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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Alien Races

this is far out:
Insights on Zeta Reticulans and other Gray Alien Groups, Parts 1- 4
Insights on Zeta Reticulans and other Alien Groups, Part 5 -9
i get the feeling that somebody wrote this as fiction, but before i got the feeling that it was real. basically, a galactic alien-species drama in a battle for the Earth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

another hurricane

category 5 wilma is coming. According to a 77-year-old former Navy Physicist, elements of the military had the capability to stop this sort of thing 40 years ago: Former Vet "Made it Rain" During Vietnam War how much of a stretch is it to assume they could create this sort of thing now? or possibly, that last hurricane that was supposed to be really terrible WAS slowed down by this technology. Maybe BOTH happened. Some elements (e.g. wanting reason for martial law) created the hurricane, while humanitarian elements stopped it (not necessarily knowing about the former).

on truth

related to that satanic child abuse article earlier, here's two web pages about the same case:
child molesters (from judicial-inc.biz, whom some would call anti-semitic or maybe anti-zionist, depending on what you believe)
or not

Zionist conspiracy. Jewish reaction to a collective horror of a history of oppression. The two intertwine. Some see all of the former, some see all of the latter. It is difficult to talk about this because of the latter.

I think a basic point of this blog is that there is conspiracy. Certainly not everywhere that it is claimed.

Conspiracy is natural: people consolidating power and pursuing their desires by whatever means are at hand (often including deception)

However, crazy coincidences do not mean conspiracy, as the world seems to run off of crazy coincidences. Personally, this happens all of the time, and is not evidence of someone's manipulation. Unless, of course, you wish to talk about a conspiracy by God, or the universe. I would certainly agree to that.

As I've said before, bring astrology into it and you remove a lot of the apparent free will. There's a duality of perception, neither of which is "true": I made a choice and ended up in this situation / This situation was fated to happen and my choice was illusion.

So perhaps there is a conspiracy of the elements, the gods, the planets, the demons, the angels, the aliens, and all of the humans. Everyone's death, life, and common events are intertwined in this. Some would say it is for spiritual salvation or enlightenment, but that is a one-sided goal. An arrow unbalanced by its counterpart pointing the other way.

I think one of the silliest things in life is to strive for the positive. It's just as silly as trying to be as negative as possible.

It is a universal conspiracy and a free-will game. A battle of good and evil. The two completely annihilate each other perpetually--did they ever exist? Only in perception. Only in YOUR perception.

this is why there are insurgents

Monday, October 17, 2005

Form into chaos


Top British military investigator kills himself
. Yeah right. He was investigating the incident with the two British undercovers in Basra. The one that closely parallels this lesser-reported event concerning two American undercovers who looked like they were trying to blow up a car bomb who are stopped by the locals. (btw, i recommend reading xymphora blog regularly, that's where i go to get the real scoop on what's going on.)

I wrote earlier about the 2 different cases of iraqi civilians discovering bombs that had been planted by someone inside the Coalition military/mercenary forces (in my opinion this is secret agent work. cia coverts or israeli agents or something we don't even have a name for.)

BTW. I don't write everything I notice. I am not as into this blog as I used to be. Part of me is scared of the consequences, part of me is not sure I am right about any of this. Part of me wouldn't change anything in the world.

I just read a tale of Satanic child kidnapping, abuse, and sacrifice. This implicates all of the usual suspects. I suspect that this may be true.

I also suspect that I may be mind-controlled. Now before you draw any conclusions, listen: How do you know if you have multiple personalities that are well hidden? How do you know if you were sexually abused in the past and repressed the memory? How do you know if any of this satanic (ciatanic) child abuse has happened to you? If it had, you wouldn't know it!

So I suspect things like: What if I am an Agent and don't know it? What if something horrible happened to me as a kid and that's why I act as if I was abused. And it involved reptiles, or secret military bases. :)

I am ranting and maybe making a fool out of myself, but fuck it.

That article said something about close to a million slaves in the world. If that's true, that's more than 1 in 1000. I think it's interesting that a very large number of fellow humans are living in misery--slavery, war, poverty, illness, pollution, oppression, mental enslavement, ideology, nationality, materialism, spirituality, politics, rationality, learned lecturers listening, old men in robes with their toes in the dirt, holding a tablet. a buddha with big pierced ears. an old man with wisdom. a monk

oh shit, that turned into stream of consciousness. moving on. what is really going on? is the topic.

it's something that can't be named. it's something that can't be described. it's something that might be known, but it never satisfied. it never cried. it's no-thing

and then my mind is critical of this and it is worthless and the extremes of one thing

it's a dialogue
it's a schizophrenic mania
it's egos talking
the art is in the shit left behind
the propaganda from my mouth

good luck to you i wish the mouse
i caught the past couple of days


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Iraq (letter to editor)

Iraq was the "birthplace of civilization". The Sumerians. The Tigris and the Euphrates. Kuwait was historically a part of Iraq from about that time till the British took it over as a colony.

In the late 1950s, The CIA helped Saddam Hussein overthrow Iraq's leader. It was a strategic decision of the cold war. Years later, we (along with about 50 other nations) armed Iraq (and Iran) with weapons, including chemical and biological. Saddam's' reign was brutal and oppressive. He started a war with his neighbor, Iran. It was a war fought like World War I: trenches, human waves, and chemical weapons. It was bloody. There were executions at home, torture and intimidation.

