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Friday, March 04, 2005

Why Germans hated Jews

Summarizing Crucial, Suppressed Aspects of WW2 Origins, The views of Four Major Diplomats Close to Events:

Although Jews were a minority (1% of Germans), they owned a majority of most businesses (newspapers, banks, theatres, etc). In some cases, a near-monopoly. In a time of out-of-control inflation and poverty, the rich were Jewish. Also, communism was perceived as being Jewish, since most (many?) communist organizers were Jewish.

Factor in the question of the Holocaust--Was Auschwitz really a death camp? Did 6 million Jews really die? Etc. (covered more in previous entries)

Here's the version taught in schools and movies: Jews innocent. Racist Germans kill them by the millions.

I dont know about you, but I dont like the rich.
You know how in Iraq the Sunnis were in power, even though they were a minority?
Well imagine if they were only 1% of the population.
Or imagine that every business owner was of a particular race foreign to your country.
Imagine if Middle Eastern Men controlled all the banks, the newspapers, the candy stores, the movie companies.
Now imagine that Jewish Men controlled the same. And you live in Germany. Nearly everyone around you is of Prussian descent. Either Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish. Plus some foreigners. Only 1 in a hundred is Jewish. And someone comes along and starts kicking all of those Jewish men out of their positions.

Now, remember all that talk about modern-day Zionist Conspiracy?
Someone's lying about history (nothing new there).
Someone's doing crazy shit in the Middle East (that's us and our "ally" Israel)
MAYBE Hitler was fighting the same shit that dictates American Foreign "Policy" (war).