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Monday, June 26, 2006


(jplur you rock)

thought experiment:

i was just reading my earlier post about the 400,000 atomic bombs.

an agency, a force if you will. that wills that. it pulls like an attractor. it manifests the humanity, and the science, and the war to blow up the equivalent of 400,000 of those first nuclear bombs. i mean talk about WMD, that's a lot of damage.

and jplur, you talk about the antichrist (and i just watched the omen!). like raw incarnate evil that creates this shit. except it's not evil. it's just its own thing. this thing eats worlds like we eat cows.

i mean, where, in nature, is the force that blows up 400,000 atomic bombs, dams every river, kills off most of the other lifeforms, terraforms the planet (greenhouse gasses), pollutes every body of water, irradiates the entire world, bulldozes the entire land surface, strip-mining, covering with pavement (or crops, or dwellings), has humongously devastating wars, is constantly waging wars on many other species (eating), except for the ones who gave their allegience to them (pets), has computers ! , has created an exponentially growing power of computation (systems! systems! laws, www, jobs, money..), projects media into every dwelling (in color, sound, and choice of channel), this media happens to be almost completely propaganda.. to buy things, has pieces of paper worth more than any living thing (or group of things, species, etc), has two sexes, 12 signs, likes to fuck and do drugs, pissing and shitting, wearing clothes around their bodies (for modesty? for what?), makes music, writes novels, travels to other stars, lights fires, thinks a lot... humans. power.

how the fuck did we get this power? or who or what or why or HEY LOOK OVER THERE----> HUMANS ARE FUCKING OUTRAGEOUSLY FUCKING BADASS POWERFUL. they are a world-destroyer/creator.


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