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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Last night I had a dream that we invaded Iran.
WELL, it's been a long time.
A lot of stuff has gone thru my browswer that would be awesome to put here
but i have been lazy.
First of all, never ever ever trust the CIA. Ex-CIA writes a book? Don't believe it. CIA says something at a press conference? Don't believe it. There whole business is to lie. And yet I keep talking to people that cite "intelligence failure" or "inadequate intelligence" or some other CIA-originated disinfo. Let me state this succintly: THE CIA LIES AS A MATTER OF POLICY, DOMESTICALLY AND ABROAD.

I just finished a book called THE FIRST CASUALTY. it's about war correspondents. LESSON: NEVER TRUST WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SAYS, ESPECIALLY DURING A WAR. It will not be frank about defeats. It WILL inflate enemy casualty reports, and downplay civilian deaths and friendly troop deaths.

I came across some evidence that a URANIUM weapon was used in Afghanistan. The use of DU rounds would not explain the presence of background radiation by a factor of 10.

I still use www.rense.com but you have to filter out the bullshit. There is a lot of ranting and raving. But keep in mind, your prejudices may be unfounded. There MAY BE A ZIONIST CONSPIRACY. There MAY BE ALIENS. There are thousands of well-trained professionals disseminating information, disinformation, lies and propaganda to obfuscate the truth. There are many "states", whether they be religious, ideological, national, monetary, military. All of them are generally involved in warfare.

This may be a fantastic thing. It is a marvelous evolution (if you believe in that) of ideologies. Throw out the premise that death and suffering are BAD things. What remains is a bunch of ideas manifesting warfare, order and chaos onto the world--altering the ecosphere on a grand scale.

That's it.