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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I know why:

I know why the U.S. is at war with the Muslims.
By Depleted Uranium Munitions.
(for incredibly disgusting photos of deformed Afghan babies, along with stories of mass american casualties unreported to the west, and a plea for support for a cleanup organization, click this)

(other possible motives: to increase the mutation rate of humanity AND/OR worldwide population control)

I think that Iran is arming itself with depleted uranium ammo for the coming war with the U.S..

Every battlefield in the coming wars that are fought with DU ammo, will be unliveable so long as the radioactive soil remains. So, without cleanup, large areas of the planet will become complete wastelands.

On the other hand, what sort of life will emerge in these places? Surely most things are going to die, but some will survive. Maybe this is the incubator for the future lifeforms of the planet.

The world has over 1 million tons of DU.
The U.S. has 470 thousand tons of depleted uranium in stockpiles. It used about 1000 tons in Afghanistan. So it's got plenty. Enough to cover the globe? I wonder.
World: 148,939,000 km^2
Afghanistan: 647,500 km^2

Afghanistan = 4/1000 of the land surface area, with about 2/1000 of the DU used.


Remember, DU production most likely continues.

Coincidentally, DU has a half-life of approximately the age of the Earth, according to science.

America: Plenty of DU stockpiles, latent arms factories, and able-bodied young men to be drafted. All that's needed is some galvanization. America has capacity for some serious WORLD WAR.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A really bloody war fought between Denmark and Sweden b/t 1563 and 1570:
The Northern Seven Years' War. 1567: "Spring time came, and Erik XIV (the Swedish King) turned insane." !! haha

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life & Death (and computer games)

In the U.S., 2002:
Death by Murder: 16,110
Death by Suicide: 30,622
Death by Heart Disease: 696,947

The biggest VIRUS may be alive.

Before This Age:
Simpler lifeforms. Simpler deaths.
Strands of molecules altering each other and disintegrating.

The smallest known living organism, the nanoarchaeum (which is very old and lives on another archaeum in near-boiling water at hydrothermal vents)
Smallest Virus.

If anyone can understand this, I appluad you: The Secrets of the RIFE Microscope construction (with which one can supposedly see living viruses). Alternatively, Rife was a Quack (wikipedia). Rense heaps praise on Rife. Tom Bearden (an inventor of the MEG), on Rife.

to the rescue: Was Rife Suppressed or a Quack?

How an electron microscope works, by killing the object to be viewed.
The many ways of dying for the little dudes that are to be viewed.


The evolution of the space-war game:

A report on the first computer game, circa 1972 (Rolling Stone magazine). Rocketships orbiting around a sun. Torpedoes launching. Up to 5 players (no network play!). One CRT tube. First played/designed in 1962. SPACEWAR (wiki).
This is now: Freespace 2 (a review of). screenshots. this is not the best example, it's just a modern one.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Mix and Match These Ideas

programmed cell death
control of the money
luciferian illuminati bloodlines
an immune system that controls the life and death of other cells
an illuminati crew that controls the life and death of other humans
for reasons unfathomable
for strange and hungry gods
for planetary intelligences

i recommend you use scroogle to search these, and save yourself the bother of this list getting in your "googled this" files.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spirit tree succumbs to Christianity

A 745 year old magical spirit tree is destroyed by the fire of God in the Nigeria. Or maybe it committed suicide because no-one cared about it any more.

In other news:

Johor, Malaysia-- Wildlife Department employees may have tranquilized and captured baby bigfoot.
Is there anyplace other than antartica that DOESNT have bigfeet? These things gross me out and I hope they are not real.

43 year old fruitcake found in attic.Roadtrip anybody? But seriously I'de at least *taste* it.

So lemme give a shout - out to www.noumenal.net - their blog rocks, and is where i found out the above 3 stories.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

pointless stat

The post to hit ratio of this blog is 1:14.04 or 214 post to 3004 views

Fun with Google Local

Now that satellite photography is easily accessible, bored people are finding the neatest stuff. Here is a short list of some of the great finds.

Face in Canada screw the face on mars, ours is way more beautifull.

sea serpent 1
Sea serpent 2

floating car

Neat ruin in Egypt

Random High Resolution shots of houses in Africa You can see what color shirt people are wearing.

'The Register's Black Helicopter competition

If anybody finds anything neat on their own, leave a comment or something, It's pretty easy to discover some neat stuff.


Basic Statistics for United States Imperialism.
this is nuts. each and very conflict we've been in listed, coded, etc. plus lists of supported dictators, etc.

