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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cell phone radiation cooks an egg


Hmm. I want to try this. Can stuff we are told to use really be this crazy?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

cold fusion, flying saucers, and other over-unity free-energy machines.
ie. the real shit at JLN labs (inventors replicating each others devices, lots of plans and results for lots of different devices)
mike the headless chicken. (now deceased)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'm on fire! (conspiracy wonderFULL)

a book review of a book about Jack Parsons, rocket pioneer and magical fiery craziness. he knew and worked with aleister crowley and l. ron hubbard. died by fire as he prophecied. the review is a good summary of his life. he was possibly responsible for UFOs. (you can scroll around on this page for other reviews of equally sundry books on conspiracy and the like)

Wing TV--conspiracy a la carte extraordinaire. These people think rense and alex jones are fakes. hmm. i know someone is faking it, but i dont know who. on the other hand, being conspiracy theorists, they're probably over-reacting. back to the first hand, surely a great many conspiracy researchers are really agents, working to spread disinfo.

illuminati conspiracy archive. fuck yeah.
John Lilly is nuts.
Aleister Crowley brought the greys to Earth with Enochian magic. He and Parsons are my new heroes. :)
holy shit this article is long and ties SO much together. tooo... much.

a treatise on cosmic fire, by alice bailey. i bought this book long ago, never read it, but yesterday wished i still had it. here it is, found it from the illuminati conspiracy archive. it's rather long-winded. i guess that's why i gave it away. :) after reading some of reichenbach's stuff, i realized that the cosmic fire is the same shit. i kind of wish i hadn't smoked so much pot and was a little more mentally able to understand this. ;)

conspiracy porn. oh!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Conspiracy of Silence

The Conspiracy of Silence video mentioned at the Konformist is online at google. I love it, an abused victim is sentanced to 25 years for perjury, while pedophiles in high places order peoples planes blown up.
this is a cool site: anomalies unlimited
the site on the unavoidability of encountering mad-cow parts

'ere we go

alright, here's some good conspiracy
starting with jon bonet, but skip down a bit and read about
those satanic abused kids in the preschool where they actually found TUNNELS and the kids now have STDs. (i know everyone says there were no tunnels, but here's an archeologist who excavated the place and found tunnels--Dr. Stickel's report) here's the disbelieving wikipedia entry on this. dont believe it. believe the archeological report. psychology can explain away anything. i guess so can scientists. just cause most people believe in an explanation, doesnt make it so, right?

read about connections between the CIA and satanic child abuse. i refer you back to my luciferian theory.

from the first article:
"Thus, the best way to influence public opinion is not through well-reasoned and well-written articles, but by having headlines with sensational - and thus attention-getting - claims shoved in the face of the most number of people. Like, say, at the checkout counter of a supermarket."
"The founder of the model for supermarket tabloid publishing was a man named Generoso Pope... [who] worked for the CIA in their psychological warfare division."

ok, after reading this lemme ressurrect my previous post: lots and lots of hollywood movies are PROPAGANDA to warp people's ideas of reality.

anti-muslim propaganda

[this post has been truncated due to lameness]
fuck the movie hidalgo.
fuck hollywood and their anti-muslim propaganda
apparently a lot of alzheimers may be a misdiagnosis (maybe 1/3 or so is mad-cow?)
btw, in case you missed it, more than 100 civilians are killed a day in iraq.
thanks for all the good posts jplur

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sea shells on mars

in the news

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh Rats!

55.6% mortality rate in the offspring of rats fed on GM soy. opposed to 6% mortality in the natural soy controll group. Though I'm sure GM soy is perfectly safe for humans, NOT.

Government funded Japanese researchers hope to ressurect mammoths from frozen sperm. - Cool!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why I will no longer eat beef (or venison)

First, my only source for this all is www.nidsci.org- Despite their new ageish web design, NIDS is a very serious investigational machine, with financial resources to back them up. At one time they actually owned the Skin Walker ranch.

Unexplained Cattle Deaths and the Emergence of a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Epidemic in North America- This is an excellent paper that makes many mind-blowing connections between cattle mutilation and a mis-diagnosed epidemic we may be facing.

Now let me do a horrible summary:

"TSE -- transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, a general term for infection in humans
and all animals
CWD -- chronic wasting disease, refers to specific TSE in deer and elk.
BSE -- bovine spongifoencephalographicthy, refers to specific TSE in cattle, also known as
mad cow disease
Scrapie -- specific TSE in sheep
Kuru -- specific TSE in humans (overlaps with CJD=Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, also a
human TSE)."

