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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I know why:

I know why the U.S. is at war with the Muslims.
By Depleted Uranium Munitions.
(for incredibly disgusting photos of deformed Afghan babies, along with stories of mass american casualties unreported to the west, and a plea for support for a cleanup organization, click this)

(other possible motives: to increase the mutation rate of humanity AND/OR worldwide population control)

I think that Iran is arming itself with depleted uranium ammo for the coming war with the U.S..

Every battlefield in the coming wars that are fought with DU ammo, will be unliveable so long as the radioactive soil remains. So, without cleanup, large areas of the planet will become complete wastelands.

On the other hand, what sort of life will emerge in these places? Surely most things are going to die, but some will survive. Maybe this is the incubator for the future lifeforms of the planet.

The world has over 1 million tons of DU.
The U.S. has 470 thousand tons of depleted uranium in stockpiles. It used about 1000 tons in Afghanistan. So it's got plenty. Enough to cover the globe? I wonder.
World: 148,939,000 km^2
Afghanistan: 647,500 km^2

Afghanistan = 4/1000 of the land surface area, with about 2/1000 of the DU used.


Remember, DU production most likely continues.

Coincidentally, DU has a half-life of approximately the age of the Earth, according to science.

America: Plenty of DU stockpiles, latent arms factories, and able-bodied young men to be drafted. All that's needed is some galvanization. America has capacity for some serious WORLD WAR.


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