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Monday, April 18, 2005


here's some other viewpoints on hitler.
hitler was a fucking nut, with syphilis rotting his brain.

hmm... i could be very wrong: (the rise of hitler)

nazis boycott jewish shops (standard view)
compare to:
the views of diplomats during this time

see, the whole point of the last article is that Jews owned most of the shit! so that the anti-jewish reaction by the "popular german movement" is understandable. i'm not saying genocide is justified (or implicated). i'm saying maybe it was a socialist revolutionary matter--putting the power into the majority's hands.

here's a flavor (a BOOK) of the revisionist holocaust history (as posted earlier but not talked about)

to stir things up, hitler didn't kill himself and in fact fled to the south pole. :)
wow, that site just keeps going on and on. in effect, the nazis still exist.
wow that site is far out.. draconians, underground cities, etc

Monday, April 11, 2005

A reply to a charge of anti-semitism

Hi B**********.
Do me a favor and read this without judging me?I know you think I'm a nut. Or worse, a racist wacko.
**** has told me about (and forwarded this msg about) your correspondence with her.
I gotta admit I'm pretty mad too.
I do admit that that blog entry was a bit racy (no pun intended), but I dont think that I'm an anti-semite. For instance I hold some of the esoteric aspects of Judaism in the highest regard, and recommend them to my friends who seem interested (The Qabalah and The Tree of Life, or Sephiroth).

[Honestly, sometimes I am a little prejudiced. I'm not fond of it, it seems to just be something that happens to people. I try not to encourage it or see the world through it.]

I am of German ancestry, with a little bit of Jewish blood and the rest Protestant. I say this so maybe you understand that I take it a bit personally too. Largely because the Germans are generally considered to have been evil as a whole during this period.

The point of that blog is the title, "Who's really pulling the strings." For lack of a better word, it's an outlet for my conspiracy thoughts. Every now and then I come across something on the internet that makes me think about the people behind the scenes of politics and money. Ie. the people that run the show.
One of the biggest beliefs that Americans and Europeans and Israelis have about history is of the Holocaust. Now I say belief, because of that old adage: "History is written by the winners." Ok, that's not the way it goes, but that's the basic idea. Those that win the wars write the history of those wars.

So every now and then I write about the Holocaust and Hitler. And what strikes me the most about this topic is the amount of emotion behind it. In myself and in others. I'm not kidding about myself. I dont just throw away the idea of the HOlocaust and then bullshit to you.
There are people that deny the Holocaust. And there are people who attempt to write a conflicting account of the Holocaust. They're called Holocaust revisionists. And then there's everyone else, and they're called, well, nothing. They're called SANE.

Did you know that in Germany it's against the law to question the official death toll of the Holocaust?

Have you ever read Howard Zinn? Or Noam Chomsky? Or seen Fahrenheit 9/11? Or read any of the wonderful revised history on the web?I'm sure you have. I'm not trying to be insulting.
So I have this big question. It is: Did the Holocaust happen exactly as it is claimed? And along with that question, I have to ask, did WW2 happen as claimed? Did Pearl Harbor happen as claimed? What were the reasons behind WW1? What really happened when the Pilgrims landed? What really happened at any point in American history?

Cause I've learned, through reading a bunch of books and web articles, that most of what I've been taught in school is BULLSHIT. Most of what I've been taught through popular radio/tv/newspapers/magazines is BULLSHIT.

It's called propaganda.
The ruling class always has propaganda. And our history is written by the winners, ie. the ruling class.

I know there's a lot of characters on the whole Holocaust revisioning train who are pretty far out. And a lot of them are probably anti-Semite. But certainly not all. Certainly there's got to be a few actual historians who are interested in this TERRIBLE period of history, wherein something like 60 million people died.
(I dont know how accurate this site is, it was my first hit on google, but you get the idea)25 million soldiers36 million civilians
And like all people, there are differing opinions. Some support the 6.5 million. And some say it can't be that because, for instance, the Auschwitz ovens were not physically capable of burning as many bodies as was claimed.

I know it's a fucking terrible subject. I can't comprehend how much suffering was involved.
60 million people AT LEAST died of starvation, disease, gunshot, firebomb, nuke, radiation, bayonetting, raping, etc.

And to me, it appears (!!), that the only thing we remember from that war is the supposed fact of 6.5 million Jews being gassed. (And not, for instance, of all of the firebombing American bombers carried out on highly dense civilian populations in Germany and Japan. Or of the 10 million Chinese killed! or of the 7.7 million Russians (largely by order of their own leader).).
I do the math, and I see 1/10 of the total casualty count, if that figure is correct.

It just doesn't add up to me.
I know that I could be completely wrong about this.

I am a fringe journalist. Only about 2 people a day read that site.

I'm insulted that you, being a journalist, assume I am something. That you draw conclusions based on a far-out article, on what kind of a person I am. That you dont bother to ask me personally. That you start saying you're going to boycott *********.
Do your research and talk to me. I would be happy to talk to you. That little article that I wrote comprises about 1/10 of a 1/10 of 1/10 of a percent of my interests in life.

I do concede that that article can be construed as insulting. And I wrote it in a spin of anti-propaganda. There were some subtle assumptions in writing it. And I didnt write it as an objective piece. I wrote that tag-line "Hitler was fighting the same shit that dictates American Foreign "Policy" (war)" as an exercise in an alternate belief. To rile some shit up.
I was actually pretty uneasy about that line and meant to go back and change it. :)
It was meant to be preceded by "WHAT IF"

And again, I could be wrong. I'm not real attached to that idea.What is most interesting is the knee-jerk reaction people have about it.
Anyway, it's just beliefs and ideas. And I, every day, hang out with people who belief in stuff that I think is utter nonsense. Shit, I believe in utter nonsense too. And I would bet that the same goes for you.

