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Friday, June 30, 2006

good excuse

blog from gaza
i dont think israel wants the soldier back.
if he dies, they get to take over gaza, and assassinate/jail a bunch of top hamas leaders.
i think it's just the excuse they were waiting for.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

burning the flag... soon to be illegal?

this is scary: military.com on flag-burning (and the amendment against it that is being run through the senate)
"But why do they love their flag, and why do they love their country? It's not something you are born with, this patriotism and love of our flag. It's something you learn from your parents, your teachers, your Sunday School teachers, your drill instructors, your life experiences." in other words, through conditioning/propaganda.

Well, my life experiences have taught me to fucking burn the flag.

another quote: "Failure to protect our flag by law is not a celebration of liberty; it is the celebration of evil."

I wonder if this dude would burn me?

[UPDATE: the senate defeated this bill. try again in a few more years]

Monday, June 26, 2006


(jplur you rock)

thought experiment:

i was just reading my earlier post about the 400,000 atomic bombs.

an agency, a force if you will. that wills that. it pulls like an attractor. it manifests the humanity, and the science, and the war to blow up the equivalent of 400,000 of those first nuclear bombs. i mean talk about WMD, that's a lot of damage.

and jplur, you talk about the antichrist (and i just watched the omen!). like raw incarnate evil that creates this shit. except it's not evil. it's just its own thing. this thing eats worlds like we eat cows.

i mean, where, in nature, is the force that blows up 400,000 atomic bombs, dams every river, kills off most of the other lifeforms, terraforms the planet (greenhouse gasses), pollutes every body of water, irradiates the entire world, bulldozes the entire land surface, strip-mining, covering with pavement (or crops, or dwellings), has humongously devastating wars, is constantly waging wars on many other species (eating), except for the ones who gave their allegience to them (pets), has computers ! , has created an exponentially growing power of computation (systems! systems! laws, www, jobs, money..), projects media into every dwelling (in color, sound, and choice of channel), this media happens to be almost completely propaganda.. to buy things, has pieces of paper worth more than any living thing (or group of things, species, etc), has two sexes, 12 signs, likes to fuck and do drugs, pissing and shitting, wearing clothes around their bodies (for modesty? for what?), makes music, writes novels, travels to other stars, lights fires, thinks a lot... humans. power.

how the fuck did we get this power? or who or what or why or HEY LOOK OVER THERE----> HUMANS ARE FUCKING OUTRAGEOUSLY FUCKING BADASS POWERFUL. they are a world-destroyer/creator.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

In my opinion:

Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yowie/Yeti:Not So Real
If anything, are denizens of a "spirit realm," only accesible to special people or under certain traumatic areas (plane crash sites, Telluric intersections)
Alien Abductions:Don't Know
Studies have noticed 'abduction' type hallucinations when humans brains are exposed to strong magnetic fields. I do tend to believe in the hybrid 'star children' of the south americans. I also believe in cattle mutilation, though this probably happens on site.
That thing is scary.
Jersey Devil:No
As awesome as the stories are, I think its all phooey.
Lake Monsters:Not so Real
Probably time portals, only visible to certain people.
Skin walkers, Wendigo:Real
If indians say something is out there, I believe them.
Ghosts:Don't really care
Demonic Possession:Real
If the Catholics take it seriously then so do I.
Flying people in Mexico:Real
Wether its witches harassing police officers, or a 'man on a motorcycle' caught on film flying through the air, I'll buy it.
UFOs:boring but real
Carl Sagan said something to the effect of He is surprised when people ask him if he believes in UFOs when they should be asking if he believes UFOs are extraterrestial craft.
Hollow Earth:Not Real
To crazy, I'll believe in massive underground cavern systems, but no hollow planets.
I like Reich, but think at best 'orgone' is a pseudo-scientific name for something no-one understands.
Flouride as mind-control, chemtrails, and cell towers:No
If these things have adverse affects, why do I feel so damn healthy and relativly intelligent. The bad effects these things are supposed to have on us sound to me like the effects of habitual marijuana use. Hmm...
RODs, and Orbsboth stupid
Rods are so obviously insects caught on film under sunlight. Orbs are so obviously lens flares. i can't believe people dedicate whole web sights to this junk.
Reptioids, interdimensional reptiles:eh, real
I don't like Icke, I think he hijacked a very interesting theory for his own fame. But he's not an antisemite, and Credo Mutwa is really smart and an awesome painter.
Shadow Government:Real
But still idiots. I think they *might* have a few alien tech spaceships and stuff, but spend most their time trying to make money and supress 0-point energy.
Free Energy:sometimes real
Anything involving perpetual motion and magnets is fake.
What I do think is real is: The Hutchinson experiments, the Joe Cell, Jimmy Sabori's vacuum engine, water splitting hydrogen engines, and a bunch of other stuff.
911:So flippin fake
I was just reading a BYU professor found thermate residue on the steel. But in any case there has been sooo much evidence dug up pointing at how staged this whole thing was. I just assume that everybody knows this by now.
Zionist conspiracy:partially real
Has little to do with Judaism and most Jews, was hijacked by certain organizations to serve some purpose (probably getting that anti-christ guy set up for his reign of terror) This holy war isn't really helping any orthadox jews, christians, or muslims.
It's a little funny that Morgellon fibres are red, white, and blue. I think it could be domestically made, or maybe an alien organism or nano-tech. Sounds similar to the red alien cells that rained on india, which could withstand harsher conditions than any organisms previously known.
Illuminati, Masons, Men in Black, Shriners:not so real
Hyped up by certain authors to be the groups behind the curtains, I feel these are fictional conduits for power, set up to delegitamicize investigations into the real deal.
Atlantis:not so real
There was so much going on in prehistory, that its ridiculous to try and focus it into only 1 amazing legendary civilization.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Religious fanatics work together for the apocalyse.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

