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Monday, August 21, 2006

'ere we go

alright, here's some good conspiracy
starting with jon bonet, but skip down a bit and read about
those satanic abused kids in the preschool where they actually found TUNNELS and the kids now have STDs. (i know everyone says there were no tunnels, but here's an archeologist who excavated the place and found tunnels--Dr. Stickel's report) here's the disbelieving wikipedia entry on this. dont believe it. believe the archeological report. psychology can explain away anything. i guess so can scientists. just cause most people believe in an explanation, doesnt make it so, right?

read about connections between the CIA and satanic child abuse. i refer you back to my luciferian theory.

from the first article:
"Thus, the best way to influence public opinion is not through well-reasoned and well-written articles, but by having headlines with sensational - and thus attention-getting - claims shoved in the face of the most number of people. Like, say, at the checkout counter of a supermarket."
"The founder of the model for supermarket tabloid publishing was a man named Generoso Pope... [who] worked for the CIA in their psychological warfare division."

ok, after reading this lemme ressurrect my previous post: lots and lots of hollywood movies are PROPAGANDA to warp people's ideas of reality.


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