Gulf War I: America lays a trap for Saddam and Iraq invades Kuwait. The daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to America goes before the American congress and pretends to be someone else and to have witnessed Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators. In reality, she wasn't in Kuwait, and a couple PR firms were paid to craft this story. America sends its bombs and armies into Iraq, killing about 100,000 - 200,000 civilians. The basic infrastructure is destroyed, including dams, water supplies, factories, electric plants, etc. 100 hours later, in the cease-fire, Saddam's Government is implicitly allowed to suppress rebellions in the north and south (whom the CIA promises it will aid, but does not).

In the next 10 years, economic sanctions on Iraq kill an estimated 1.5 - 2 million civilians through lack of food and medicine. Medicine. Babies die of common diseases. There is also the matter of the destroyed infrastructure. How many people die because of a lack of clean drinking water, or basic sanitation?

Roughly 10 years later and shortly after invading Afghanistan, America invades again, based on some lies. It's estimated that between 30 and 100+ thousand civilians die. Again, we target the infrastructure. Again, children are dying in the street.

And now, every day, American soldiers are killing civilians. Bombing, shooting, you name it. Practically every American soldier is fighting in the name of freedom. Fighting against what they're told are terrorists. How many are terrorists? How many fight because they see the American Empire interested only in their oil? How many insurgents have had family or friends killed unjustly by American bombs or bullets? In a city, bullets that miss their targets hit civilians. Bombs that miss their targets blow up civilians. Babies fly dead through the air because of some 23-year old pilot's error--casualties of War. How many times do you hit the bullseye when throwing darts? How often do you make the shot in a game of pool?

America went to war against Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of 9/11. A response to 3000 American deaths, it is claimed. Only terrorists would kill innocents, it is claimed. Hmm. How many Iraqi innocents have been killed by America? Oh, about 2 million, give or take a couple hundred thousand.

Some of you will hate me for this and you're going to respond with a belief: "We are fighting for democracy." "We are fighting the war on terror." "I trust my leader." Have you any idea what it is like to have one of the most powerful armies all over your land, killing your fellow citizens constantly? To hear bombs go off constantly? To walk down the street with the constant possibility of a stray American bullet? Or even a well-aimed American bullet because the young man wielding the rifle mistakes you for his enemy? After all, these are young American men, with little experience of Iraqi people, their language, or their customs. All they know is the constant danger of being shot at by some guy who looks like every other guy walking on the street.

Don't forget about this: a lot of the ammunition used in Gulf Wars I and II is made of depleted uranium. It is the likely source of the Gulf War syndrome, affecting 100s of thousands of American soldiers. This ammunition pierces anything, and makes everything it blows up radioactive. Iraq is littered with radioactive waste. Pieces of metal in the deserts and streets that will remain radioactive for a few BILLION years or so. How many soldiers and Iraqi civilians have got and will get cancer? Remember that recent iniative of Bush to construct more nuclear plants? That's where depleted uranium comes from.

You're going to tell me that this is in the name of FREEDOM? No, this is in the name of strategy. Strategy. Oil. Military bases in the Middle East. Bases on the southern flank of Russia and the western flank of China. Smack in the middle of the world's primary oil supply. And even possibly heroin. Afghanistan was the number one producer of the stuff before and after the Taliban. Some say that there are elements inside the CIA and the Military that smuggle the stuff. One could sure make a lot of money controlling the country that produces about 2/3 of the world's supply. First "liberation": #1 heroin-producing nation. Second "liberation": #1 oil-producing nation.

[letter to the columbia daily tribune:]

How can you people think that only terrorists, Saddam-loyalists, and religious extremists fight the American soldiers? What would you do if China was occupying this country? If you were randomly searched, if you were unjustly jailed, if your family members and friends were killed, and if radioactive bullets were lying all over the place? The insurgents are like me and you. They defend their homeland. THEY DEFEND THEIR HOMELAND. The foreign occupiers insult them, shoot up mosques, tread all over their customs, STEAL THEIR OIL, shoot up hospitals (yeah, that's right), and leave cancer-causing radioactive pieces of ammunition lying all over the place. The citizens have little electricity, clean water, medicine, food, oil, and most of all, security. At any time they could be shot by a soldier walking around on the street. Or by a criminal. Or by an Iraqi policemen. Ever been jailed for something unjust? Harassed by a cop? Had a vehicle-mounted machinegun pointed at your head?

I don't know about you, but I get really pissed off when a cop pats me down (feeling my crotch) and thinks that he can do whatever he wants because he represents the law and has a gun. Imagine a whole army doing that in your country. Imagine jets screaming overhead, never knowing when a bomb is going to drop and blow up the building next to you. Imagine some day watching your child be blown apart. Imagine riding in a taxi and getting shot and killed by a couple of 20-year olds manning a barricade. How many of you would fight back? I mean what are you going to do, just submit to all of the humiliation, death, and the rape of your country?

[end letter]

I think we can all agree that most of the American soldiers in Iraq are just doing their job, and doing it well. They are following orders and fighting bravely. They are told to fight the terrorists. The problem is, in war, people die. If it was happening to you, if your little baby got killed by shrapnel, I bet you wouldn't be so supportive of it.

Some day, after all this is over, when hundreds of thousands of American boys are churned through the hell of war, they'll come back to the states and sleep on the streets. The amputees and burn victims will walk downtown, and Iraq will be decimated. Of course, there's always the possibility that they won't come home, that America will invade Iran too. Maybe some country that we pick a fight with will put up some real resistance and kill thousands of American boys at a time, the way we killed thousands of Iraqi boys at a time.