human on the planet up the ass with a very large unlubed corporate skyscraper dick. Killing Starving Torturing = NOT A PROBLEM FOR THE POWER.

OUR ECONOMY IS TOTALLY out of line with the basic teachings of every human religion: LOVE your neighbor. Share your shit.

Death to the PUPPET-MASTERS.