Also called a Prion disease. (I think maybe not viral)

Cattle mutilations begin to happen in the 60's, involving surgical removal of specific organs(eyes, reproductive systems), UFO's/black helicopters sightings often reported in same area.
NIDS propotes that these mutilations are a standard sampling procedure (though a covert one) to test cattle/deer for TSE, and that years later outbreaks of CWD are found in the same areas. They also hypothesize that TSE is completely transmittable between many mammals, from minks to humans, and that a sizeable percentage of Alzheimer's patients actually have TSE. Certain organs, (eyes, reproductive organs) contain larger amounts of the prions and are thus taken in the mutilations. I highly suggest browsing thrtheirthier report.

"As discussed above, some of the harrowing consequences of the spread of this TSE infectious agent may lie in a subset of the epidemic Alzheimer's disease that is currently ravaging the United States healthcare system. According to CDC estimates (43) there are now 4 million Alzheimer's patients in the United States, with annual health care costs between $100-500 billion. With the aging population, this cost is projected to soon rise to $1 trillion when 7-8 million have the disease (43). There is also the question of the mysterious early onset Alzheimer'’s, currently afflicting about 200,000 Americans. We have presented the evidence that thousands of possible CJD cases were mistakenly diagnosed as Alzheimer's and therefore the extent of this CJD epidemic in the United States lies beneath the public’s radar. We hypothesize that the animal mutilators know and have known of the potential damage to humans of this infectious agent in the human food chain. Thus, we hypothesize that animal mutilations serve as both a sampling operation AND a warning."

What I think. ;)

Sice the black ops guys have known how to test for this decades before the scientific community really started to research it, what if:
* black ops learned of this from shadowing alien mutilations, many documented in A Strange Harvest showed strange high-heat incisions and tripod marks on the ground, or overly high radiation levels.
* I used to think Alzheimers was triggered by new consumer-grade chemicals, likefluoridem flouride. Now I'm starting to wonder if the medical community is just using some 'diseases' as broad catch alls for the increasing amount of mepidemics epedemics. I believe Alzheimer's cases has 20 foldsed 20fold in the past few decades.
* Who really is pulling the strings?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

climate news

Pacific 'dead zone' said to exceed fears Does anybody remember that huge unidentifiable black splotch in the gulf a few years ago?

Aspen trees dying out in the west

Dying salt marshes puzzle scientist

Greenland's ice loss accelerating rapidly

Those are from the 10th - 13th. Thanks Physorg.com for being such a great news source.

Popular Mechanics debunks 911? They are coming out with a book now. Looks like they did a bad job debunking it the first time.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tragedy in India

In the news:

Iranian doctors clone sheep. - whats surprising is that the program was supported by the Shiite gov.

"Scientist warns of nanotechnology dangers"
- I had not realized how many products with nano-molecules are on the market. Some of this stuff, carbon tubuales for example, easily enters our cells and stays there forever.

Coke and Pepsi banned in India - yeah that shit IS poison.

Umberto Ecco on mad scientist and the hollow earth theory

Swordfish caught in the North Sea - Every day I skim through 2 to 3 articles about the effects of our changing climate. Maybe I should start listing them all.

Energy Vortexes

Drunvalo on Vortex Mechanics from The Spirit of Maat vol 2 no 4
also, a theory of the World Energy Grid (note that Israel is #1 on this map of nodes)
Zoom out: The Spirit of Maat online magazine

nutrasweet ant poison

apparently nutrasweet works great at killing ants (ants love sugar!)
if aspartame being a poison is new to you, i suggest you use google. :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

why hackers are good


RFID is the new future-tech craze quickly being planned for implementation in every aspect of our lives. In short, tiny chips with radio wires that send signals to recievers, allowing you to walk out of wallmart with a cart full of stuff, and have it tally up and charge to your account as you exit the door. This is allready used in livestock, pets, shipping containers, and apparently German passports.