in the news

man in india worshiped as reincarnation of Hanuman He even has a 35 cm long tail! This is neat but I was under the impression that there was a whole race of monkey people living in india.

Gary McKinnon may have uncovered secret 'space marines'
! Though he was too stoned to remember any of the spaceship names. What a wierdo.

Monday, June 19, 2006

In the news

Friday, June 16, 2006

Being dirty may make you healthier.

A comparison between wild rats and their labratory cousins shows that the wild rats have much better immune systems. It is easier for them to fight disease, and their systems do not over react to allergies or on-dangerous pathogens. Dr. Parker hopes to achieve more definitave research on this, once he builds an artificial sewer to raise rats in.

I have known about this for years. Seriously, I eat wierd stuff, bathe about once a week, and wear dirty clothes over again. I havn't been sick for 4 years now. Not even a 24 hour cold. So there.

US uses 1/4 of worlds energy

Thursday, June 15, 2006

NSA to datamine myspace

NSA is looking towards web based social networking sites, such as myspace.com and facebook.com. Connecting names and social networks to the email and phone data they allready are combing though, will allow them another 'dimension' of information. People are questioning the relevency of this, but I don't dowbt that there are terrorist who have profiles on these sites. People know its mart to not put any illegal info on myspace. I have already heard of graffiti writers being busted solely on evidence from myspace.

story at PhysOrg.com

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i'm doing some research and here are some links:
How To Find the Planetary Ley Lines.

HAARP is either a: research station (conspiracy debunk) OR a weather modification/nasty something-or-other military project (radarmatrix--the site that was "debunked"--click home).

the haarp conspiracy is related to the orgone atmospheric flow--
Earth's magnetic field is the flow of orgone circulating through the core of the planet and out back to the opposite pole via the Van Allen Belts" (ley line article)
the haarp is supposed to do something with the magnetosphere and the ionosphere.

cloudbusting experiment
craziness about bigfoot and... potassium. and i mean craziness.

i've lost my zeal for the web lately, sorry

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Denial of Death

Immortality may be here.

Proffesor Kim Tae-kook and a team of scientist at the Korea Advanced Institute claim that their artificial molecule, CGK733, can stop cellular aging, aslo saying that it can make old cells younger.

They boast that this drug can be on the market in 10 years.

Monday, June 12, 2006

"Death Defying Acts of Art and Conspiracy"

Back in 2000 I would get the Wall Street Jounal. I remember seeing an obituary for an artist named Mark Lombardi. He was manic depressive and was found dead in his studio, an apparent suicide. His work consisted of pencil drawn graphs, depicting flow charts of money. They were fastitiously researched from public records, and I remember the WSJ saying they uncovered some risque connections of the political and corporate elite. Several years later I ran into a retrospective of some of his drawings in a small gallery in New York. I asked another artist, showing at the gallery, of him, and found that he had been a friend, well known in that community and dearly missed. I then asked if it had been a 'suicide,' and was told that the whole affair had made little sense and did not seem right.

