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Saturday, August 05, 2006


i've been thinking about judaism. i don't believe in christianity at all (too many inconsistencies and similarities with previous pagan practices). so in my mind, judaism has more merit than christianity, like an earlier saved game.

also, the sephiroth (tree of life) comes out of judaism. the tarot is based on this. (card meanings). this is really powerful stuff.

also, the muslims and the jews have some pretty bloody karma stretching back to Islam's beginnings. but of course, oppressing/slaughtering jews is an old tradition. (pogroms. also, read the old testament)

in the general region where both christianity and judaism was born, islam predominates. why is that? (look at this map: green = sunni, blue = shia) (here's a map of christianity).
islam has 1.5 billion, christianity has 2.1 billion, and judaism has 15 million (out of 6.5 billion people). so there's 100 times as many muslims as there are jews. maybe that explains the ruthless militarism of the israeli state.

(i wonder how many jews there would be today had they not been so persecuted.)

here's what some of the ancestors of the jews were doing before they were jewish: (ancient history)
worshipping Moloch with human sacrifice.
an effigy of this god is "worshipped" at the infamous Bohemian Grove gathering of powerful big-shots. here's the enigmatic alex jones' documentary on it. warning: not necessarily objective! :)

i hope that some crazy kabbalist magicians with roots a few thousand years deep are orchestrating all of this shit (world war, global government push, etc).

here's an article about the history of yahweh (an amalgamation of all sorts of other gods). i havent read it yet. looks very indepth. so much so that i may never read it. but maybe you will! :)


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