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Friday, September 29, 2006

China firing laser beams into outer space to blind satellites

"We can't fish them because they're so rare, and now they've killed themselves."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

maybe joe vialls was right all this time, mini nukes ARE being used to fake terrorist attacks. (on 9/11)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

'How to eat less insects'

Weird biology.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

glass from head

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

3letter acronym agencies and their wacky acrobatics

this site is being hacked--> a conspiracy video site. someone is phishing bank accounts from his site and the bank wanted him to leave it be. he thinks he may be being setup for a fall.
wayne madsen has been yelling about identify theft being perpetrated by elements inside the (secret) government. i never took him seriously. especially as he's former nsa (i think).

list of cia front companies, and another one, and another big one, and, oh you get the idea. note: i have not personally substantiated these. :) thinking about that william blum book i read, i got the impression that most or many of the major news outlets around the world have been infiltrated by the cia. they certainly were whenever a country was targetted with an operation.

hi guys.

Monday, September 18, 2006

the 9/11 trick

the WTC towers represented the worldwide banking institutions and corporations. basically, the rich power elite that keep everyone else in poverty, war, and sickness.
whether 9/11 was a terrorist job or an inside job, we have the american people remembering, with honor and regret, the destruction of the biggest symbol of the money oligarchy.

what a neat trick that was. a sacrifice. people honor the WTC towers as if the towers themselves were heroes. in my opinion, and i might just be representing the majority of the poor and oppressed of the world in this matter, the WTC towers were pretty fucking evil.

did they blow up a school? no. did they blow up a bunch of fire houses? no. how about a college, or a small town? no. the tallest buildings in the world, with the richest corporations and banks housed inside. money brokerers, traders, usury-pushing motherfuckers, expensive lawyers. these were the elite. and now we pray for them and treat them as if they were fucking heroes for getting blown up.

if it was a terrorist attack--they reaped what they sowed. if it was an inside job, we all got tricked into supporting our oppressors.

here's the tenants of the WTC on 9/11
building 1 (all floors hit by the plane belonged to an insurance company, Marsh USA),
building 2,
building 7. ("According to the New York Times and CBS News, one of the federal agencies listed below was incorrect, as it was actually used as a front for CIA operations")
now this building is really interesting. it was almost entirely made up of Salomon Smith Barney, which is now Citigroup, the largest company in the world. the rest of the tenants were the secret service, the securities and exchange commission, and american express. one of these 4 is actually a cia front. could it be citigroup??? (google "citigroup cia") the articles on cbs and wikipedia arent clear about who was the cia front.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Neighbors are Wierd

Video Of Muslims cutting their heads to emphasise with Mohamed, and enjoying freezy pops and ice cream.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

updated san francisco terror attack info and psychic wave crashes ashort in santa cruz

my source says she didnt have any info on this happening yesterday (9/11), that was just a hunch cause of the date.
if it happens, it'll most likely be on the end of the bay bridge closest to san francisco. there's some construction there--a retrofitting or refitting of the bridge (short description and more details and pics). she has no date, just some visions (along with her friend) of a dark energy there having to do with terrorism, the police state, blowing things up, and the construction crew working on it. these were visions seen while actually looking at the bridge. two psychics saw this dark energy come and envelop the site.

like i said before i dont know if this is believable or accurate info, i'm just reporting it.

on a related note, another psychic source witnessed a psychic wave of oppression come from the ocean in santa cruz. august 12, 2006, about 10 am. supposedly that lasted for a long time and may not have abated. this was something that many other people she talked to in santa cruz witnessed. imagine a tsunami of negative emotion crashing into the coast. perhaps going far inland. perhaps just continuing across the land. no info on that aspect. no info on how wide the area of effect was.

these two etheric events may be related. i am not sure.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Giant puppet girl gets elephant shower and walks through park.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Money Masters

hasbara (sourcewatch, wikipedia)
the manual for jewish students in the states
or how to win arguments for israel
it's interesting. not trying to draw any conclusions here. saw it at xymphora, read some of it.
the following is more interesting:

i'm watching this great movie i bittorrented, called, "The Money Masters".
look it up. download it. it's over 3 hours total. or here's the google video.
you'll learn all about the cause of America's woes, including wars, civil wars, along with the rest of the world's problems. it all has to do with private banking.
basically, The Federal Reserve isn't federal, and has no money in reserve. they own us all. Andrew Jackson, the president, considered his greatest triumph the defeat of the private central bank. Lincoln fought against this too (and the movie claims that he died for it, that the civil war was all about the private banks from europe trying to divide and conquer the u.s.)

The author of this movie claims that all of the problems of the U.S. and probably the world could be solved if we just reigned in the private banks. get rid of the debt to private central banks. issue money from governments. get off of the gold standard. remove the central banks power to cause depressions at will, thereby vastly increasing their shareholders profits.

keyword: Rothschilds. hey, whaddya know, the two topics are related. Walter Rothschild, recipient of the Balfour Declaration, a landmark in establishing a Zionist state (England committed to establish a Jewish Israel in 1917).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

my psychic friend's prediction for 9/11/2006

i'm going to san francisco this weekend. my psychic friend believes there is going to be a "terrorist" attack there on monday or so (the anniversery of 9/11). she really believes this. i think it's supposed to happen either on the bay bridge or in the public transportation.

so i'm not saying i believe this, but i want to set the record straight for having predicted it if it happens. ;)

she lives there. we shall see. i dont think it'll happen, but i tell you what, even before i found that out, i have been really unexcited by this trip.

if it happens, i didnt do it.

Friday, September 01, 2006


i've been looking for online typing jobs, cause i'm pretty good at typing. god what a bunch of scams. here's a funny example, more extreme than the others. pimpmybank. jplur, feel like starting a scam website? we'd surely get more hits than this blog.

hmm... like nudie gerbil pics. we could advertise. like that fucker with the million dollar website, where each pixel sold for $1.


apparently cooking an egg between cell phones is a hoax (and here). damn i so wanted this to be true. yeah here's an equally valid question as jplur's: is everything i believe so ridiculous?