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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why I will no longer eat beef (or venison)

First, my only source for this all is www.nidsci.org- Despite their new ageish web design, NIDS is a very serious investigational machine, with financial resources to back them up. At one time they actually owned the Skin Walker ranch.

Unexplained Cattle Deaths and the Emergence of a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Epidemic in North America- This is an excellent paper that makes many mind-blowing connections between cattle mutilation and a mis-diagnosed epidemic we may be facing.

Now let me do a horrible summary:

"TSE -- transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, a general term for infection in humans
and all animals
CWD -- chronic wasting disease, refers to specific TSE in deer and elk.
BSE -- bovine spongifoencephalographicthy, refers to specific TSE in cattle, also known as
mad cow disease
Scrapie -- specific TSE in sheep
Kuru -- specific TSE in humans (overlaps with CJD=Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, also a
human TSE)."

Also called a Prion disease. (I think maybe not viral)

Cattle mutilations begin to happen in the 60's, involving surgical removal of specific organs(eyes, reproductive systems), UFO's/black helicopters sightings often reported in same area.
NIDS propotes that these mutilations are a standard sampling procedure (though a covert one) to test cattle/deer for TSE, and that years later outbreaks of CWD are found in the same areas. They also hypothesize that TSE is completely transmittable between many mammals, from minks to humans, and that a sizeable percentage of Alzheimer's patients actually have TSE. Certain organs, (eyes, reproductive organs) contain larger amounts of the prions and are thus taken in the mutilations. I highly suggest browsing thrtheirthier report.

"As discussed above, some of the harrowing consequences of the spread of this TSE infectious agent may lie in a subset of the epidemic Alzheimer's disease that is currently ravaging the United States healthcare system. According to CDC estimates (43) there are now 4 million Alzheimer's patients in the United States, with annual health care costs between $100-500 billion. With the aging population, this cost is projected to soon rise to $1 trillion when 7-8 million have the disease (43). There is also the question of the mysterious early onset Alzheimer'’s, currently afflicting about 200,000 Americans. We have presented the evidence that thousands of possible CJD cases were mistakenly diagnosed as Alzheimer's and therefore the extent of this CJD epidemic in the United States lies beneath the public’s radar. We hypothesize that the animal mutilators know and have known of the potential damage to humans of this infectious agent in the human food chain. Thus, we hypothesize that animal mutilations serve as both a sampling operation AND a warning."

What I think. ;)

Sice the black ops guys have known how to test for this decades before the scientific community really started to research it, what if:
* black ops learned of this from shadowing alien mutilations, many documented in A Strange Harvest showed strange high-heat incisions and tripod marks on the ground, or overly high radiation levels.
* I used to think Alzheimers was triggered by new consumer-grade chemicals, likefluoridem flouride. Now I'm starting to wonder if the medical community is just using some 'diseases' as broad catch alls for the increasing amount of mepidemics epedemics. I believe Alzheimer's cases has 20 foldsed 20fold in the past few decades.
* Who really is pulling the strings?


Blogger Mark said...

there was a study done a while ago at 2 prestigious ivy med-schools where they re-did autopsies of people who died of alzheimer's. i cant find the link. i think they each looked at about 10 cadavers each. they found about 1/3 or more (on average) of these small sample sets of alzheimer's deaths were actually PRION disease (mad-cow or whatever). the diagnosis of alzheimers/dementia is pretty common.

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