Belief, in my opinion, is about the most boring thing on the planet. Prejudice, stereotypes, and all other forms of belief are included.
Anyway, that's all I have to say.

Actually, I want to clarify that original blog entry:
First off, did you read the article linked to at the head of that entry?I basically wrote a summary of that article.
To summarize it more and maybe to add in some other stuff I've read (and probably linked to in earlier blog entries):

Jews were very involved in the economy of Germany. Probably a majority in certain areas, such as banking, shops in Berlin at certain times, etc. At some point Hitler did something to try to nationalize businesses (or something, I'm not clear on this), and a prominent Jewish organization essentially declared a boycott (or embargo if you will). To a post WW1 sanctioned Germany, starving and with an out of control inflating economy, this was an act of war. Just as the UN sanctions on Iraq were. Both sides were making moves against the other in an economic battle, and essentially Hitler said, well, how about if I just remove all of you people from the country. And the rest is generally considered to be death camps. I say generally, cause that's where the historical revisioning comes in.
What if Israeli lobbies are very influential in American politics (and why not, cause other lobbies certainly are, such as oil and pharmaceuticals)?What if the wars we're fighting in the Middle East are largely because of Israel's security concerns (plus oil)?

That last paragraph (of the blog entry) was meant to be a chain of logic that would be followed if one believed there was a Zionist conspiracy. I dont necessarily believe that. I think it's possible. I think it's probable that there are numerous conspiracies of powerful people and interests "pulling the strings".

And for the record, I generally do not support violence.

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From: B**********
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 02:51:32 -0500
To: m***************
Subject: You're spreading anti-Semitism *************
I just visited his website, which links to his blog, and I found somethingthat he wrote which both denies that the Holocaust happened, while at thesame time excusing the murdering of over 6 million Jewish people. He writes,³Although Jews were a minority (1% of Germans), they owned a majority ofmost businesses (newspapers, banks, theatres, etc). In some cases, anear-monopoly... I don¹t know about you, but I don¹t like the rich.² He thenappears to go as far as admiring Hitler: ³Hitler was fighting the same shitthat dictates American Foreign "Policy" (war).² I think we can all probablyagree that we prefer a peaceful world and alternative resolutions to currentworld conflicts, but this is not what Hitler represented!

------ End of Forwarded Message

Sunday, April 10, 2005

so some people think i'm an anti-semite cause of the last post (and others). tell you what: i write in a spirit of "what if". i write opinions that i dont always believe. i draw conclusions and say arguments cause it might be true. If there's one thing I've learned from all of my schooling, it's that all of my schooling was biased, much of it was untrue, much of it was propaganda, much of it (especially the science) was disproved a hundred years ago but is accepted as a matter of faith among scientists and educators.

YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. every fucking day in the press. every fucking lesson in school. everytime you hear that we need a new coal plant, to drill for oil in alaska, to go to war, to buy coca-cola cause it's safe, to get a new cell phone, to etc etc etc.

One of the biggest knee-jerk reactions I have encountered in my life, both in other people and in myself, is that of the holocaust: The holocaust happened (in the way taught--6.5 million jews dead); the allies were the good guys and fought the war to stop it; Israel is a totally benign country, etc. Even saying something like, "Zionists dictate American foreign policy," is considered hate-speech. Let me analyze that:

Zionists: Jews/Israelis who want to establish a homeland.
American foreign policy: war.
:) yeah that's my opinion, but just pick up some alternative histories and analyses of american foreign policy to figure that one out.

Shit, what if Zionists did dictate foreign policy? Now, would that mean that every Jewish person (Jew) was involved in a conspiracy? Nope. I mean it's not even true that the majority of Jews support the government of Israel.

Shit again. The people that run any country are in the vast minority. And it's scheming as holy fuck. Do Zionists influence American foreign policy? Hell yeah. Do lobbyists influence American legislation/policy? Oh you bet your ass. Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11? Do Saudis have an influence? Yes. etc etc

WHAT IF. and i do mean what if (that means think when you read this. dont just react and go with it).

WHAT IF the holocaust story was, in many respects, made up to justify establishing a homeland for the Jews post WW2? And was used to justify the war for the guys who won? (E.g. forget about all of those carpet bombings and the 10 million or so German civilians that died from Allied bombs, forget about the millions (20?) who died in Stalin's purges, forget about the 10 million or so Chinese who died from who knows what, etc)

Now, what if the holocaust story is used to continually shield the fuckers in the goverment of Israel from actual criticism? I mean you can't talk about Israel without everybody thinking, "poor Jews. the holocaust happened to them."

It wouldn't be the first time a big cover story was used to cover up atrocity. For instance, I wasn't taught in school about all of the indians that died. but I was taught about the thanksgiving dinner. i wasn't taught about how maybe the 2nd or 3rd dinner was used to assassinate the local indian leaders (i think that link is somewhere on my page).

Ok yeah I'm ranting. And I could be totally wrong about the holocaust stuff. I dont know. What I do know is that I publish that shit, and maybe a couple people read it a day. I publish it and it's a dose of opposition to all the bullshit propaganda that every one of us carries around in our heads.