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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ask a ninja

ask the ninja a question on youtube.

funny shit. sucky intro music though.

in the news

the "kidnapped" israeli troops were actually in lebanon when they were captured, according to lebanese reports at least.

DU ammo has been sent to israel

the navy dumps a lot of DU off the coast of Washington and claims it's perfectly ok.

i'm reading this a lot. angry arab news service. pro-lebanon frequent postings.

911: the seismic data suggests shows explosions occuring in the world trade center towers before the plane impacts.

Monday, July 24, 2006

sword vrs bullet

Computer Virii

Computer virii are written by programmers who work for the anti-virus software corps like McAfee and Norton. This makes it easy for their software to 'detect' the virii and block them. Some of this software even infects the computers it pretends to protect.

I made all that up, but it sounds like it should be true, right? Yep thats how we roll here.


after searching around a bit, this is definitly not true, but that some questionable AV companies will charge you money to remove imaginary malware from your computer. I also learned that its 'viruses' not 'virii.'

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Solution to Terrorism

here's an interesting viewpoint, with plenty of pictures of dead Lebanese civilians:

Israel continues their practice of killing about 10 times more than their enemy. Come to think of it, this is what the U.S. does too. Both of them say that they are killing terrorists. But in reality, the majority are civilians. Wait, don't terrorists target civilians?

Does it matter what the intent is, when the result is dead civilians?

I think that suicide bombing-type terrorism is a natural response to the state-wielded type of terrorism. When bombs rain down on your people and indiscriminately kill, when your enemy has far more arms and armor than you. It's like giving the enemy a bit of their own medicine. I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying I understand how some people would respond to a military occupation that continues to kill random civilians and terrorizes the people. Do it back.

The only way to stop terrorism is to stop bombing people, stop occupying their lands, stop policing them with soldiers who don't even speak their language, and to quit doing every form of empire.

Basically if we all had real representative government, instead of a vast and corrupted power elite.

tunnel conspiracy probably debunked

this blog speculates, from an engineering perspective, that the tunnel used to kidnap that original israeli soldier didn't even exist.
but then, it was done successfully in 2004.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Karl von Reichenbach's scientific exploration of MANA

anyone remember the sleepwalking account? wherein this little girl was weighed while sleepwalking and completely anomalous results were found. as i said before, "a majority of the readings measure her at, on average, 1/8 of her normal weight. sometimes near normal weight, once heavier, and twice NOTHING."

ok, check this out. Baron Karl von Reichenbach. Keep reading till you get to his experiments on sleepwalking and moonlight/sunlight. His results are incredible.
He used hundreds of "sensitives" (psychics) to chart out CHI. He called it Od energy. I'm thinking about calling it mana. (other names: prana, orgone..) Ok, and then keep on reading, cause it just gets more and more interesting.

im on vacation, have a nice week!

Middle East War

Take a look at an Atlas of the Middle East. (or a zoomed out atlas of asia, including the middle east)
Look at how many countries are in the news for their military conflicts.
Israel is going into Lebanon. This is on the left flank of Syria. On the right, the U.S. actually engages its enemies inside the border of Syria.
Look at Iran. It is flanked on its left and right by U.S. wars.
To the north and northeast lie former Soviet republics that have housed or still house U.S. military bases. I know there was talk of the U.S. being kicked out, but I'm not sure what the current status is. North of that is Russia.
East of Afghanistan lies China. Yeah, the country with the really humongous army who surely holds some grudges against the U.S. for the many wars the two have fought directly or indirectly. (Same goes for Russia). (Of course there's Korea on China's other side.)
Now, go north of Iran and you'll find Chechnya (look for Grozny in Russia on the map linked to), where Russia is engaged in an insurgent war with mujahideen. That complicates things a little.
There's American military bases all throughout Saudi Arabia and maybe some of those other smaller countries to the south.
Then there's the wars in Sudan and Somalia.
In the past, there's been talk of an American invasion/ of both Syria and Iran.

The U.S. doesn't have the manpower right now, but perhaps with a draft (following a staged attack on our "homeland"), it would.

In my opinion, a really big war (a la world war) could be a year off or so, and America would have time to blow something up stateside, inflame public opinion, institute some national service plan, twist it into a draft, and eventually come up with a really big army.
I don't know if that's the plan or what, but it's either that or America is going to lose this Middle East war. Unless they start fielding some robots real fast.

