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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lizard Men Eat Us

david icke's videos (google video)
"Mysterious Ritual Performed by United States Army in Babylon"
going after really old artifacts?

to sum up david icke, as i see it:
the "people" that run the whole planet are really reptilian humanoids. according to Credo Mutwa (Zulu Shaman), they look like lizard people with horns on their heads, kind of like demons.

An interview with Credo Mutwa by Rick Martin.
Here are some thoughts from reading this interview (as a jumping off point).
one proposition that Credo makes is that the Reptilians feed off of human blood and war (the energy released in death and fear). Cattle mutliation? World WAR being engineered by the illuminati? This makes sense to me.

Divide and conquer. Get different factions to fight each other. Start World Wars.
The aliens gave humans the task of transforming the earth (see the earlier terraforming blog entries)

oh shit, at the end of the interview he talks about Jabulon (Jahbulon). i just watched a video that talks about this (i think it was this video). Jabulon is the god of the masons. He lives in a copper city undergrond Zaire (DR Congo), called Umbaba. God of the Reptilians. King. Alive.

Something higher on the food chain than humans manipulates world affairs, eats humans, and eats the energy released through their suffering. Very similar to the way in which humans eat livestock.

Credo talks about how some of the reptlians look like Darth Maul from Star Wars I.
They have horns on their heads. In different places. Different ranks or breeds have different types of horns.
I find it curious that, as he says, some of the reptilians have a "crown of horns" in their skull (somewhere in Reptilian Agenda, David Icke's interview with Credo Mutwa). King's crowns are like hat-imitations of the real things. Credo states that royalty do not have these horns, it is the warriors. But he also states that some really powerful Kings (maybe Jabulon?) have humongous horns sticking out of their heads, similar to descriptions of the christian devils.

He talks about a ridge going from above the forehead to the back of their head. I met a young woman with this once. A bony crest up her forehead. I was tripping and thought she was beautiful. I have no idea what connection this has. Maybe she was a hybrid. :)

I am pretty wary of the sources of all of this information.
Clinging to Right vs. Wrong, or Light vs. Dark etc, produces really boring and moral stuff. I'm looking for the raw data.

Without moralizing anything, I can see a powerful race of reptilian-looking things running the earth. The reptiles and demons share many characteristics. The christian demons are generally older gods. The older gods are generally "aliens" who ruled humans. To me, it all fits together as one type of entity.

How could I call these things evil when I have eaten many animals? How many thousands of animals have died so that I could eat them? I think these legions of hell, so to speak, led by this great demon-lord, are just EATING us. We're domesticated. We're being farmed for our fear, flesh, and blood. And just like cows, we really don't have the means to resist.


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"The ‘Feathered Serpent’ aspect of this most strange ritual being performed by the Americans in their retrieval of their underground finds in the ancient vaults of Babylon lend further credence to historians who state that the actual name of America was taken from the Winged Serpent God of the Americas name in Peru, which is called Amaruca"


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