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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Most Amazing Post in the Blogophere

or Decent into Madness

Why don't I post more here? Because once i start writing something I get sucked into the dark vortex of the internet. This rant starts with two news articles about a strange mystery skin disease affecting people in south Texas, Florida, and California.


The disease sounds similar to scabies. It starts with a rash, itchiness, and strange crawling sensations under the skin. Some 1,200 cases have been reported in the US. Patients report seeing strange black pin head spores and black, white, blue, or red fibers. The 'infection' is not curable with fungicides or other topical treatments. It goes on for years and is so unbearable that many afflicted end up committing suicide. Strangely it seems to affect many in the medical profession, as well as teachers. A strange relation to the bacterial Lyme disease has been noted, with many overlapping cases.

The medical establishment does not acknowledge the existence of this disorder, viewing those afflicted as mentally disturbed, afflicted with Delusional Parasitosis.

www.morgellons.org is a group of medical professionals who, while not jumping to any conclusion, recognize this as a real affliction.


Here you can see picture of the Fibers

I remembered reading about this a year ago, via site http://www.greatdreams.com/chems.htm which is a mess of writing about the whole Chemtrails thing. Someone decided that the Morgellons fibers had something to do with mystery fibers found after trail spreading. The site is very interesting, I like the opening satellite photo of all the trails crossing over the south. Though I think everything is blown out of proportion on the internet, I admit I believe there is something going on with these planes.

"Cuban health officials were quoted as saying that the government is quietly working to control the spread of the biological agents from the US aerosol campaign."
They have logged complaints with the UN for the US gov not agreeing to stop biological warfare with them. Have also filed multi-million dollar suit against US for biological genocide.
I believe what they are referring to is our chemtrail planes.

Canadian communities have also been complaining about the US military chemtrail missions over their skies.

This site starts off with a great satellite photo of chem trail cloud patterns over the South. It relates stories of people sending finding strange "web like" material after chemtrailing planes pass overhead. The sample is sent to various PhDs who claim it is silk fibers and refuse further communications. The EPA dis-acknowledges receipt of the samples and claims it knows nothing about aereol dispersion of contaminants.

Getting into chem trail writing on the internet opens up a huge can of worms. Some of the prevalent theories out say these chemtrails include:

A systemic fungal cocktail -- infecting the blood (something that fungus is not supposed to be able to do) also including aluminum particles 1 micron wide, strange new chemicals, gene markers, human blood cells.

'government sources' say this is a anti-global warming procedure that is hush hush to avoid public panic.

Another theory is that the chem trails consolidate moisture and CO2 from the atmosphere and release it into space. This in effect is helping global warming and creating a global dessert (or is it desert?) The cloud cover created by these trails helps disguise this effect, but once trail spreading stops the global temp will skyrocket. Yea, that sounds real scientific, right?

Whats also funny is the references section of this site that includes 4. http://www.rense.com, August 20, 2003 , 6. Radio program, circa 2000, and a colloidal silver video with a phone number to call for more information.

You can kind of tell the validity of a web site based on the quality of its html design
That might be the best incite Iv'e had in months.

Dr. Marijah McCain apparently has found a strange link between cancer and systemic fungi. It maybe that cancer treatments weaken the body and allow this to infect the blood. She also claims finding a virus that is the cause of leukemia.

Dr. Marijah has her own section at www.quackwatch.org!!

That's kind of funny. It reminds me of the colloidal silver people

This is kind of funny. I don't believe that the 4-herb cancer cure works at all, likewise I think most FDA approved medications are basically placebo affects and that all doctors are fat bastards (after all the free dinners the drug reps buy them) who prescribe whatever they are being told to. But heaven forbid the herbal healers get a piece of the action. If they had formed a company, tailered a 'drug' to give the herbs a few more unwanted side effects, and named it feelgreataxin. Then gave millions to the government for approval, then give thousands to the doctors to sell it to the public and make a fat profit, that would be a OK.

He said that he paid over $500 for a plastic box which contained some dials and mostly metal shavings and epoxy resin.

Don't worry, there is something we all can do about these chem trails. It involves our innate psychic abilities, staring at clouds in groups, and maybe even a little hand holding.

also from http://educate-yourself.org/
I have seen Sylphs guiding flocks of Canadian Geese south over Saskatchewan.
Wait, chemtrails are caused by air-spirits? or are being cured by them? Crop Circles are sylvan warnings to mankind? Mythical sylphs are behind those street lights turning off as I drive by?

"They have been drawing designs in grainfields forever. Indians of North America have interacted with Sylphs in many ceremonies including rain-dances. After a rain-dance there is a circle in the prairie grasses where no feet have tread. These holy circles were marked with stones and called medicine wheels. Within hours rain would fall."
Well this certainly explains that video mark linked to.

And apparently the Rods (see previous post) are baby sylphs!!

See this is why I love the internet. This knowledge would be stuck in a library somewhere without it.
I think if I double space this my paper is finally long enough to turn in.


Blogger Mark said...

well shit man, i MAKE those things with epoxy resin and metal shavings. they have an effect, although the people who write about it online are mostly NUTS.

also, don't trust quackwatch. DUDE. everytime someone comes up with a groundbreaking new medical/scientific theory that EVENTUALLy proves to be right, they're called a wacko. EVERY fucking time.

the trick is to filter out the crazy shit and find the gems of reality. a la scientific method.

1:32 PM  

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