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Friday, March 31, 2006

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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Everything EATS

Everything eats something. If you're a meat-eater, you're responsible for slaughterhouses, assembly line chicken killing robots, bottom-trawling nets. If you're vegan/vegetarian, read "The Secret Life of Plants." Basically, plants have feelings too.

So all the time we're eating things that used to be alive. These things generally didn't want to die. Our technology and society is consuming the ecology. The technosphere eats the ecosphere. roughly.

Now, check this out, forwarded to me by JPLUR.
True Paranormal Tales
Read about the paranormal and FREAK OUT. JPLUR and I spent like a week freaking out about skinwalkers, demons, ghosts, time warps, faeries, goblins, trolls, mothmen, living dinosaurs, ghouls.

So check out this point of view: The world is full of entities that are higher than humans on the food chain.

Now, imagine this: angels AND demons feed on humans. They eat their "souls". Similar to how we eat a cow's life essence (meat, blood, milk). It's a higher-dimensional analog to our catching fish. What we do in our world is done to us. As above, so below.

I imagine that neither heaven nor hell really exists. I came across an interesting description of angels as something not at all holy, but alien and weird. "Angels are not the nice guys we are programmed to believe." This comes from a guy who researches demons.

I've got this book called "Pacts with the Devil" (S. Jason Black & Christopher Hyatt). It's got some pretty good philosophy on the history of blood ritual, sacrifice. It makes excellent points.

Ok, so WHAT IF? A lot of the supernatural stuff, especially the "higher powers", EAT US?
(Voodoo Gods, Lucifer, Yahweh, Shiva)

Imagine a bunch of horrible demons. For instance, take a plague demon (a character popular in some role-playing games). It loves to kill humans with pestilence and plague. Disgusting and evil, right? Well, what if its food is humans and its method of killing them to eat them is through disease? Just as we catch fish on hooks, and bludgeon cows.

Now, remember that this is a higher-dimensional phenomena we're talking about. Not many things actually eat the flesh of humans (some of the stuff in the true paranormal tales probably does however). They're eating something and it's a subtle energy that we don't encounter in the mundane world. Most people probably call it the spirit or soul. Some people work with it (yoga). Higher carnivores eat it.

As above, so below, baby.

In the environment, animals camoflauge themselves to either prey on things, or to avoid being preyed on. And everyone has weapons. From teeth to kill grass, to pinchers cut the heads off of bugs.

Politicians LIE.
Predators sneak/camo/imitate.

Leaders KILL.
Predators KILL.

The illuminati disguises itself/kills/lies/eats humans.

Let the illuminati be some combination of predatory humans and supernatural entities that feed on humans.

It could be a feeding ground for entities.

Weapons on Robots.
The military is going for the FUTURE COMBAT SYSTEM. Basically, Terminator (the movie) technology. All lifeforms have weapons. They evolve by fighting and eating each other. The beginning of a new ecology of machine is forming. Robots will fight battles. Their descendents will fight battles. And as time progresses, the system of production gets more and more automated.

Humans as the brains, Computers as the brains too (in a different way), and machines to manufacture.

Look at it this way--in hundreds of years, how advanced will military robots be? Giant mecha with a human inside as a brain. Battlefields full of robots with human overseers inside a bunker. I don't see the future here, but I know the trend. It is an evolution of weaponry, technology, computers, and warfare.

You've probably seen the giant walking robots in cartoons. Japanese animation is full of them. Transformers! Some are manned vehicles, some not. Check out this real-life Japanese prototype of all of that science fiction warfare. (translated with babel fish, from the japanese). (link courtesy JPLUR!)

THINK: construction robots. Limbs for sawing (humongous chain saws), nailing (giant nail-guns), maneuvering (hands/pinchers). Either detachable body parts (pull em off the back or something) or lots of arms.

look at all this from the other end of the memory hole. from the future "people" looking back at a history of an ecology.

Imagine the scenario wherein the times we now live or the end of an EPOCH. The lifeforms of the future epochs are descended from this one. Humans, plants and animals, computers, machines, knowledge. Those plants and animals could be genetically engineered FREAKS. Whale-brain things.

Somebody should just start manufacturing brains. Some sort of horrible tortuous process of ... I can't figure out how this is possible. I guess similarly to how they can grow tissue with stem cells, try to reproduce the environment for growing a brain and grow one. what a weird and horrible thing that would be. then, grow thousands of them together and grow interconnections between them. Eventually grow an order of magnitude larger human brains.

Aw shit, I guess it's just easier if you let humans fuck, and then recruit them into your organization.

