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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ocean's Death

CO2 from humans is making the oceans acidic. Predictions of mass ocean die-off in 50-100 years. Coral reefs dead. Plankton dead. Crustaceans, etc. Nothing new here, the rest of the world's ecosystem is dying too.

Good old Carbon Dioxide.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

by an interesting coincidence, Venus was at it's brightest on Friday morning. The morning after I wrote the last post on the Venutian conspiracy possibility. I'm pretty sure I didn't know about this beforehand. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Math probably disproves Venutian atmospheric terraforming conspiracy

ok, there's no way that man-made pollution will ever come close to producing a similar amount of carbon dioxide as exists on Venus/Lucifer. The numbers are ridiculously low (see a graph) (and this pie chart).

Venus's CO2 levels are 96.5%.
Earth's CO2 levels are about 0.035%. They might be increasing at a rapid rate, but that's awfully low.

If the CO2 levels doubled every X years, it would take 11 * X years for CO2 to reach the level of atmospheric Nitrogen (about 70%). the atmosphere would be about double the density it is now. Venus's atmosphere is about 90 times the mass of Earth's. So in another 6 * X years, the Earth's CO2 density would equal that of Venus, and it would be hot!

So let's say it'll take 17 * X.

What is X?
all about Greenhouse gases on wikipedia
the current ppm is about 380, and it was about 280 pre-industrial revolution.
here's an article with a projection of between 650 and 970 ppm by 2100.

so roughly, X = 100 years (380 ppm in year 2000, times 2 is 760, which is roughly in 2100)
it'll take roughly 1700 years to reach the Venus CO2 density.

of course the math is sloppy and there are too many unknowns! For instance, if X = 50, it would take half the time. Or if there's some sort of synergy between all of the greenhouse gases produced that increases the temperature more than just CO2, than the time would be shortened.

Oh well. I thought I was onto something. I'm not discounting the theory completely, as the whole Luciferian connection in conspiracy really stands out.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Energy was a topic of the state of the union adress, and I have heard alot of buzz about it lately. Less talk about Hydrogen Fuel Cells, a R&D wastland, and more about Ethanol, windfarming, solar cells and batteries.

From what I understand, Ethanol production processes are still below the 1:1 ratio, meaning it is still an energy "carrier"

Unfortunatly no-one has been talking about Thermal Depolymerization, which I think is the most exiting energy tech on the market. In a nutshell, waste goes in, is heated and subjected to high pressure, and turns into lite crude oil, minerals, and sterilized water.

Wiki on Thermal Depolymerization

"If a 175-pound man fell into one end, he would come out the other end as 38 pounds of oil, 7 pounds of gas, and 7 pounds of minerals, as well as 123 pounds of sterilized water..."

The flagship plant was around Phillidelphia, we have one here in Carthage, MO. I read it was barely returning a profit, due to
-having to pay for the turkey waste, which it did not expect.
-not benifiting from tax cuts geared to the biodeisel industry on a technicality
-having to install a exhaust scrubber due to odor complaints from the town (may have been bogus complaints.)

I read about a Japanese scientist recently who had 'invented' this same process. Hopefully the japanese jump on this, but I was curious if this tech has been in various stages for the past 25 years, why has a japanese man just recently stumbled onto a parallel discovery?

ADM, the Exxon of corn?

Archer Daniels Midland's corn proccessing division's profits jumped 74% last year. By the way, they make HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and Ethanol. I had heard that Cheney has financial interest in the Ethanol industry, but in any case ADM was a huge campaign contributer to the Bush Cheney administration. Corn syrup may be a major contributor to obesity in america. The government subsidises corn syrup and ethanol, otherwise neither one would be a viable product.

People always point at cars when they talk about petrolium, but agriculture is another huge abuser of the resource.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Schedule outRAGE

yeah, the danish printing of those cartoons seems like provocation. like a lot of shit that's happened recently with the west and islam. it sure would be a lot simpler if the west could just wage war against Islam. if the christians just universally didn't like the muslims, it would make it a lot easier to recruit soldiers and gain the consent of the populace for war in middle eastern countries. it would pave over the reports of atrocities that filters back. it would give a great big banner under which the west could march forward into war.

and that appears to be what we're doing. marching into world war. unite the muslims and unite the christians, and get em to hate each other.

if one believed in conspiracies...

if one didn't, then just remove the agent of cause behind it.

but shit, it just seems so easily done that i have a hard time believing that somebody isn't pulling the strings.