His drawings are beautifull, and foreboding, like a pinned and dissected venomous arachnid.
Most of the work are drawings which explore a particular financial collapse of a bank or investment house. The later work begins to get into the political realm, the movement of assets behind Iran-Contra, Iraq-Gate, and yes, terrorist ties to US politicians. He had had a few successful shows, and seemed poised to enter some artistic limelite. Perhaps his newest work would have been too expositional to be allowed. The police report says he hanged himself inside a deadbolted apartment, with no other access points. In my mind, he was killed. Follow the money and expect the same. All of this information is in public records, but no one mines it, and no one sees a bigger picture, or else they know better.

In Memorium
Pierogi gallery's thumbnails of his work
Mark Lombardi's library of sources was quite impressive.
An excellent article in 11211 magazine
a steamshovelpress.com article

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I don't spend much time perusing 911 conspiracy sites online, for the same reason I stay away from UFOs... the sheer amount of idiots and wierdos who are obsessed with these wierd topics. But, judging by the amount of advertising and variety there is on these sites, I would gauge that this has a way bigger following than any other conspiracy out there, and I can't wait to see the literature on it in another 5 years or so. Many many people have devoted their lives to sorting through the facts and data-mining this topic. www.pentagonstrike.co.uk has a neat little flash presentation with some good photos and quotes on the pentagon bombing. I like the style, and the music. Makes it seem fun. I wonder if there is any good 911truth fictional novels out there, its such a dramatic topic, it would make good reading.

Threatened by the energy mafia

Water_Fuel_Experimenter-Threatened Also happening to anyone working on using a Joe Cell. I have heard of one other hydrogen from water experimenter who was outright killed. Rasmussen says if anyone in his family is harmed, he will disseminate the instructions for the machine throughout the internet. Well in my opinion, these experimenters are stupid for always treating this as proprietary tech, and no-one would be threating anybody at gunpoint if they just posted a howto on the Make: blog.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Totally awesome hybrid skulls!!!

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

Science rocks! The internet is awesome!

@ Google Video

Wikipedia entry

Internet Archive video

Everyone seems to think this is fake, but mainly because they don't trust Russians. Still, things are not real until absolutely proved by tenacious verification.

rumors about the president

Wayne Madsen is talking about an affair between Bush and Condoleeza Rice. (supposedly the first lady stayed in a hotel.)
AND... he's bisexual... (had 3 "menage a trois"s in 1984).
and he killed a bunch of people (and entire cult), also in 1984.
and raped a woman in 2000. she "killed herself" after filing a lawsuit against the president. they supposedly dated when younger.

all rumors.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Respect My Authority

"No way would US soldiers be going into houses and killing women and children execution style at ponit blank range." -- thats basically what I was saying the other week.

CNN on massacre scandal

So.. Some marine gets killed and his buddies go door to door shooting families in retrobution? Yikes Then try to haul the bodies away and cover it up? Double Yikes. They would of got away if it wasn't for an up and coming journalist snaping photos right afterwards.. Maybe they should have taken their grief out on reporters. I mean seriously, how are we to subjugate a nation when these people are running around observing us and spreading information and stuff.

Oh and yea, and I'm a moron who will believe anything.

Friday, June 02, 2006

READ THIS BOOK: Killing Hope, by William Blum

I'm reading this book called:
"Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions since World War II", by William Blum. (amazon)

If you think the U.S. is benevolent, read this. If you think the U.S. dominates the planet through it's military and cia, and you want to know all of the gritty details of about 50 years of this, in as many chapters--each of which represents a country "steered" away from "communism", read this.

["steered" means: election buying, assassination, arms supplying, backstabbing, propaganda (PROPAGANDA!), invasion, nuclear threat, etc; "communism" means: liberal, socialist, left of center, neutral, anti-U.S., etc.]

What amazes me most about this ... well here's some points:

1) They went after everyone left of center. Stuff that democrats claim to want now. Stuff that most poor people want. All of that could get you killed.

2) They controlled at least one major newspaper in every nation's capital.

3) The propaganda was incredibly persuasive and effective. This history makes all media a suspect cia operation--newspapers, magazines, books, music, tv, movies, radio, blogs, online news, everything.

4) America is really fucking powerful. Really. Fucking. POWERFUL.

It's conceivable, I guess that this book is either wrong, or communist propaganda. If you've read this blog, you'll know why I think it's right. I do believe this guy has done his research.

(I've only read a third of this so far)