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Sunday, June 25, 2006

In my opinion:

Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yowie/Yeti:Not So Real
If anything, are denizens of a "spirit realm," only accesible to special people or under certain traumatic areas (plane crash sites, Telluric intersections)
Alien Abductions:Don't Know
Studies have noticed 'abduction' type hallucinations when humans brains are exposed to strong magnetic fields. I do tend to believe in the hybrid 'star children' of the south americans. I also believe in cattle mutilation, though this probably happens on site.
That thing is scary.
Jersey Devil:No
As awesome as the stories are, I think its all phooey.
Lake Monsters:Not so Real
Probably time portals, only visible to certain people.
Skin walkers, Wendigo:Real
If indians say something is out there, I believe them.
Ghosts:Don't really care
Demonic Possession:Real
If the Catholics take it seriously then so do I.
Flying people in Mexico:Real
Wether its witches harassing police officers, or a 'man on a motorcycle' caught on film flying through the air, I'll buy it.
UFOs:boring but real
Carl Sagan said something to the effect of He is surprised when people ask him if he believes in UFOs when they should be asking if he believes UFOs are extraterrestial craft.
Hollow Earth:Not Real
To crazy, I'll believe in massive underground cavern systems, but no hollow planets.
I like Reich, but think at best 'orgone' is a pseudo-scientific name for something no-one understands.
Flouride as mind-control, chemtrails, and cell towers:No
If these things have adverse affects, why do I feel so damn healthy and relativly intelligent. The bad effects these things are supposed to have on us sound to me like the effects of habitual marijuana use. Hmm...
RODs, and Orbsboth stupid
Rods are so obviously insects caught on film under sunlight. Orbs are so obviously lens flares. i can't believe people dedicate whole web sights to this junk.
Reptioids, interdimensional reptiles:eh, real
I don't like Icke, I think he hijacked a very interesting theory for his own fame. But he's not an antisemite, and Credo Mutwa is really smart and an awesome painter.
Shadow Government:Real
But still idiots. I think they *might* have a few alien tech spaceships and stuff, but spend most their time trying to make money and supress 0-point energy.
Free Energy:sometimes real
Anything involving perpetual motion and magnets is fake.
What I do think is real is: The Hutchinson experiments, the Joe Cell, Jimmy Sabori's vacuum engine, water splitting hydrogen engines, and a bunch of other stuff.
911:So flippin fake
I was just reading a BYU professor found thermate residue on the steel. But in any case there has been sooo much evidence dug up pointing at how staged this whole thing was. I just assume that everybody knows this by now.
Zionist conspiracy:partially real
Has little to do with Judaism and most Jews, was hijacked by certain organizations to serve some purpose (probably getting that anti-christ guy set up for his reign of terror) This holy war isn't really helping any orthadox jews, christians, or muslims.
It's a little funny that Morgellon fibres are red, white, and blue. I think it could be domestically made, or maybe an alien organism or nano-tech. Sounds similar to the red alien cells that rained on india, which could withstand harsher conditions than any organisms previously known.
Illuminati, Masons, Men in Black, Shriners:not so real
Hyped up by certain authors to be the groups behind the curtains, I feel these are fictional conduits for power, set up to delegitamicize investigations into the real deal.
Atlantis:not so real
There was so much going on in prehistory, that its ridiculous to try and focus it into only 1 amazing legendary civilization.


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