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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

this guy is either going nuts, or is way farther ahead of the game than the rest of us. he writes of his battles with evil here (the latest) and for background, here.
i don't know about this evil stuff. being good is being afraid of being evil. being evil is another one's being good. the universe is way more complex than good/evil.
the guy could also be a plant, a government plant. hijack a movement (orgonite) by being the most outlandish, etc.
any way, his mental space must be fantastic. outstanding. bizarre and complete in war. war with evil.

satan's lies lick up
a flame rising

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Imagine a scientist who discovers a great new cure for mankind's ills. an energy technology, or a health aide. now imagine a cartel thug approaches him and tells him:
as soon as you make the move to let the world know your great discovery, we will kill you. then we will kill your family. slowly. and we will stop the information before it gets out anyway, so you will just die for no reason.

or perhaps:
either you die, or you come with us to a mountain-base laboratory, where you will spend your life devoted to your science, which we will use. we will hold you and your family hostage.
(knowing that all of your work will be for the military)

or just:
come or die. your call.

Monday, November 28, 2005

poetic justic: supreme court facade breaks.

skolnick! on corruption of the courts (and the rest of the gov)

some really damning evidence

Two 9/11 Airliners, Flight 93 and 175, Just Recently Taken Off FAA 'Active' List. Are Both Jetliners Still Flying in United's 'Friendly Skies'? (including irregularities in the passenger lists, and a lack of records of the American flights actually taking off.)

Monday, November 21, 2005

the origins of al-qaeda are actually an email/intranet database
fuck. you gotta read that blog post.
so the origins of al-qaeda are definitely CIA and other covert agency-related. this doesn't preclude the possibility of al-qaeda revolting against its creators and really doing the terrorist thing independently, but everytime i hear al-qaeda did something i think "al-CIAda" did something.

this site has a lot of good stuff,. here's the root link. (Think: Western-state-sponsored terrorism unveiled.)
Another Day in the Empire.

"Fake terrorism leading to the dismantlement of civil liberties is the raison d’être of all authoritarian governments, from Hitler’s “Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich” (the Enabling Act, dismantling civil liberties in Germany after the torching of the Reichstag, an act of arson claimed by Hermann Goering, Hitler’s deputy and legal heir) to Bush’s contrived war on terrorism in the wake of the nine eleven inside job."
- Another Day in the Empire.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm probably going to end up dead.
There were men who were suicided. There were men who were revolutionaries. Soldiers willing to fight; young men set to go to war for REVOLUTION. They've killed themselves. Or perhaps singled out by the networks of informants. It's not hard to listen to campus, to look around downtown, to go to the shows, and figure out who the threats are.

And one by one, they killed themselves. Probably ray-guns pointed at their domiciles. Or beautiful vixens with CIA credentials and hit-squad training.

If ya Delve into guerilla-warfare, you get real sick, go real crazy, or die. It's the simple way to eliminate the revolution. To weed the dandelions.

That's my paranoid conspiracy about the suicides of my friends.
Is it right? I don't know.

I hope the previous was legally binding and can get me out of going to jail for bullshit reasons. the laws are arbitray. especially when it comes to drugs.

all of the ones that give you a change in perspective for the MORE BREADTH, are ILLEGAL. i mean stuf like marijuana, lsd, mushrooms, dmt.
alcohol and cigarrettes and caffeine and sugar are OK. they all make you dumb.

is THAT a conspiracy? ISN't it obvious?

To the Powers that Be, Whoever they be, the three-letter WORDS

first of all, i would like to disavow any notions that I have held in the past, that are currently ILLEGAL to have. I mean it. Tell me which ones are ILLEGAL, and I'll believe in something else. No problem.

You think I'm kidding? I mean it.

this guy.
Here's a great online columnist (Down the Middle)--this article is about the coming third world war. He says it's coming very soon (the Iran War that is).

Friday, November 18, 2005

Suffering in Uganda

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Massacre at Jamestown

Remember Jim Jones and the poisoned Kool-Aid? Here's the conspiracy theory in a nutshell: a socalist cult is slaughtered by the CIA and covered up as mass suicide. Immediately preceding this, an anti-CIA congressman from California is shot dead by some assassins. Read the wiki entry for the conspiracy. And read the wiki entry for the conventional story.

Here's someone who was a part of the Temple, going into more detail on the links to the CIA. Hello CIA.
Another article about the local pathologists findings, and all of the conflicting reports about the number of dead, the presence american and british commandos, etc (these are all taken off of that first wiki link).

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Turkish black ops caught

What was called a suicide bombing by the press, was in reality black ops. Locals capture a team of black ops, take their pictures, confiscate one ID, and almost lynch them before the cops rescue them. One confesses to an earlier bombing blamed on the Kurds. Remember the British Basra incident? Remember those Iraqi car drivers who discovered bombs planted on their vehicles? Remember 911? Oklahoma? Um, practically every terrorist bombing ever? Like in Bali, Moscow, etc etc.

xymphora talks about the Turkey incident.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Biological Weapons used in Korean War

From "Codename Artichoke", a film by Egmont R. Koch and Michael Wech: Dr. Frank Olson (also army captain and CIA agent) was probably pushed to his death by a fellow CIA agent in late 1953. He was involved with biological weapons and torture (project Artichoke). It is claimed in the movie that biological weapons were used in the Korean War.

