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Friday, July 14, 2006

Middle East War

Take a look at an Atlas of the Middle East. (or a zoomed out atlas of asia, including the middle east)
Look at how many countries are in the news for their military conflicts.
Israel is going into Lebanon. This is on the left flank of Syria. On the right, the U.S. actually engages its enemies inside the border of Syria.
Look at Iran. It is flanked on its left and right by U.S. wars.
To the north and northeast lie former Soviet republics that have housed or still house U.S. military bases. I know there was talk of the U.S. being kicked out, but I'm not sure what the current status is. North of that is Russia.
East of Afghanistan lies China. Yeah, the country with the really humongous army who surely holds some grudges against the U.S. for the many wars the two have fought directly or indirectly. (Same goes for Russia). (Of course there's Korea on China's other side.)
Now, go north of Iran and you'll find Chechnya (look for Grozny in Russia on the map linked to), where Russia is engaged in an insurgent war with mujahideen. That complicates things a little.
There's American military bases all throughout Saudi Arabia and maybe some of those other smaller countries to the south.
Then there's the wars in Sudan and Somalia.
In the past, there's been talk of an American invasion/ of both Syria and Iran.

The U.S. doesn't have the manpower right now, but perhaps with a draft (following a staged attack on our "homeland"), it would.

In my opinion, a really big war (a la world war) could be a year off or so, and America would have time to blow something up stateside, inflame public opinion, institute some national service plan, twist it into a draft, and eventually come up with a really big army.
I don't know if that's the plan or what, but it's either that or America is going to lose this Middle East war. Unless they start fielding some robots real fast.

It's also possible that the really big war would be a few years off. Think how long it took to go to war with Iraq after Afghanistan. All of the really big "enemy" countries are probably maneuvering and supplying arms to the mujahideen, but it could be years before actual engagement of their forces.

Interestingly enough, depleted uranium will probably be used all over the place.
So the worst-case scenario future of the Middle East = World War radioactive toxic wasteland, that pumps plenty of oil.

I mean shit, if it's radioactive enough, who wants to live there anyway? Just a bunch of poor fucked up humans and some American soldiers manning the bases and strategic oil locations, all mostly cleared of the DU.

But in between now and then is a lot of insurgency, and a lot of civilian casualty. Chemical weapons, biological weapons, EM weapons, nuclear weapons, and a bunch of formerly high-school/college going American boys (and girls?) thrown in the meat grinder with every fucking Muslim in existence.

There has been talk about an alliance of sorts between Russia, China, Iran, India, Venezeula and maybe Brazil? That would be the enemy for us Americans. I don't know what Europe would do.

I gather that a lot of 2012 prophecy concerns this World War. Some tibetan monks say it will be stopped by aliens. (india daily is not the most credible news source though :))

That end-time thing is only 6 1/2 years away.
Know what I was doing 6 1/2 years ago? worrying about the 2k bug. ;)


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