Schedule outRAGE.

before and outside of the boundary of politics and civilization, there has always been a world made up of consumption of other living beings. everyone eats living beings ALL THE TIME. as this ecosphere shifts away from, well, an ecosphere, the dynamic of predator/prey consumption is taken on by warfare, politics, enslavement, perhaps even aliens (who knows).

it's like the same forces are at work (the planets/the gods), only the actors or the scale changes. on a bigger scale, the new technosphere EATS the old ecosphere. and all us peons in the midst of this grand life and death struggle... as we eat cows and veggies, and burn the oil; as we subsist off of third world slave labor (or are enslaved there for those of you reading from there); as we consume and produce music, math, art, words, and lives; as we are engaged in wars, in the wholesale consumption of human life, and of the environment; as we kill off all of the species, as we genetically modify and spread genomes, produce radioactivity, and weird compounds; fish off all of the oceans, pollute entire rivers with female hormones (changing the sex of toads, fish, and probably plankton); as language changes, as religions evolve, as each of us lives and dies in exquisite agony and ecstasy;... ... ... it's all the same forces that were at work in the jungle. in caveman times. in prehistoric times, in pristine violent and beautiful oceans. it's the same forces, only the death and transformation. it's a big cycle of death. a big thing dying, as we live out the consumption and suffering cycle, within cycles within cycles.

hello world. hello world.

i imagine bush eating me. a big reptilian grin as he and his wife trick me into their python lair. a snake weaving back and forth. eating people. nothing personal, it's just nature baby. we all gotta eat.

this notion of equal rights doesn't have any basis in fact. it's all idealism. it has and always will be dog eat dog, or dragon eat maiden, or reptilian eat human. :) venutian eat earthling.

it may seem like i'm ranting. i'm listening to some underworld trance shit as i type this.

see you all on the battlefield, or in the afterlife, or in our next incarnation in some weird formulation on an alien habitation.

Friday, February 03, 2006

america killing foreigners

a good parallel to modern American wars is the Philippine-American war.

4,324 American soldiers died

estimated 20,000 Phillipine soldiers died
estimated .25 - 1 million Phillipine civilians died.

Odd coincidences in Denmark and a restatement of the Venutian/Luciferian conspiracy

It seems to be an odd coincidence that Royal Dutch Shell just reported record profits, and a Danish newspaper has inflamed the entire Muslim world by printing some bad cartoons (within the context of wars being fought, to some degree, over access to oil in largely Muslim areas).

Also, in a probably completely unrelated fashion (this is sarcasm), here's a thought on a conspiracy I brought up earlier:

Lucifer was a name for the planet Venus. Lucifer means "lightbearer". Venus, being closer to the sun than the earth, remains close to the sun and can often be seen before the sun rises.

Conspiracy theorists often talk of Luciferian conspiracy--a demonic cabal, involving masons and satanists, that rules the world.

Now, Venus is a very hot planet due to the massive amounts of greenhouse gases that it contains (akin to hell, perhaps?).

Here is a list of associations and possible facts. Their veracity is in doubt, but not really by me.

Greed and greenhouse gases.
Big money and gas.
War and oil.
Politics and oil.
The suppression of alternative sources of energy by powerful energy interests.
(The suppression of non-greenhouse gas-producing energy sources by the same.)
Global warming and greenhouse gas emission.
Increase in carbon dioxide (among other greenhouse gases) due to oil-burning.
Wars fought for oil.

Now, imagine the state of our atmosphere should we continue to burn fossil fuels at an ever-increasing amount (disregarding the peak oil theory for now).

Is there a link between Venus' massive amounts of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2), and the Earth's ever-increasing amounts of greenhouse gases due to the burning of fossil fuels (producing primarily CO2)?

Is the burning of fossil fuels enforced by a greedy cabal?
Is that greedy cabal a part of some worldwide conspiracy?
Is this worldwide conspiracy really Luciferian? Not necessarily in the sense of evil, but in the sense that it comes from the planet Lucifer/Venus?
Are the Luciferians (Venutians) terraforming the Earth to more closely resemble their home planet?

I'm not the first to think of this. There was a movie with the theme of global warming induced by greenhouse gases emitted by alien factories, starring Charlie Sheen--The Arrival. Also, Nikolai Tesla was apparently privy to information that there was a conspiracy to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. I read about this in a biography (or maybe autobiography) of his that I found in the public library in downtown Vancouver, BC. The credentials of Tesla are: he was a brilliant inventor who was responsible for much of modern technology (radio, DC current, EM weapons, etc) and he was pretty OCD/nuts.

Some people have suggested to me that this is ridiculous--why not just create factories to do it, like our sci-fi authors and NASA scientists envisioned doing on Mars? In a sense, this is a factory. Plus, there will be a lot of humans left around for the big BBQ on moving-in day. :) The answer to that argument is a difference in engineering approach. Bottom-up and accumulated, with a self-regulating and resilient system.

And finally, a thought. The whole idea of mankind steadily throwing greenhouse gases into our atmosphere to the point where we completely alter our environment is pretty hellish and demonic.

[Hi Venus/Lucifer, if you're reading this.]