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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


i can't understand why any sane person would support israel. in everything they do, they cause 10 times more damage to their enemy. a couple hundred rockets rain down on israel from hezbollah and only kill 1 person. meanwhile, red crescent ambulances are repeatedly hit by missiles, and there's lots and lots of people getting killed in south lebanon. the official count is probably really low, as many of the civilian casualties are in the war zone.

one could support them if one didn't care about human life.

and of course, the same goes for supporting the Americans.

Lebanon is like a mini Iraq.

I tell you what. There is something really sinister about Israel and the power they wield. Many, if not most, of the powerful Jewish people in the world support Israel. This includes much (this guy says a majority) of hollywood. (that guy, victor marchetti, on the cia.)

Some say that America's wars in the Middle East are all about Israel. Taking into account the powerful Israeli lobby, AIPAC, that's quite possible.

So lemme bring up that age-old anti-semitic question: Are the Jews up to something? Well, no. Are the Zionists? Yeah. I think that every Jew I know personally is against the Zionists. But of course, practically every American I know is against America's wars.

This territory has been gone over a lot. If one tries to say that perhaps there are some Jews with power that are influencing (or controlling) America, and one says this publically, there's a great chance that one of the Jewish anti-hate groups will pipe up with the label "ANTI-SEMITE!".

Well, what if hollywood and American foreign policy really is controlled by Jews, these Jews are Zionists, and these Zionists are bent on waging war with every Muslim Nation that doesn't suck their dick? I think it's possible and that there's plenty of evidence. Im not sure, mind you.

I wonder, does it have anything to do with the whole end-time scenario, rebuilding the temple of jerusalem, etc? conducting large scale human sacrifice in the cradle of civilization.


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