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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

U.S. directly instigating sectarian killings with EM weapons?

i cant help but wondering if the crazy shit going down in baghdad (brutal massacres of random civilians a la civil war) isn't being created by the americans. yeah the americans probably created the conditions for this shit, and maybe the sunni-shite rift goes way back (even though i read bloggers state over and over that there was no religious animosity before the americans invaded). no, what i'm talking about is along the lines of mass mind control

remember those frequency weapons that could be used to pacify a square mile or so? the ones that inadvertantly struck american soldiers with stupidity, causing them to wander about in a daze? just a different frequency. a different application. hatred. animosity. actually reading the article, apparently the same frequency that causes pacification can also cause violence.

these are known to have been deployed.

other: microwave pain weapons

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

AIDS, the genocide tool, in Africa.

Infection rates of AIDS in Africa circa 1999.
Alan Cantwell interviewed on the man-made origins of AIDS, earlier mentioned in this blog. Originally intended for homosexuals. I found a great zine on this once. Basically, the first cases of AIDS all occured in two groups of young homosexual men who had volunteered for an experimental hepatitis B vaccine in New York and San Francisco. I think virtually all of them got it and died. They were specifically selected for their promiscuity.

Ie. put an add in the paper for young male healthy promiscous men. get a couple thousand of em. give them all an uncurable and engineered disease. watch it spread. repeat in Africa to get rid of those pesky black people that have been such a thorn in the side of the white imperialists for so long. well, thorn in the side OR slave.

here's a wikipedia summation of the various theories.
here is one of the key points that piqued my interest in that aforementioned pamphlet.

now, in opposition to these theories, lemme state that coincidence does not mean conspiracy. ie. the fact that the government was researching something along those lines does not mean it created it. synchronicity--when things happen coincidentally in an extremely non-random AND non-causative fashion. synchronicity points to the fabric of the universe. it may in fact be the fabric of the universe.

Monday, November 20, 2006

reptiles, greys, and computers

here's something i've been thinking about. just a sketch, for the moment:

that african shaman, credo mutwa (interviewed by david icke, the video is on that link), talks about reptilians running everything, and how the greys are part of that show. how far back this goes, and how humans were possibly created by these aliens. (another interview)

this video talks about contact between the greys and the americans in about the 50s. an exchange of technologies. first contact made via binary language (other than grey crash-victim hostages).

the exponential rate of increase of computer technology.

the african/voodoo divination system, IFA, which is equivalent to a byte.
(256 possibilites = 2^8 = 8 bits)

is it all connected? are computers part of the grey/reptilian agenda?

ie. hypothesis: the reptilian/grey gods created mankind in africa, gave them a divination system, computers continually generate and use numbers within that divination system, computers came from the gods, computers are a tool of the gods, mankind is becoming more and more enmeshed in these tools of the gods.

Friday, November 17, 2006

from the wilderness is going under. a lesson on what not to do when becoming an ex-pat--move to venezuela while your health is failing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Al Jazeera in English launches on the net. (main web page, STREAMING VIDEO)

I just watched The Control Room, yesterday, about Al Jazeera in the Iraq War. highly recommended.

NEWS, from the middle east, that isn't in the control of the Americans.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

iraq: mission accomplished

iraqi blogs
the daily absurdity report
iraqi screen

i guess history is full of generals and leaders waging wars that they think they can win, but losing. perhaps iraq and afghanistan is such a case. or perhaps, the goal of iraq was to get iraqis to kill each other. in that case, mission accomplished. they kill each other for the most trivial and bullshit reasons. if that was happening in america, i would be thankful for gun control.

i still say it's awfully curious that the modern babalon (america) invades the historic babalon and causes its inhabitants to engage in wanton orgies of slaughter. cause folks, the modern babalon doesnt give a fuck about human life (see the history of its wars, colonizations, and foreign policy vis a vis south america, southeast asia, and africa).

Friday, November 03, 2006

no fish, but smoking fast computers

so in 50 years when all of the fish are dead, computers will be 10 billion times faster.
(moore's law: computer speed doubles every 1.5 years. roughly true for RAM and HD)

10 billion times!
that's some pretty snazzy desktop aquarium screensavers!

god i hope reincarnation is true and i dont reach nirvana and opt out so i can be around to play the VIDEOGAMES.


maybe all of that "practicing" i've done with computer games will pay off when there's nothing living left to eat. help me keep up with the young whipper-snapper cyborg teenagers when i'm on my rocketchair.

ozone hole and bases in antarctica

the ozone hole is really big now over antarctica. does it have anything to do with the secret nazi bases during ww2 (and for some time afterwards)?
britain's secret war in antarctica (2 3) (this is good!)
operation highjump, the u.s. goes to antarctica shortly after ww2
(note, of course i am only linking to the far-out stories, not the mundane or cover ones)

Goodbye fish.

Scientists investigate unusual ocean conditions along the U.S. West Coast

In the past few years west coast oceans have experienced climate related current shifts, with low-in-nutrients warm waters starving species from the bottom of the food chain upwards. I'm assuming that Californians are the unmentioned end of that chain reaction.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


by the time i'm dead, so will be the oceans.
no caught fish.
i better start working on my robot progeny.

americans planning a coup in iraq

rumors of a planned coup brewing in iraq. with the aid of the americans. so much for DEMOCRACY. oh wait, isn't this exactly what we've done all over south america? foment coups and spout nonsense about building democracies?

i still suspect that the whole point of war with islam is GENOCIDE.
oh look, we happen to have used DU all over the place. oops! we're just trying to pierce the armor of.. of... uh..

oh, how wonderful! all of the lands inhabited by muslims embroiled in war and strewn with cancer inducing radioactive shards of metal. (not all of the lands, you say? just wait.)

i mean, we can still pull oil out of the ground so long as we either suit up with radiation-protective suits, or "employ" local help.

cancers and other radiation-caused sicknesses are increasing rapidly in afghanistan and iraq (and probably yugoslavia). oh and in gulf-war syndrome veterans. DU has a half-life of billions of years. that increase is not going to stop. it's not a temporary thing. i dont know at what saturation point there stops being more cancers. perhaps when 100% of the inhabitants have them. whatever point it stops rising at, is where it will stay. for the future of humanity in the birthplace of humanity.

lemme go a step further. turn the birthplace of civilization into a giant slaughterhouse. a black magic ritual killing off of great numbers of peoples. fomenting sectarian hatreds, random killings. "satanist" high priests of the american military/elite using the energy. fiction? maybe. it's hard not to ascribe such horrors to the leaders of an empire that have continually lied and killed millions of people throughout the world and throughout the years.

what i'm saying is, they're CERTAINLY NOT GOOD CHRISTIANS.

the vote was and is RIGGED, video proof

a cool blog and running OSX on pcs

here's a cool blog by the guy who wrote xscreensaver (the screensavers for unix/linux machines, and now macs). incidentally, you can now run OSX on your made-for-windows PC. (left link=howtos, rightlink=forums)

that's right, i'm triple-booting ubuntu linux, winxp, and mac osx. :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scientist creat new alloy from water