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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life & Death (and computer games)

In the U.S., 2002:
Death by Murder: 16,110
Death by Suicide: 30,622
Death by Heart Disease: 696,947

The biggest VIRUS may be alive.

Before This Age:
Simpler lifeforms. Simpler deaths.
Strands of molecules altering each other and disintegrating.

The smallest known living organism, the nanoarchaeum (which is very old and lives on another archaeum in near-boiling water at hydrothermal vents)
Smallest Virus.

If anyone can understand this, I appluad you: The Secrets of the RIFE Microscope construction (with which one can supposedly see living viruses). Alternatively, Rife was a Quack (wikipedia). Rense heaps praise on Rife. Tom Bearden (an inventor of the MEG), on Rife.

to the rescue: Was Rife Suppressed or a Quack?

How an electron microscope works, by killing the object to be viewed.
The many ways of dying for the little dudes that are to be viewed.


The evolution of the space-war game:

A report on the first computer game, circa 1972 (Rolling Stone magazine). Rocketships orbiting around a sun. Torpedoes launching. Up to 5 players (no network play!). One CRT tube. First played/designed in 1962. SPACEWAR (wiki).
This is now: Freespace 2 (a review of). screenshots. this is not the best example, it's just a modern one.


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