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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Strange videos of adorably quirky men performing amazing experiments

Here, courtesy of google video, are some amazing
documentation of strange free energy/anti-grav
experiments. Even if these are hoaxes, they are

Sabori's Papp Engine Video
1hr. This is a very
fun video, alot is going on in the workshop, and the
engine seems to be wonderfully complicated.

A long and claustriphobic video of the hutchinson
anti-grav experiment

here is a short remix of the hutchinson experiment set
to a fun song: Anti-Grav
Dance Party

runs on burning wood gas
. This is a website of
another quirky man, who has converted an European
economy car to run off of the fumes released by
burning wood. This seems to be a pretty simple thing
to rig up, maybe I will add it to my 'crazy
experiments to-do list'


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