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Sunday, July 02, 2006

yellow journalism at the BBC...rant

it may be a minor point, but this article is skewed for the West.
there were rallys in Hong Kong: pro-democracy and pro-China. the latter was actually bigger according to police estimates, but the article frames it all in terms of "Thousands demand Hong-Kong rights" (ie pro-democracy).

it would be interesting to live in a society where news was actually completely impartial.
for instance:

in all news categories, the top death-tolls would be listed first.
this would place the Palestinians on top of Israel, for instance.
and the iraqi people too, cause way more of them die than americans.

there could be lists of top money-making companies, people, governments, etc.
and everytime there was a news story, if there were any opinions or sides, they'd have to be represented equally.

that paper on every table would sort out all of this bullshit.
put me in charge, dammit.


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