Norman Cournoyer, friend and coworker of Frank Olson talks with Eric Olson, son of Frank Olson, on the topic of biological weapons used in the Korean War.
Norman: "I took an oath when I left the United States army that I would never divulge that type of stuff."
Eric: "Well you divulged it to me."
Norman: "You can't prove it can you?"
Eric: "I can.. I can assert it--you told me."
Norman: "Hearsay."
Eric: "So you dont want to say it."
Norman: "No I dont want to say it, but, there were people who had biological weapons and they used them. I won't say any more than that--they used them.... Was there a reason for your dad being killed by the CIA? Probably so."

Eric Olson on the death of his father, Frank Olson:
"What this means for me is that in National Security, homicide is not only a possibility, but really it's a necessity, when you have a cerrtain number of ingredients together. If you're doing top-secret work that is immoral, arguably immoral, especially in a post-Nuremburg period, and arguably illegal and at odds with the kind of high moral position that you're trying to maintain in the world, you have to have a mechanism of security which is going to include murder."

Monday, November 07, 2005

9/11 Eyewitnesses to Non-Plane-Caused Explosions

Saturday, November 05, 2005


gods, angels, and demons. a listing of correspondences (with links to) an encyclopedia. Here you can find, for instance, that "Baal was also an earlier title / name for Yahweh" (or that Yahweh took over the office). Baal/Beezlebub was mentioned (I think, but with slightly different spellings) as a major demon in both the "Lesser Key of Solomon" and the "Grimorium Verum", two of the main demon-summoning works in the Christian world. Opinion: The history of Yahweh and his followers is in part the demonization of rival gods.
The Paris riots from the indymedia perspective:

"On Saturday morning, 1000 joined in a march...The response? As people were gathering in the mosques for the Night of Destiny, the most sacred night in the month of Ramadan, a night people usually spent at the mosque, the empty streets of the Cité du Chêne Pointu filled with about 400 CRS militant riot police and gendarmes, blocking off the neighborhood. Yet very few people allowed themselves to be provoked..."
"On Sunday, however, provocation turned into outrage as the women's prayer room at de Bousquets mosque was teargassed by police. As people stumbled out gasping for air, the policemen called the women "whores", "bitches" and other insults."

Friday, November 04, 2005

To understand Nanking: The Battle of Shanghai


The Rape of Nanking:

A People's behavior can be based on an image. Nationalism. Religion. A popular conception of a historical event. Another People's behavior can be based on an opposite image of the same event.
These are historical events.
How does one find the truth and judge the perceptions of nations? Historians. Books. Opinions. Hard facts are hard to find. One has to trust the finder.
At all parts of the chain of news, learning, wisdom, knowledge, music, books, slang, religion, magic, it is human perception. If you happen to be at the source of an event, it is your own human perception.
The laws that govern the evolution of societal perceptions and opinions: are they known? How much of what you and I believe is false when tested by cold hard fact, but is believed to be true by our ancestors, peers, society, clique, or any group of communicating humans? Is there truth? Can one replace true-false with EARTH AIR WATER FIRE? Or Yin-yang? Or 64 Hexagrams, or 360 sabian symbols, or the symbols of the Tarot?

Everyone's perceptions are numbers. A string of code. Every symbol is meaningless to the person, as what they see is true. But there are x number of other symbols that complete that circle of meaning. Like Aries in the Zodiac. It needs Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Good and Evil. Rape of Nanking happened <--> didn't happen. Holocaust <--> No-Holocaust. Republican<--> Democrat.

Anyway, no one could ever know the math of it, but it is a good representation of the range of perspectives.

Think of it as binary code streaming. Like an mp3 streaming, playing. That is your life. Only it is not only binary. It is from between 1 and infinity. It is probably always infinity. So mathematically understand and describe it with some X whose behavior can be understand in the full range of between 1 and infinity.

There's X points of observation (lives). There's X points to observe (time alive). X possibilities of each observation. And then flesh that out with X-3 more sets of points to make an X^X set of points.

For X=infinity, I think the equation can cover everything (and everytime) in life and death, giving them all unique coordinates. Study small X to learn the rules of X^X.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

GM soy kills rats in Russian study

GM soy kills rats dead. Bad news for non-organic soy-eaters (everyone).

Agents provocateur

Alex Jones was right about Michael Moore? I saw the movie "Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State", in which he confronts Michael Moore and basically calls him an agent provocateur.

Here's a book about some of the liberal activists (including Chomsky) and their hypocrisy. Wild accusations fly. be warned.


Haile Selassie was emperor of Ethiopia between 1930-1936 and 1941-1974. The Rastafarians said he was/is God. He's now dead. He was a descendent of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.