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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jesus Disproved

I just watched this movie called, "The God Who Wasn't There." Man it is fucking excellent. An opinionated attack on Christianity that holds up pretty well. Very human.
Get the torrent here. [pretty good music in this film]

Faith will manifest things. This is a fact of existence. It does not have to be a faith in Jesus Christ. Belief and conviction and just knowing when the time is right, will manifest.

I think it would be poetic if all of the Christians who put their faith in Jesus Christ are really being eaten by something supernatural. A meme (Richard Dawkins), a god, an alien, etc. And of course, this goes for all of the other faiths.

Hey, a noteI want to make clear the movie is pretty human, with flaws. The logic prevails however. And the humanity behind it is perhaps the best argument against the infallability of the myths of Jesus. Watch it. I'm seeding the torrent for a little while at least.


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