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Friday, July 14, 2006

Karl von Reichenbach's scientific exploration of MANA

anyone remember the sleepwalking account? wherein this little girl was weighed while sleepwalking and completely anomalous results were found. as i said before, "a majority of the readings measure her at, on average, 1/8 of her normal weight. sometimes near normal weight, once heavier, and twice NOTHING."

ok, check this out. Baron Karl von Reichenbach. Keep reading till you get to his experiments on sleepwalking and moonlight/sunlight. His results are incredible.
He used hundreds of "sensitives" (psychics) to chart out CHI. He called it Od energy. I'm thinking about calling it mana. (other names: prana, orgone..) Ok, and then keep on reading, cause it just gets more and more interesting.


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