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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gary McKinnon Fights Extradition

via webpronews.com

The Free-Energy advocate charged with hacking into 90 some Nasa, Pentagon, and Military computer systems has posted bail, but is to face an extradition hearing July 27th. If tried and convicted in the US he could face 1.2 mil and 70 years in jail. The US gov claims he did over 1 million in damages to their systems. (if by damages they mean the salary cost of hiring semi competent IT guys to make sure people don't leave blank passwords on networked systems.. then I guess they are correct.) Well I hope he gets tried in GB, because everyone knows how the Fed attourneys love to corkscrew people up the butts. If I was in charge, I would hire the guy. Maybe brain wash him a little just to help him 'fit in,' but at least give him a salary instead of life in prison.

And why is our government soo stupid?? Remember a month ago when someone in the CIA accidentally published lists of their covert agents on the web? When I think of whats going on in these government offices I can no longer imagine a 24-esque super efficient proffesional controll room. Instead I visualize a bunch of overweight guys with mustaches and sweaty armpits reinstalling windows xp for the 14th time and typing with 2 fingers on a sticky keyboard. Perhaps using their level 5 clearance card to pick the tuna salad out of their teeth.


Blogger Mark said...

it's amazing that all of his hacking was done wherein if one turned on the monitor, one could see the cursor moving around. i mean he wrote a couple perl scripts. he found a bunch of other "hackers" on the same computers he was on (and speculated that they were from other nation's intelligence agencies). the kicker is that he was doing this on a dial-up. the only reason he doesn't have any evidence of ufos is that he was on a slow dial-up AND DIDNT TAKE A SCREENSHOT.

i like the guy.

10:59 PM  

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