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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Half true

The stuff I've written about here is probably half true, half bullshit.
Not bad, I think.
Tell your friends. :)

Proof that explosives took down the Twin Towers?

What caused that big blackout of the Northeast?

Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Hague

Well, here's a doozy: In short, there is no evidence to indict Milosevic of war crimes. There was, however, a massive media blitz with fraudulent origins, to justify the U.S./NATO Military occupation of Yugoslavia. Why? Well, location, oil, socialism.
Milosevic is Innocent

General Clark, leading the forces at the time, may not really be an opponent of Bush.

Two parties: both are stooges and nearly everyone in the country thinks that all of their problems can be solved by choosing one or the other. In reality, there is an oligarchy that has been pulling the strings for a long, long time.

Corporate Fascist Militaristic

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Been a long time, anyone read this?
News coverage of the Iraqi war is total bullshit.
I think the mainstream media should be treated as an agency of the government. Like the CIA and the FBI.

Here's whassup in my head: People hearing hums. People taking down cellphone masts. Draft soon to be reinstated? Electronic voting debacle precludes a fair election. Nuclear weapons gonna be used. Another terrorist attack on our soil to consolidate power. Al Qaeda isn't even a real enemy. Blatant language programming in the newspaper about "former members of the regime" and "Saddam loyalists", when honestly, if your friends and family members are getting killed by an occupating army, and weapons exist for you to use, how likely is it that you would NOT join the guerrillas?
Surveillance of the information channels. Activists under surveillance. Police State already instated. History in the making.

It's not that infeasible. I believe that humans are capable of control and manipulation. At the very least WE HAVE GOVERNORS. Why not one step further and people who GOVERN FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT? When I look at Cheney, Bush, I don't see a couple concerned with humanity. I don't see men who would volunteer at a food bank if there weren't cameras around.

And the rest, following from greedy MASTERS, is straight out of the history books of the Nazis, Stalin, China. You got your state agencies for spying. You've got an army that you conquer others with. You've got state propaganda.

It's really big. It's the most powerful state in a world of 7 billion in an era of weapons unmatched in history. A planet's ecosphere drastically altered, including massive species dieoff. Unimaginable electronic chatter in the air. Almost every human brainwashed and conditioned into some worldview that isn't whatever is really going on.

Mainstream Media = MM, an agency of the Federal Government.

Lennon was a hit