A Marine Vet talks about killing Iraqi civilians (google video)

(this is all taken from malamute blog)

Friday, April 14, 2006


1. Open Hand-Basket

2. Insert Hell

gun of the future

The gun of the future. No recoil. No sound. No heat signature. Extremely lethal. Able to be non-lethal. Will completely fuck you up. At least as bad-ass as the machinegun was to the single-shot rifle. Called the DREAD. Check out the movie.

and here's the body armor of the future. note this defense shit is pretty new to me, so i'm pretty ignorant of all of the relevant shit in this field.Link

iranian depleted uranium production

2 things: i wonder if the Iranian uranium enrichment program isn't really about producing DEPLETED URANIUM.

Apparently 48% of Americans would back an Attack on IRAN.

RIP oceans

the oceans are dying BIG TIME.
here's some gems from the article (this is not the worst):
"Only 10% of the big fish are still alive after 50 years or so."
"Studies indicate that the shells and skeletons possessed by everything from reef-building corals to mollusks to plankton begin to dissolve within 48 hours of exposure to the acidity expected in the ocean by 2050."
"The loudest sound ever put into the seas, LFA sonar could soon be deployed across 80 percent of the world ocean, at an amplitude of 230 decibels, strident enough to kill whales and dolphins and already causing mass strandings and deaths in areas where navies conduct exercises"

and this isn't quoting any of the global warming shit, ocean current that keeps europe warm SHIFT, etc...

no doubt about it, this is an EXTINCTION EVENT. RIGHT NOW.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jesus Disproved

I just watched this movie called, "The God Who Wasn't There." Man it is fucking excellent. An opinionated attack on Christianity that holds up pretty well. Very human.
Get the torrent here. [pretty good music in this film]

Faith will manifest things. This is a fact of existence. It does not have to be a faith in Jesus Christ. Belief and conviction and just knowing when the time is right, will manifest.

I think it would be poetic if all of the Christians who put their faith in Jesus Christ are really being eaten by something supernatural. A meme (Richard Dawkins), a god, an alien, etc. And of course, this goes for all of the other faiths.

Hey, a noteI want to make clear the movie is pretty human, with flaws. The logic prevails however. And the humanity behind it is perhaps the best argument against the infallability of the myths of Jesus. Watch it. I'm seeding the torrent for a little while at least.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

we are not alone

this link straight from rense.com, a lady who worked at NASA tells of the photographs of UFOs that were airbrushed or burnt. she also says that some aliens had told us not to go to the back part of the moon, which she says is possibly why apollo 13 got messed up. now, nasa/bush is talking about going to the far side of the moon. what's up with that?

there's a movie (check it out on bittorrent) called "The Secret NASA Transmissions. The Smoking Gun." Footage of strange lights flying around space shuttle missions. Some of the footage is downright bizarre. Lights moving in random directions around a satellite. I don't know how convincing this evidence is, but in light of what some astronauts have said and that first link, I wonder.
i just wanted to substantiate my claim that the environment is fucked:
glaciers melting: himalayan, antarctica, oh hell, just take a look at the google list. google ocean dead zones (pics), a humongous swirling collection of plastic in the middle of the pacific,
check this out--tropical forest loss. i dont fully understand this data at the moment, but the only country that shows an increase in tree cover is vietnam. probably all the areas that the americans agent-oranged. this article says that the rate of deforestation is increasing. that's right folks, an exponential rate of deforestation.

ok, what else can i find with a little big of googling?
lesse, we are in a mass extinction (with lots of mentions of the rate of extinction increasing (google) --an exponential rate of extinction), ozone hole.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

like i was saying, the environment is fucked:
about 1/3 of the coral reef in the caribbean has died.
"We're talking colonies that were here when Columbus came by have died in the past three to four months."

Again, 9/11 was Staged

for all you doubters of 9/11 conspiracy, read this:
Former Head of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
a lot of the theories as to how it actually happened are pretty whack, but the basic incongruencies remain--why were there numerous drills being run that morning at NORAD about the exact same scenario that was occuring in real life? (this happened in the london bombing also. they were actually running a drill about suicide bombers when it "really" happened.) what about the fighter plane interceptors who claimed they flew at top speed to stop the hijacked planes, but if you do the math, really flew below the speed of sound? what about building #7, which was admittedly "pulled" by the building's owner, after suffering only neglible damage (with a few burning fires which were controllable). Larry Silverstein was on cable TV admitting to this, and yet there is no mention of it in the official 9/11 report. There are all the problems with the Pentagon hole, and the refusal to release any convincing video evidence (although i can understand how they would not want to give that information to the "enemy").

It's probably going to happen again.

If I were running the show, I'd stage a domestic terrorist attack, and then round up all of the anarchists, eco-warriors, extreme anti-war activists, and pretty much everyone who is on the round-up lists of the FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence, DHS, etc etc. I'd put them all in one of the many now-existing concentration camps (oh sorry, relocation camps).

