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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Again, 9/11 was Staged

for all you doubters of 9/11 conspiracy, read this:
Former Head of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
a lot of the theories as to how it actually happened are pretty whack, but the basic incongruencies remain--why were there numerous drills being run that morning at NORAD about the exact same scenario that was occuring in real life? (this happened in the london bombing also. they were actually running a drill about suicide bombers when it "really" happened.) what about the fighter plane interceptors who claimed they flew at top speed to stop the hijacked planes, but if you do the math, really flew below the speed of sound? what about building #7, which was admittedly "pulled" by the building's owner, after suffering only neglible damage (with a few burning fires which were controllable). Larry Silverstein was on cable TV admitting to this, and yet there is no mention of it in the official 9/11 report. There are all the problems with the Pentagon hole, and the refusal to release any convincing video evidence (although i can understand how they would not want to give that information to the "enemy").

It's probably going to happen again.

If I were running the show, I'd stage a domestic terrorist attack, and then round up all of the anarchists, eco-warriors, extreme anti-war activists, and pretty much everyone who is on the round-up lists of the FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence, DHS, etc etc. I'd put them all in one of the many now-existing concentration camps (oh sorry, relocation camps).

I'd also figure out a way to use prisoners as soldiers. Some sort of electronic harness that would kill the prisoner if they ran away, or if there handler died.

It doesn't make sense to have as many troops as we now have. We need a few million more. Domestically, rights are disappearing fast. Overseas, wars are multiplying. The economy is on shaky ground. There's only two directions the U.S. can head in--collapse/revolt and world war.

Oh, I guess it's conceivable that a democrat could get elected president and allow the public a little breather. Ease back on a few things, get the economy going right. Sit tight on those foreign wars.

There's two ways that this shit is going to stop--military defeat, or revolution (violent or peaceful).

But even if that happens, don't forget folks, the environment is completely fucked. Poisoned. Dead. Or at least will be unless a revolution in that direction happens.

But we all die someday. Everyone. Even if the environment is fucked, and even if the U.S.A. becomes completely fascist and rules the world. Our children, and their children, will be living in this mess we like to call Earth.

Personally, I'm rooting for the robots to rise out of our ashes and repopulate the world. Or , more likely, the cyborgs.

yes, this was a rant.


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