Back to the end of an EPOCH scenario. Let's go with the big picture evolution popular with scientists. Remember, science is always proved wrong in the future, and religion just sticks to one wrong and goes with it. What is the future environment? It is filled with radiation, desolation, modern pollutants, metals, hormones, and probably an acidic ocean and an increasingly hot temperature. Robots gone wild. A fantastically powerful computer technology. Humans and their domesticated animals.

Maybe some day all of the lifeforms that EAT EACH OTHER in wildly varying fashions, with hierarchies of food chains, will all contain humans inside, like the nucleus in cells. Or perhaps a certain class of lifeform will have humans as a "brain". A completely wired and cybernetically imprisoned human (with probably a grossly atrophied body). Perhaps the bodies of these lifeforms are machine. Really advanced machines. Stuff that is going to look really alive given enough time.

Oh, the glories of the digital calculations done trillions upon trillions of times more often than today.


Happy eating.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

1700 years

1700 years is not much compared with 12,000 or so. Some think the "conspiracy" or illuminati goes back that far.

Here's the plan. It's the Luciferians (Venutians). Harnessing (maybe even genetically creating) a worker species that, after 10,000 of basic cultural evolution, achieved an industry. and ever since, the pace of innovation doubles frequently.

in 1700 years, how fast will computers be?

if it takes 1.5 years for computer speed/capabilities to double:
1700 * 2/3 = 1133.
computers will be 2^1133 times faster.

they'll double in speed a thousand times.

I figure that, not before too long, the process of pollution and industry will be automated enough to withstand the death of the ecosphere and most of the humans with it. what if humans are still alive for another 200, but by then the pollution and toxicity and radioactivity from all of the current wars (and 200 years of them) will make the land and oceans completely inhabitable. By then, a one-world system of Corporation and Industry. It'll still be using oil (or whatever else will produce a desired byproduct for the atmosphere).


A 15,000 year plan of Terraforming. A clone of Venus at the end, with almost inconceivably powerful computers and machines living in the bowels of the planet.

2^1024. Is that sufficient for AI? if 2^512 is, then what have you got when you square that? 2^512 AIs.

Is 2^16? that's 65536 or so.

Would a 200000 GHz machine have AI? That's a 200 Terra-Hz processor. With 256 banks of 256 Gigabytes of RAM. 4^4 * 4^4.

Imagine a grid of processors and RAM and HD and even I/O.
256 x 256.
4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4
each of these 65536 nodes is a modern 3 Ghz processor with 1 GIG RAM, etc.

That only takes 16 * 1.5 = 24 years.

So square that to get the level of tech in 50 years.

In 50 years, the CO2 level of the atmosphere will only be more than double pre-industrial levels.

Back to the 24 years. That's a generation. Every generation, the tech increases 256 * 256 times.

As the ecosystem dies, the computers evolve at an exponential rate. As the entire planet's resources go into a fully automated system of industry, producing more and more and faster and more capable computers and the machines required to make them. Humans are the caretakers. It won't take more than a few hundred years at the most for us to be obsolete. Wars will probably become more and more terrible and be fought with at least the same frequency. They are, after all, an impetus for technology development. It keeps the people busy too. And probably harvests the human energy in great orgies of death for some sort of extra-dimensional feeding.

The Luciferian inhabitants move in. Final phase of the operation. Just gotta clean house and put up the tent and generator. kill all the pests. setup the PC. home sweet home.


Some of us will probably survive underground. And we'll probably be cyborgs. Except for the natural ones.

Maybe we're the next generation of soldier. Reptilians were a past generation. A product of earlier Earth breeding. Humans brains build onto Reptilian brains. A More Perfect Soldier for the INTERGALACTIC EMPIRE.

of some
with vastly superior

Perfect Soldiers bred for a few millenia. Augmented with AIs computers. Put in command and operations of armed spaceships. Intergalactic flotillas of death.
Space Marines. Garrisons of human cyborgs.

Humans in space. On gigantic military installations. In civilian scientist enclaves. Working amongs other aliens. The home world being renamed Lucifer II. A beacon of light in the galaxy. Massive intelligence and industry. Naked rock, swirling thick atmosphere, temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius, surface temperature driving electrical generation and thermostat control of inner-planet habitation. massive mines, factory floors, and habitats for creature and computer alike.

A bastion of science and weapons alike. Sheer power and never-ending technological growth.

It's a lot like being eaten by an intelligent being and becoming part of the being's flesh. Our world is being eaten by a GOD / alien / hyper-dimensional race..

Monday, March 06, 2006

First day on job, a head of security of BAghdad gets shot dead