Now researchers at Vrije University in the Netherlands have shown that none of this is secure. Their device can emulate RFID signals scanned at an earlier time, as well as block the scanning of loval chips. For now it's back to the drawing board for RFID tech.

yes! this gives me hope

israeli fighter pilots deliberately miss civilian targets

when the 20 year olds who fight in the worlds armies DECIDE TO STOP WAR, WAR WILL STOP. no more war.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

a channel "blog"

a woman channels information (her main "blog" interface)
i'm skeptical, but i love this shit!
the spear of destiny/ hitler's magic sonic cone persuasion device
nazi general
(not nazi-) the alchemists!!!!

it's not too frequently updated


i've been thinking about judaism. i don't believe in christianity at all (too many inconsistencies and similarities with previous pagan practices). so in my mind, judaism has more merit than christianity, like an earlier saved game.

also, the sephiroth (tree of life) comes out of judaism. the tarot is based on this. (card meanings). this is really powerful stuff.

also, the muslims and the jews have some pretty bloody karma stretching back to Islam's beginnings. but of course, oppressing/slaughtering jews is an old tradition. (pogroms. also, read the old testament)

in the general region where both christianity and judaism was born, islam predominates. why is that? (look at this map: green = sunni, blue = shia) (here's a map of christianity).
islam has 1.5 billion, christianity has 2.1 billion, and judaism has 15 million (out of 6.5 billion people). so there's 100 times as many muslims as there are jews. maybe that explains the ruthless militarism of the israeli state.

(i wonder how many jews there would be today had they not been so persecuted.)

here's what some of the ancestors of the jews were doing before they were jewish: (ancient history)
worshipping Moloch with human sacrifice.
an effigy of this god is "worshipped" at the infamous Bohemian Grove gathering of powerful big-shots. here's the enigmatic alex jones' documentary on it. warning: not necessarily objective! :)

i hope that some crazy kabbalist magicians with roots a few thousand years deep are orchestrating all of this shit (world war, global government push, etc).

here's an article about the history of yahweh (an amalgamation of all sorts of other gods). i havent read it yet. looks very indepth. so much so that i may never read it. but maybe you will! :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Poll reveals mass suspicions of 911 events

Finally I find a poll that asks these questions.


'Thirty-six percent of respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East."'

'The poll also found that 16 percent of Americans speculate that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the real reason the massive twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed.'

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


i can't understand why any sane person would support israel. in everything they do, they cause 10 times more damage to their enemy. a couple hundred rockets rain down on israel from hezbollah and only kill 1 person. meanwhile, red crescent ambulances are repeatedly hit by missiles, and there's lots and lots of people getting killed in south lebanon. the official count is probably really low, as many of the civilian casualties are in the war zone.

one could support them if one didn't care about human life.

and of course, the same goes for supporting the Americans.

Lebanon is like a mini Iraq.

I tell you what. There is something really sinister about Israel and the power they wield. Many, if not most, of the powerful Jewish people in the world support Israel. This includes much (this guy says a majority) of hollywood. (that guy, victor marchetti, on the cia.)

Some say that America's wars in the Middle East are all about Israel. Taking into account the powerful Israeli lobby, AIPAC, that's quite possible.

So lemme bring up that age-old anti-semitic question: Are the Jews up to something? Well, no. Are the Zionists? Yeah. I think that every Jew I know personally is against the Zionists. But of course, practically every American I know is against America's wars.

This territory has been gone over a lot. If one tries to say that perhaps there are some Jews with power that are influencing (or controlling) America, and one says this publically, there's a great chance that one of the Jewish anti-hate groups will pipe up with the label "ANTI-SEMITE!".

Well, what if hollywood and American foreign policy really is controlled by Jews, these Jews are Zionists, and these Zionists are bent on waging war with every Muslim Nation that doesn't suck their dick? I think it's possible and that there's plenty of evidence. Im not sure, mind you.

I wonder, does it have anything to do with the whole end-time scenario, rebuilding the temple of jerusalem, etc? conducting large scale human sacrifice in the cradle of civilization.


we each experience things which are incredible and beyond our ability to cope and conceive

pain, suffering, death; bliss, love, and peace. from another perspective the lives lost in bombing runs are dandelions mowed. harvesting souls. pain and limb loss abundant.

thinking makes it so.

trouble . reflection.

how can i back any of this up? with my wet sack of suffering. failed ventures.

reflection is the key
and duality.

in between

my personality cannot back this up.
by ego tests i will fail.
my concepts claim this as reality.
my testimony isn't still.
i'll eat my words a thousand times over.
regret my actions
and spin



we're all fucked. :)
should read dahr jamail's entries. he's in lebanon now. this is good reporting.
i dont have much to say, i'm just waiting for the war to get bigger (syria, iran, american draft?)