It's also possible that the really big war would be a few years off. Think how long it took to go to war with Iraq after Afghanistan. All of the really big "enemy" countries are probably maneuvering and supplying arms to the mujahideen, but it could be years before actual engagement of their forces.

Interestingly enough, depleted uranium will probably be used all over the place.
So the worst-case scenario future of the Middle East = World War radioactive toxic wasteland, that pumps plenty of oil.

I mean shit, if it's radioactive enough, who wants to live there anyway? Just a bunch of poor fucked up humans and some American soldiers manning the bases and strategic oil locations, all mostly cleared of the DU.

But in between now and then is a lot of insurgency, and a lot of civilian casualty. Chemical weapons, biological weapons, EM weapons, nuclear weapons, and a bunch of formerly high-school/college going American boys (and girls?) thrown in the meat grinder with every fucking Muslim in existence.

There has been talk about an alliance of sorts between Russia, China, Iran, India, Venezeula and maybe Brazil? That would be the enemy for us Americans. I don't know what Europe would do.

I gather that a lot of 2012 prophecy concerns this World War. Some tibetan monks say it will be stopped by aliens. (india daily is not the most credible news source though :))

That end-time thing is only 6 1/2 years away.
Know what I was doing 6 1/2 years ago? worrying about the 2k bug. ;)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did 911 conspirators get their idea from the X-files?

Cause that would be awesome.
X-Files 911 plot in the first segment of this rather boring 911 truth video.

John Conner and the Resistance

www.theresistancemanifesto.com John Conner actually warns us against real life terminator machines. This site gives me the giggles. In a nutshell, think Wierd Christians against the Lucifernians, and gays, and killer robots.
While I think John Conner is a douche, I am fringe enough to be into some of this shit.
Most notable, the Bohemian Grove

Sounds like a fun party to me. Well, maybe not the snuff videos.

Which reminds me, we have NEVER endorsed violence on this blog.
Which also reminds me, if the NSA is reading this, I might be interested in applying for a position or internship.
If a shadow government op is reading this, I DEFINITLY want to be evaluated for employment.
If a satanic shape-shifting reptilian entity is reading this, I would like to know what kind of computer they have and what operating system is most common down in the labyrinthian lizard complex.

I bet you assholes use Windows XP.

wetreligion ( at) yahoo.com

Gardens of Babylon... crazy shit

possibly good info here, but the only punctuation is "..." for the first page or so.
babylonian gardens. (ancient wonder of the world = alien genetic laboratory)
as the article continues: the nephilim and giants (here) ... masonry, some wrong info on the templars (maybe), a bunch of occult shit, the necronomicon is REAL,

it's actually really interesting

the internet is for porn

Red vs. Blue on "Real Life vs. the Internet
WoW movie: The Internet is for Porn
"grab your dick and double-click"


baby chicken genocide

ok first off, i'm not going to talk about any of the numerous totally fucked up developments in the world, such as the new israeli war.

so here's what happens when mass production is applied to farming: Peaceable Kingdom
skip ahead until you see the baby chickens filling up a dumpster (about 6:00). alive baby chicks. males (discarded cause this genetic line are poor meat producers and dont lay eggs)
i'm saying a dumpster full of chirping, dying, chicks. and you can see someone sweeping more onto the pile with one of those big, wide brooms.

i think the future of mass production is pretty incredible.

without being moral about it, it looks to me like the whole world is being industrialized. ocean life killed on massive scales methodically, greenhouse gas produced by a billion or so tiny factories (cars), wars being fought with the wonderful power of cluster bombs and computers and eventually robots (future combat systems). all of this makes for a very interesting future.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

in da news

"Sacred Python Swallows Priestess"
More info on the Haditha massacre "A Marine officer distributed $38,000 in compensation payments to the victim's families." - thats nice.
59 year old crow had died

Friday, July 07, 2006

from jplurs post about the miami "terrorists"

Rameau says that the Liberty City Seven coverage has upstaged other important news. In a conversation earlier this week, he said that on the day of the Liberty City arrests, “a former director of the right-wing Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) admitted to planning terrorist acts against Cuba.”

