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Thursday, July 13, 2006

baby chicken genocide

ok first off, i'm not going to talk about any of the numerous totally fucked up developments in the world, such as the new israeli war.

so here's what happens when mass production is applied to farming: Peaceable Kingdom
skip ahead until you see the baby chickens filling up a dumpster (about 6:00). alive baby chicks. males (discarded cause this genetic line are poor meat producers and dont lay eggs)
i'm saying a dumpster full of chirping, dying, chicks. and you can see someone sweeping more onto the pile with one of those big, wide brooms.

i think the future of mass production is pretty incredible.

without being moral about it, it looks to me like the whole world is being industrialized. ocean life killed on massive scales methodically, greenhouse gas produced by a billion or so tiny factories (cars), wars being fought with the wonderful power of cluster bombs and computers and eventually robots (future combat systems). all of this makes for a very interesting future.


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