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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ex-fbi big honcho affirms that all is fucked in America.

Gene Tatum, the CIA, Cocaine, the Bushes and the Clintons...

Interview with Gene Tatum.

"We also have video tapes of Mr. North and others standing in the middle of a 'cocaine kitchen' while the cocaine is being packaged. "

"Those tapes involve people a lot larger than George Bush. When I talk about the New World Order, I'm talking about an organization that is bigger than anyone can ever know. It's not *called* that. I'm not sure what they're calling it, but we *do* have and are getting ready to release in one of my books a copy of the mission of the New World Order, that was given out in a handout to the members of Pegasus so that we understood what our mission was and who we were working for."

A book by Tatum:
Just browsing through:
Clinton, Bush, and Cocaine.

"General Noriega and Mr. Barr greeted the aircraft when we arrived. The passengers adjourned to their meeting while I secured the aircraft. I was invited to join when I finished. Two Latin American soldiers set up the Sat/Com device and stood guard on the aircraft. I joined the meeting approximately thirty minutes later. When I arrived, the discussion was concerning the loss of over $100 million dollars worth of drugs and cash."

"At this point, my food was brought, so I moved to a separate table and ate. By the time I finished, Mr. Fernandez signaled me to join him. We went back to the aircraft and used the phone. He called Mr. North and told him that the loss was definitely occurring on the Arkansas drop. He said, "That means either Seal, Clinton or Noriega." (I thought it noteworthy that Mr. Fernandez added General Noriega to the suspect list.) He hung up. I started back, but Fernandez stopped me and told me to get Barr and Rodriguez. I summoned Barr and Rodriguez to the aircraft. About 15 minutes later, the phone activated and Barr answered. He listened, not speaking but nodding his head in agreement. When he spoke, he told the caller that it had been determined that the problem existed on the Arkansas connection. "I would propose that no one source would be bold enough to siphon out that much money, but it is more plausible that each are sihoning a portion causing a drastic loss." He then acknowledged something with a "Yes, sir," and told the caller he would see him and give an up-dated report in two days. At that point the phone was handed to me. I answered, "Tatum." Vice President Bush asked me to ensure that General Noriega and Mr. Harari boarded Seal's plane and departed prior to my departure."

"Mr. Barr then made another call. He asked for Governor Clinton. He must have had a direct number because he didn't have to wait. He began immediately. He explained that a substantial amount of "Enterprise" monies had disappeared. He further explained to Governor Clinton that it was suspected to be in excess of $100 million dollars and that it was definitely disappearing along the Panama to Arkansas connection. He suggested that Governor Clinton investigate on that end, and that he and Mr. North would continue investigating on the Panama side and that it must be resolved or it could lead to problems. "Big problems," he reiterated. He then asked Clinton to put his best man on it and stated that this was priority one. Then he terminated the call."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ok, well nothing happened.
But here's this. If you haven't seen it, video of a student getting tasered at a Kerry speech after asking some provoking questions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

kill the illuminati

Benjamin Fulford's interviews on the Rense show.
Claims that a Chinese secret society full of assassins is handing an ultimatum to the illuminati. I fucking hope so.


I'm holding my breath on Friday. It's a perfect time for something fishy to happen, with the air force "standing down."

Monday, September 03, 2007

British withdraw anticipating Iran war?

I bet the British withdrawal from all but one of their bases in Basra, has a lot to do with the possible imminent Iran strike. A lot of people say that Basra would rise up in a major way, should Iran be hit. I mean, aside from it possibly already having risen up, along with the rest of Iraq.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

biting the bullet

Well, I'm back. Fuck it. I wanted to say, "I told you so" about Iran.
We are going to hit Iran... Bigtime