Yet this “failed either to draw national attention or merit ‘above the fold’ coverage on the front page of the Miami Herald,” said Rameau.

that is CLASSIC
the dichotomy of REAL terrorism (maybe by agents of the U.S.) being admitted to
and fake terrorism (maybe created by agents of the U.S.) given nationwide attention...
from the same location, on the same day.
how many of the 60 returning visitors to this site each month are members of government/military agencies?

leave a comment if you are. i'll tally em up.

i bet 5. :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In the news.

Russians in online Q&A to ask Putin regarding return of Cthulu Wow. I couldn't babelfish www.Yandex.com, but I am dying to know what this is about.

The Meat of Tomorrow - future flesh

Miami domestic terrorist -- coerced into terror plot by FBI agent?
so best case - these guys were talking up big plans about blowing up stuff, and this undercover FBI agent came along and gave them a digital camera and van and combat boots, and said 'Ok go get some footage so we can get this project rolling'
worst case - An undercover agent finds 7 poor and angry young guys, convinves them its the governments fault, badgers them into swearing allegience to al queda, has to actually escort them to the mall to buy a flash drive because they are so lazy they wouldn't do it on their own.

the tangled web of Project SERPO
A little explanation: Project SERPO is this leaked story circulating around about a personel exchange between the US military and the Zeta Reticulans. It is based on a number of email's sent to UFO investigators by a 'Mr. Anonymous', containing information about a team of specialist with alot of supplies who lived on an alien world for decades. The thing reads like a script for a Stargate: SG1 episode. What's interesting is now they are saying, "Oh oops, it actually was an invented story leaked by the government to track down who is leaking stuff, and how fast it spreads on the internet. But the story is still basically all true just some of the names of the project are different."

Sunday, July 02, 2006


this is some serious shit here, so i decided to quote it so you all GET IT.
quotes from jplur's entry: (seti makes alien contact.. there's video here)

"We have confirmation - and I'm not going to give the name yet because we are trying to coax this guy out of the closet - but one of the senior people in the SETI project, which is the Carl Sagan Search for Extraterrestrial project, has confirmed to the Disclosure Project that they have received multiple extraterrestrial signals," Greer said.

"but that now they are getting external human, probably NRO or NSA jamming of those signals and they are getting very frustrated. "

Greer continued, "The question is why hasn't the SETI project, funded by Paul Alan the co-founder of Microsoft, come forward with this information? I'm a little uncomfortable even mentioning this, except for the fact that the public needs to know that this effort, which has received a great deal of mainstream media attention, has actually confirmed to us from two inside sources that they have received extraterrestrial signals and have confirmed them as being extraterrestrial and that they have become increasing in frequency and number."

yellow journalism at the BBC...rant

it may be a minor point, but this article is skewed for the West.
there were rallys in Hong Kong: pro-democracy and pro-China. the latter was actually bigger according to police estimates, but the article frames it all in terms of "Thousands demand Hong-Kong rights" (ie pro-democracy).

it would be interesting to live in a society where news was actually completely impartial.
for instance:

in all news categories, the top death-tolls would be listed first.
this would place the Palestinians on top of Israel, for instance.
and the iraqi people too, cause way more of them die than americans.

there could be lists of top money-making companies, people, governments, etc.
and everytime there was a news story, if there were any opinions or sides, they'd have to be represented equally.

that paper on every table would sort out all of this bullshit.
put me in charge, dammit.


SETI revieving several extraterrestial signals. yet doesn't say anything. Wish they would cut the funding for these frivilous projects, and divert it into something usefull, like moving all our coastal cities inland to higher elevations. What good is a decades long project like this, if when they finally get something they keep quiet about it. Someone needs to lay off these assholes and sell those stupid giant radio dish fields off on ebay.

- group of over 500 former government/military employees who have came forth with alien cover up testimonies. Well, make that 400ish. Rounding up.
This group is headlined by Stephen M. Greed, M.D., whos latest book, "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge" is available with or without a 'meditation CD.'

Nir Rosen

An American reporter who looks like an Iraqi and speaks Arabic like an Iraqi on HOW FUCKED UP THE OCCUPATION IS (ie. how many iraqis are terrorized, brutalized, and killed.)
here's his blog: Nir Rosen.