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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In the news.

Russians in online Q&A to ask Putin regarding return of Cthulu Wow. I couldn't babelfish www.Yandex.com, but I am dying to know what this is about.

The Meat of Tomorrow - future flesh

Miami domestic terrorist -- coerced into terror plot by FBI agent?
so best case - these guys were talking up big plans about blowing up stuff, and this undercover FBI agent came along and gave them a digital camera and van and combat boots, and said 'Ok go get some footage so we can get this project rolling'
worst case - An undercover agent finds 7 poor and angry young guys, convinves them its the governments fault, badgers them into swearing allegience to al queda, has to actually escort them to the mall to buy a flash drive because they are so lazy they wouldn't do it on their own.

the tangled web of Project SERPO
A little explanation: Project SERPO is this leaked story circulating around about a personel exchange between the US military and the Zeta Reticulans. It is based on a number of email's sent to UFO investigators by a 'Mr. Anonymous', containing information about a team of specialist with alot of supplies who lived on an alien world for decades. The thing reads like a script for a Stargate: SG1 episode. What's interesting is now they are saying, "Oh oops, it actually was an invented story leaked by the government to track down who is leaking stuff, and how fast it spreads on the internet. But the story is still basically all true just some of the names of the project are different."


Blogger Mark said...

serpo: yeah, or the whole thing was completely true and now ass is being covered.

i think aliens is the key to the title of this blog. now where does one find out the truth about them? or how?

12:05 AM  

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