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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'm on fire! (conspiracy wonderFULL)

a book review of a book about Jack Parsons, rocket pioneer and magical fiery craziness. he knew and worked with aleister crowley and l. ron hubbard. died by fire as he prophecied. the review is a good summary of his life. he was possibly responsible for UFOs. (you can scroll around on this page for other reviews of equally sundry books on conspiracy and the like)

Wing TV--conspiracy a la carte extraordinaire. These people think rense and alex jones are fakes. hmm. i know someone is faking it, but i dont know who. on the other hand, being conspiracy theorists, they're probably over-reacting. back to the first hand, surely a great many conspiracy researchers are really agents, working to spread disinfo.

illuminati conspiracy archive. fuck yeah.
John Lilly is nuts.
Aleister Crowley brought the greys to Earth with Enochian magic. He and Parsons are my new heroes. :)
holy shit this article is long and ties SO much together. tooo... much.

a treatise on cosmic fire, by alice bailey. i bought this book long ago, never read it, but yesterday wished i still had it. here it is, found it from the illuminati conspiracy archive. it's rather long-winded. i guess that's why i gave it away. :) after reading some of reichenbach's stuff, i realized that the cosmic fire is the same shit. i kind of wish i hadn't smoked so much pot and was a little more mentally able to understand this. ;)

conspiracy porn. oh!


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