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Friday, April 14, 2006

RIP oceans

the oceans are dying BIG TIME.
here's some gems from the article (this is not the worst):
"Only 10% of the big fish are still alive after 50 years or so."
"Studies indicate that the shells and skeletons possessed by everything from reef-building corals to mollusks to plankton begin to dissolve within 48 hours of exposure to the acidity expected in the ocean by 2050."
"The loudest sound ever put into the seas, LFA sonar could soon be deployed across 80 percent of the world ocean, at an amplitude of 230 decibels, strident enough to kill whales and dolphins and already causing mass strandings and deaths in areas where navies conduct exercises"

and this isn't quoting any of the global warming shit, ocean current that keeps europe warm SHIFT, etc...

no doubt about it, this is an EXTINCTION EVENT. RIGHT NOW.


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