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Sunday, July 02, 2006


SETI revieving several extraterrestial signals. yet doesn't say anything. Wish they would cut the funding for these frivilous projects, and divert it into something usefull, like moving all our coastal cities inland to higher elevations. What good is a decades long project like this, if when they finally get something they keep quiet about it. Someone needs to lay off these assholes and sell those stupid giant radio dish fields off on ebay.

- group of over 500 former government/military employees who have came forth with alien cover up testimonies. Well, make that 400ish. Rounding up.
This group is headlined by Stephen M. Greed, M.D., whos latest book, "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge" is available with or without a 'meditation CD.'


Blogger Mark said...

i think carl sagan said something like this: "i'm surprised that the question is 'Do ufos exist?', rather than 'Who flies the ufos?'"

that was definitely paraphrasing.

7:12 PM  

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