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Sunday, May 21, 2006

lighter while sleepwalking, organite, superlight

an experiment in weighing a sleepwalking child. the results are CRAZY. a majority of the readings measure her at, on average, 1/8 of her normal weight. sometimes near normal weight, once heavier, and twice NOTHING.

Wizzer's Workshop, home of an orgonite scientist with some crazy tech and downloadable pdf books. Pretty good at explaining orgonite. (Orgonite is a matrix of "organic" and "inorganic" materials, usually resin and metal, along with quartz crystals. It is a step up from Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulators.)

Dr. John V. Milewski, with a theory on the counterpart of light, "SUPERLIGHT" (which he says is ORGONE/CHI).

BTW, fuck the sceptics. Making fun of things you don't understand. Either disprove it or shut the fuck up. This reminds me of the anti-David Icke people in that movie I linked to earlier. (not that Icke is necessarily right.)


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