I'd also figure out a way to use prisoners as soldiers. Some sort of electronic harness that would kill the prisoner if they ran away, or if there handler died.

It doesn't make sense to have as many troops as we now have. We need a few million more. Domestically, rights are disappearing fast. Overseas, wars are multiplying. The economy is on shaky ground. There's only two directions the U.S. can head in--collapse/revolt and world war.

Oh, I guess it's conceivable that a democrat could get elected president and allow the public a little breather. Ease back on a few things, get the economy going right. Sit tight on those foreign wars.

There's two ways that this shit is going to stop--military defeat, or revolution (violent or peaceful).

But even if that happens, don't forget folks, the environment is completely fucked. Poisoned. Dead. Or at least will be unless a revolution in that direction happens.

But we all die someday. Everyone. Even if the environment is fucked, and even if the U.S.A. becomes completely fascist and rules the world. Our children, and their children, will be living in this mess we like to call Earth.

Personally, I'm rooting for the robots to rise out of our ashes and repopulate the world. Or , more likely, the cyborgs.

yes, this was a rant.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Ark of the Covenant

First off, great posts by JPLUR.. thanks! So now you have it--the horrible depression and canibalism that's going to happen cause of peak oil OR the terraforming of the planet if peak oil is wrong (russians apparently think so--according to joe vialls, who was possibly an israeli spy--according to someone who is among the first to raise the anti-zionist flag, some would say anti-semite).

Other options for the future include the 2012 "rapture".

The world is full of free-energy inventions. Tom Bearden writes textbooks on what he thinks is the physics behind this.

But what I really want to tell you about is the Ark of the Covenant.

I'm reading this book called "Relic Quest", by Robert Cornuke.
Basically, the Ark of the Covenant is real, and these guys found the real Mt. Sinai, and lots of evidence of the time Noah spent hanging with God and the nation of Israel.

So the only conclusion in my mind is that this Jehovah character is real and causes miracles and such, but isn't necessarily the one supreme GOD. I think he admits to not being the only one at the beginning, where he insists that people think of him as the only, worship him only, etc. To me Jehovah is some sort of alien power. Vastly superior and higher on the food chain to people. But not alone and not supreme.

I mean, there is actual evidence and millions of people believe, that the Ark is in Ethiopia. So where does that put all you atheists and devil-worshippers (otherwise known as hindus and the like)? I make it simple in my mind and let Jehovah and crew = a really advanced and powerful "race" of aliens. Something that eats human souls and lives a lot longer than we do. A small part of a bigger field of gods. Using propaganda to crowd out the other gods' feeding lines.

Also, keep in mind that all of these free-energy devices that appear to be non-polluting and "free" could very well be polluting in or sucking energy from some dimension that we do not understand (like time). Those of us who know about them like to rail against the oil cartels and the forces that stop "free energy". But what if the pollution of the free energy devices is so horrible that the alternative of oil and nuclear power is preferable?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stop making babies

If you have never heard of Peak Oil, here is a great
starting documentary


It briefly touches on some of the scarier points.
Interestingly, there is a short clip from techTV about
John Hutchinson, the man behind the antigravity video.

By the way, if you think this is all hype, I hope
you're right -- as otherwise i will be one of the
first hand-forged battleaxe wielding cannibals to show
up at your door.

Edit: I was on the del.icio.us frontpage and noticed that this great article was one of the popular links.

DARPA's BigDog project

Boston Dynamics is working on the BigDog project for
darpa, which is a kind of robotic mule or dog
quadroped, used to transport heavy goods in rough

news article

Google Video

This is very nice, I like when it is kicked and keeps
its balance. Interesting how it seemed to handle bad
in the mud. It reminds me of
This thing, made by GE a while back

As impressive as this is, it still can't shake a stick
at the all terrain hauling power of a mountian bike w/
a trailer.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Strange videos of adorably quirky men performing amazing experiments

Here, courtesy of google video, are some amazing
documentation of strange free energy/anti-grav
experiments. Even if these are hoaxes, they are

Sabori's Papp Engine Video
1hr. This is a very
fun video, alot is going on in the workshop, and the
engine seems to be wonderfully complicated.

A long and claustriphobic video of the hutchinson
anti-grav experiment

here is a short remix of the hutchinson experiment set
to a fun song: Anti-Grav
Dance Party

runs on burning wood gas
. This is a website of
another quirky man, who has converted an European
economy car to run off of the fumes released by
burning wood. This seems to be a pretty simple thing
to rig up, maybe I will add it to my 'crazy
experiments to-do list'