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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Ark of the Covenant

First off, great posts by JPLUR.. thanks! So now you have it--the horrible depression and canibalism that's going to happen cause of peak oil OR the terraforming of the planet if peak oil is wrong (russians apparently think so--according to joe vialls, who was possibly an israeli spy--according to someone who is among the first to raise the anti-zionist flag, some would say anti-semite).

Other options for the future include the 2012 "rapture".

The world is full of free-energy inventions. Tom Bearden writes textbooks on what he thinks is the physics behind this.

But what I really want to tell you about is the Ark of the Covenant.

I'm reading this book called "Relic Quest", by Robert Cornuke.
Basically, the Ark of the Covenant is real, and these guys found the real Mt. Sinai, and lots of evidence of the time Noah spent hanging with God and the nation of Israel.

So the only conclusion in my mind is that this Jehovah character is real and causes miracles and such, but isn't necessarily the one supreme GOD. I think he admits to not being the only one at the beginning, where he insists that people think of him as the only, worship him only, etc. To me Jehovah is some sort of alien power. Vastly superior and higher on the food chain to people. But not alone and not supreme.

I mean, there is actual evidence and millions of people believe, that the Ark is in Ethiopia. So where does that put all you atheists and devil-worshippers (otherwise known as hindus and the like)? I make it simple in my mind and let Jehovah and crew = a really advanced and powerful "race" of aliens. Something that eats human souls and lives a lot longer than we do. A small part of a bigger field of gods. Using propaganda to crowd out the other gods' feeding lines.

Also, keep in mind that all of these free-energy devices that appear to be non-polluting and "free" could very well be polluting in or sucking energy from some dimension that we do not understand (like time). Those of us who know about them like to rail against the oil cartels and the forces that stop "free energy". But what if the pollution of the free energy devices is so horrible that the alternative of oil and nuclear power is preferable?


Blogger JPLUR said...

Excellent points, no-one really knows much about the theories or effects of 'alternative science' It is possible that our dabblings with this 0 point stuff are having horrendous effects in other dimensions. ? Maybe all these shadowy assasinations of free energy proponents are actually a good thing. Anyway I'm still going to make a car that runs off burning wood. ;)

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